GOSSIP GIRL Recap: Roman Holiday

gossip girl christmas blair
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Last night, the CW gave fans an early Christmas gift with yet another fantastic installment of GOSSIP GIRL. Once again, Serena, Dan, Blair, Rufus and Lily took centre stage, providing fans with more than their share of TiVo—Worthy moments.

In fact, the only character who brought down the fun on the Upper East Side was ‘V’ — who’s quickly becoming the equivalent of THE OC’s Oliver. Can someone please explain to this TV Addict what’s up with Vanessa? No only does she dress like an extra from FAME [HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL of the 80’s], she’s stealing ideas from 90’s TV Shows. Serena may have been impressed with Vanessa’s brilliant Christmas gift for Dan, but any FRIENDS fan worth his Central Perk Coffee knows that the whole ‘doing it for the first time’ under the lights was so done ten years ago [See Ross & Rachel and the episode with the Planetarium]

V aside, the episode was fantastic and this TV Addict will be counting down the days until GOSSIP GIRL returns on January 2, 2008. Will Lily accept Bart’s proposal? [I hope not, Lilly and Rufus are so great together] Will Vanessa ever learn that Leopard prints aren’t in fashion? Will Chuck tell Nate about Blair? Are Dan and Serena headed towards splits-ville now that they’ve hooked up in the ‘biblical sense’? Will the TV Addict ever run out of euphemisms for saying Dan and Serena ‘did it?’ Post away with your predictions.

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  • Stef

    Seriously…enough with these Chuck-less episodes!!! Last night’s was good, but I missed him! I hope he DID tell Nate, I am a huge supporter of Blair and Chuck… “Chair” or “Bluck?” Hmm…

    Anyway, I agree with your comments about Vanessa…I just want her to go away already. But in every show like this, there is one that gets in the way…On The OC, we had Oliver, Ana, Johnny, Theresa… So we have to get over her being around or there would be no story I guess!

    But great episode… I can’t wait for the new year!

  • Stef, well said.

    It’s not that I minded Chuck and Nate missing from the episode — as a simple text message (sorry, this being GG I should say txt msg) from Chuck was enough of a presence, but I do find it odd how the GG writers are treating Chuck and Nate.

    90210 or THE OC would never do an episode without Brandon and/or Ryan in the early years. I wonder their absence is due to budget or story? I’ve never read the books.

  • Maybe I should watch again. I’m writing my recap of last night’s episode and I was bored!!!

  • Stef

    Yeah, I mean I get that they were out of town together and that was part of the storyline…but we could have seen him or he could have called Blair or something! Even a little glimpse would have made me happier, haha.

    I agree…that’s like, Dawson’s Creek without Pacey…or The OC without Seth… completely unheard of!

  • Josh C.

    all i have to say is i love gossip girl

  • CC

    Stef, I am in total agreement. MORE CHUCK! Chuck/Blair are my favorite couple and I’m dying for more.
    Also, Vanessa is super boring. I wish they’d kill her off, but wait it isnt the OC so I guess that won’t happen =p

  • nctodc

    I watched GG last night, since my regular Wednesday night fare was in reruns. I like Vanessa, actually…her clothes notwithstanding, I think she’s the most relate-able. character on the show.

  • Kara

    I missed Chuck!!! But did you guys see the CW promo for Jan 2?? OMG!!! Can’t Wait!. I saw Roman Holiday on Monday in Canada and loved it….this show is my guilty plesure and can’t get enough of it!!!

    I guarantee when the writers come back, chuck will be in every episode..he’s easily become a fan favourite…and who doesn’t love chuck/blair???

  • Smizz

    Pretty clear that V’s “help” with Christmas was ill-intentioned. My guess is that she put a camera in that room, and we get some video tape scandal in the new year. Would also fit with the scandalous mood of the previews for next episode. Anyone thing this is possible?

  • NikkiHolly

    i have no idea what is up with vanessa. i think they’re tryng to make her look “original” like the book character, but the book vanessa was punk-rock. the tv vanessa is just confused.

  • shanna

    I like Vanessa but I LOVE Dan/Serena (or Lil Rufus and Lily as I like to call them). Every week GG turns out to be more satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable than the last. I love it.

  • emily

    Blair is my favorite character!!! i LOVE Blair although i am annoyed how shes not falling for Chuck and going after Nate. i really wish she and Chuck could be a couple. and I hate Vanessa she just gets in the way of everyone.