The Best Last Minute Holiday Gift Ever [for the TV Addict in Your Life]

GMMR’s early morning post alerting fans to the fantastic news that GOSSIP GIRL and PUSHING DAISIES will be taking part in the 2008 Paley Festival got this TV Addict thinking.

GMMR scooped me again! How does she do it!

Actually, it reminded me of one fantastic, incredibly affordable last minute holiday gift you can get for the TV Addict in your life. Recordings from incredible one-of-a-kind events at the Paley Center for Media.

Can’t afford to send your loved one to this year’s Paley Festival in Los Angeles? Well, thanks to the wonder that is the internet, you, or the TV Addict in your life, don’t have to miss out on the fun.

Simply head on over to or iTunes [the TV Addict recommends audible because its cheaper] to check out some of your favorite shows.

For a mere $1.95 you can listen to J.J. Abrams talk about Sydney Bristow and Felicity Porter for one hour and thirty-five minutes. Or spend forty-five minutes with the cast of BROTHERS & SISTERS, DEXTER or LOST.

Pretty much, it’s the best gift idea ever. And guaranteed to make the TV Addict in your life smile.

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  • gmmr

    I take it I’ll see you at Paley again this year TV Addict? Well I guess not again as our paths didn’t cross last year.

  • theTVaddict

    I’m definitely hoping to attend. But it will all depend on how that little money tree I’ve planted in my backyard is doing come February ’08. Stay Tuned…

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  • Less Strike News

    Good idea…cheap gift though. You may have to throw in an IPod if you want that TV Addict “to smile” :-)

  • theTVaddict

    Memo to Less Strike News,

    IPods make this TV Addict Smile :)

    But seriously. Isn’t it such a thoughtful gift? You took the time and found a CD of your friend/loved one/family members favorite show?

    If you really want to spend the money. Buy an iPod, load the recordings on! Now there’s a gift guaranteed to make someone smile.

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