The TV Addict’s Chrismukkah List

Since I already snagged myself a Nintendo Wii three weeks ago [suck it Ausiello!] this TV Addict’s Chrismukkah list should be relatively painless to fulfill. Especially since I don’t actually celebrate Christmas.

That said, was it not the wise-beyond-his-years Bart Simpson who said, “Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ.” Which I’m all for, especially if Santa feels like lightening his load tonight and dropping off a nice 50″ flat screen TV, an Apple TV or TiVO (now available in Canada!) down my chimney.

But let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first shall we. You know, the little things that don’t necessitate the use of Elf labour to complete. Just a snap of [insert network president’s name here] fingers.

• First and foremost, this TV Addict would like to see world peace a swift end to the writer’s strike.
• Invites to more fabulous parties with some of my favorite television stars.
• A second PVR. Because sadly, one simply isn’t enough.
• NBC to put their shows back on iTunes. I know HULU’s motto is “Watch your favorites. Anytime. Anywhere.” But as I found out upon getting ready for my current vacation, “Anytime. Anywhere” only includes sitting in front of your computer while connected to the internet. Which doesn’t exactly work on a 15 hour car ride.
• Did I mention an end to the writer’s strike?Check back throughout the day as I undoubtedly think of more altruistic Chrismukkah Gift ideas.

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  • Frank

    Its good to see that other people have adopted Christmakkuah even after The OC finished.