Television’s Naughty & Nice List

With Christmas a mere two days away, this TV Addict can only imagine how busy Santa must be.

With that in mind, we thought we’d lend the Big Guy in Red a hand by posting our 2007 Nice & Naughty list: Television Edition. Think we left anyone off the list? Post away in the comments below.

Nice: Josh Schwartz for doing double duty this fall. Not only did he give TV Addicts a new show to obsess over with GOSSIP GIRL. He gave our good blogger friend GMMR a new TV boyfriend to stalk swoon over.

Naughty: Both the WGA and the AMPTP for not working out their differences and leaving a neatly wrapped labour agreement under our Christmas trees.

Really Naughty: The AMPTP — because let’s face it, this is all their fault.

Nice: ABC, for allowing LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse to end LOST on their own terms.

Naughty: Not only did NBC put the brakes on JOURNEYMAN’S journey, their plan to supersize THE OFFICE throughout September robbed fans of our traditional very special OFFICE Christmas.

Nice: Wisteria Lane Realty. Marc Cherry finally ensured an interesting neighbor moved into the neighborhood.

Naughty: The HEROES writers for zapping Kristen Bell of three seasons of VERONICA MARS coolness with an actor’s kryptonite — lame dialogue.

Nice: By renewing the critically acclaimed yet ratings anemic DAMAGES, FX proves yet again why cable is king.

Naughty: HBO, for canceling DEADWOOD and making us suffer through ten episodes of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI Seriously, does anyone know what was going on with that show.

Nice: Showtime, for stepping up to the plate this year and taking the entertainment crown from HBO. With the likes of DEXTER, WEEDS, CALIFORNICATION, THE TUDORS, THE L WORD and BROTHERHOOD…. who needs HBO?

Naughty: Isaiah Washington. As if that needs explaining.

Nice: Ronald D. Moore, for ending BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s season on a high note.

Naughty: The SCI FI Network, for making us wait almost a year to find out what happens next!

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  • annoyed

    journeyman was not that great. I’m pretty sure almost every paid critic said it was a dreary boring version of Quantum Leap that wasn’t as cool. It is bothersome that you rave about this show like 9 episodes in when you know its gonna get cancelled, just so you can lament and moan and say it was another “Brilliant but Cancelled” series like Firefly and Wonderfalls, even though it is not even close to the calibur of those shows. Just please shut up.

  • Dear ‘annoyed’

    While I can appreciate that you’re tired of hearing about JOURNEYMAN’s demise, it simply was the latest in a long list of NBC screw ups this year.

    Would you prefer I rant about how Network President Ben Silverman is not only giving us another season of THE APPRENTICE, but offering up a ‘Celebrity’ Edition featuring D-list celebrities?

  • Naughty: Supernatural, Smallville & America’s Next Top Model for having silly things like “viewers” therefore dooming the beloved Veronica Mars to pre-mature death.

  • wgasupporter

    naughty: dawn ostroff for waiting until the very last minute to cancel veronica mars. she couldve come right out and said it (lets face it, we all saw it coming) but she held out and gave us fans hope that it actually might come back (especially after the awesome fbi trailer) just to cancel one of the best tv shows.

  • a-w

    Naughty: ABC for cancelling TRAVELER…

  • What you say is true about NBC, but you should not forget this : they also picked up for a full season the best new series of the season : Life.

    Seriously, if you haven’t really tried that show and thought it would be just another cop-drama with a twist or boring based on its pilot/premise, you have to try it. It is so much more than that !

    Ever since it started it was great, brilliant even, from both acting & writing, and it just kept getting better and better. This show is fantastic, and while I hate NBC for so many things, I am really grateful that they are giving this show a chance, it has already enterred my Top 2 favorite series, I freaking love it !

    – Why exactly would the Universe make fun of us all ?
    – Maybe it’s insecure !

  • Dude…you’re lucky you didn’t keep “stalk” in there as that’s far from the truth. But I will admit to the swooning, but not so much over Zach Levi as the entire Chuck series.

  • Fred, I’ve seen a few episodes of LIFE, and while I’m not a huge fan of weekly procedurals, star Damian Lewis keeps me coming back. And thanks to hulu, I may actually catch up on the episodes I’ve missed this fall.

  • Yeah, Damian Lewis is doing a wonderful job, and so is Sarah Shahi. I really hope (for you) that you’ll catch on, because it really is worth it.

  • CC

    Wgasupporter, I completely agree with you about Dawn Ostroff for giving Veronica Mars Fans a low blow by waiting until the last minute only to cancel the show. What a low point of the year.

    Also what about USA Network for cancelling the Dead Zone and especially The 4400?!
    Sorry, A-W but Traveler didnt have enough viewership.
    Unlike these shows which have a longtime fan base. Shame on them!

  • Nice: A fulfilling and satisfying finale for The O.C.

  • Josh Schwartz is God!

  • H/W Shipper

    agree with you on the cancellation of The 4400…
    Bad news before the holiday >.<

  • It’s not nice or naughty, just kind of boring I guess…

    LIFE, like Monk but only more annoying.

  • Lindlee Bullock


    If you’re insinuating that the reason that VM was canceled was b/c those shows (Supernatural, Smallville & Top Model) had viewers, let me set the record straight. I decided not to watch VM long before I became a Supernatural fan. I watched an episode or two of VM and it just never kept my attention. And really Supernatural (and Smallville for that matter) are in a completely different genre than VM was and therefore, would attract a different type of viewer. So to blame Supernatural for VM low ratings is ridiculous and frankly I’m getting tired of hearing that complaint. I’m sorry you fans got such a lousy series finale (b/c I did catch that and if I had been a VM fan I would have pitched a fit), but quit blaming Supernatural fans for your show being canceled. Our ratings aren’t that great. If anything you should be blaming the powerhouse shows on other networks that aren’t as great as everyone thinks.

    All that said, I do think America’s Top Model is one of the most awful shows I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching, and I’d love my Christmas present to be that it be taken off the air. Okay I take that back. I want my Christmas present to be the end of this strike. But it’s a close second…