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Recently, the TV Addict had the opportunity to interview SMALLVILLE stars Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. Why was theTVaddict.com afforded such a fantastic opportunity? Turns out Allison and Kristin are as computer savvy and cool in real-life as they are on SMALLVILLE and will soon be launching their own web site [along with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Nicki Clyne and Vancouver Actress Sarah Edmondson] that will be aimed at college students. And in an effort to create the best web site possible, Allison, Kristin, Nicki and Sarah would like to hear from YOU, the fans.

Simply click here to take the short and highly entertaining survey.

The TV Addict: Before I do my best to get you to spill upcoming SMALLVILLE secrets, let’s talk about this web site you’re developing. What’s the deal?
Kristin Kreuk:
The purpose of this website is to provide a bunch of services for college students as well as an environment where they can really explore themselves and what they want to see in the world. But first, we just want to get as much data as possible. That’s what the survey’s about.

Is the web site going to be a social network like Facebook or MySpace?
Allison Mack:
Right now it’s a secret, but it’s something that’s never really done before.

Is this web site a project that you cooked up because you found yourself with a little free time on your hands thanks to the unfortunate WGA strike?
Allison Mack:
We originally thought of the idea six months ago. But now with the strike, we’ve found ourselves with a little bit of a break to work with.

Unless I have my facts incorrect, both of you [Allison and Kristin] didn’t attend College. Is it challenging working on a web site about College when you didn’t experience it for yourselves?
Kristin Kreuk:
I’m pretty sure SMALLVILLE was our college experience. I’ve learned so much through the show, both acting and socially that I wouldn’t have learned in college.

Allison Mack: I’ll sometimes invite a few girlfriends over for a sleepover to get the dorm experience I missed!

The TV Addict: I would have gladly traded in four years at College for a starring role in SMALLVILLE.

Allison, in terms of learning new skills, I know one of the things you’ve really been looking forward to this season was following in Tom [Welling] and Michael’s [Rosenbaum] footsteps and getting a chance to direct an episode. Did you get a chance to direct prior to the strike?
Allison Mack:
I did not. I may or may not this season. I was scheduled to direct episode twenty. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Kristin, have you caught the directing bug yet?
Kristin Kreuk:
I haven’t really felt the urge to work on the production end of things.

When I announced on theTVaddict.com that I was going to be speaking to the both of you, I was amazed at the number of questions from fans across the world. Spain, Brazil, France the response was incredible.
Kristin Kreuk:
Even though we’re popular in Canada and the United States, our international audience is enormous. It’s quite amazing actually.

I think the most popular question was are we to get an eighth season?
Allison Mack:
Truthfully we’re not sure. But the show is doing really well.

Are you looking forward to ending the show and moving on to other projects. Or could you see yourself doing SMALLVILLE for years to come?
Kristin Kreuk:
I’m kind of in ‘in-between’ land. I think over the years, on a SCI FI show, we get to play so many different characters. There are also so many different challenges: green Screen, special effects, stunts, other characters taking over our character — so it never gets boring. But it is always challenging to keep things fresh and honest after seven years. That said, I think I’m personally ready to move on in some ways. But I’ll miss the show and the people involved dearly.

Allison Mack: For seven years it has been an incredible experience. Not only because of all the fantasy elements. But all of the genres: comedy, drama, horror, thriller. Things are never boring. Personally, I’ve grown up on the show, but part of me is really looking forward to the future.

Where would you like to see the show end?
Allison Mack:
I have no idea.

Kristin Kreuk: I don’t even know where the show’s going after the next three episodes!

Allison Mack: It would be fun to become a superhero.

The TV Addict: Great idea! Then you could move on to HEROES!

Kristin Kreuk: The writer’s really keep us [and fans] on the edge of our seat. I do know there’s some great stuff coming up with SuperGirl and Lex. Pete Ross is also returning for an episode and we’ll deal more with Clark’s secret being revealed.

The TV Addict: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. I already checked out the survey for myself and it was a lot of fun.

To check out the survey for yourselves, please click here.

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  • ???

    Hey, where are all the other questions that were asked? Is there going to be another part with those questions asked or were they not good enough to be asked?

  • And I say…

    Ditto to the comment above. What’s the not choosing any fan questions diss? Annoying!

  • Same thing ! What’s the point of asking us fans, to ask questions if you don’t ask them ?!!


    What the hell cmon, it’s not like there high class people. And I”m from Vancouver where they shot smallville gee whiz

  • Lasia

    Yeah, I’m a little annoyed as well to see that all the wonderful questions that were asked here weren’t asked in the interview. Why? I know there were TONS of great questions that a lot of people would have liked to have seen and I’m sure that Kristin and Allison would have had fun answering them. This interview, when I compare it to some of the others I’ve read lately with Ms. Kreuk and Ms. Mack, seems kind of dull and without much content — and I’m not blaming Kristin or Allison. In fact, it seems like it would have been a waste of thier time to even do the interview in the first place, if all you were going to ask was “what’s the website about” and “what’s going on in Smallville” — I’ve read about four other interviews on that already, and even they were more interesting.

    Not impressed, TVaddict.com.

  • Sheindie

    I agree with all of the above… very disappointing

  • Artifice

    That was a totally pointless interview, I don’t think I read a single new piece of information, you may as well have taken a couple old interviews and pasted bits of them together. Only one fan question was asked and it was pointlessly general.

  • hey, I think Kristen answered my question on if she got the drectors bug! whoohoo!

    Thank guys. You’re awesome!

  • Fat M

    Dear Kristin and Allison,
    My question to you is that What is it like working with Tom Welling? How does he treat you two? If it’s not to much trouble can you guys ask Tom to join this sit Thank you for your time.

  • hey allison and kristin… when you will do a convention together????? I really would like to see you two girls
    you are amazing!!!!!!

  • Robby

    Same thought as everyone else. Why ask for questions if you’re actually going to use or ask the questions?

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