The TV Addict Has A Serious Problem…

While this news will most likely come as little surprise to fans of this web site, the TV Addict is addicted to buying TV on DVD.

Now generally β€” this problem is one that I’ve managed to control. Years in TVAA [TV Addicts Anonymous] combined with the recent realization that the money I’ve spent on TV boxed sets could have probably bought me a 50″ flat screen [or a house!] has curbed my spending habits immensely.

That said, vacationing in America changes everything.

Take this morning for instance. Against my better judgement, I took a ride over to the local TARGET after reading online that the third season of THE OFFICE was on sale for only $19.99!

And that my friends was mistake number one. Thirty minutes later this TV Addict left the store with a far heavier shopping bag, and one helluva lighter wallet.

BONES Seasons 1 & 2, THE OFFICE Seasons 1 & 3, DEXTER Season 1, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Season 2, The Best of LARRY SANDERS, THE OC Season 4 and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Season 1.

They were all there and they were all on sale for $19.99. I run a web site called β€” Can you really blame me?

Got a great Boxing Day Deal to share from either Canada or the US? Post away and share the postβ€”holiday TV on DVD love! With no end in sight to this incredibly depressing writer’s strike, DVD may be all we have to get us through the next few months.

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  • Dominique has The Office season 3 at 19.99$ if you feel like completing your collection πŸ˜‰

    I went to HMV this afternoon and no good sales over there unlike last year when I got season 1 to 5 of Gilmore Girls at 25$ each.

  • Thanks for the heads up Dominique. GILMORE GIRLS and SMALLVILLE, all 5 seasons were on sale in the US for $19.99.

    Good to know HMV in Canada has a few sales as well.

  • Damn…

  • hen0219

    YAY US! Im glad I live here. Yeah, I went to Target this morning and saw all of those. I picked up the first season of The O.C. for $19.99. Got into the show too late so I haven’t been able to see the original episodes, and didn’t want to pay full price for the season sets. I was going to pick up Dexter: Season One as well, but my Target was already sold out. Darn the old bad luck.

  • Dude, how can you have time to watch all those DVDS and then watch whats on TV and still have a life? I have trouble emptying out my DVR (PVR) during peak season and still maintain the appearance of a life.

    Plus here’s a tip. Never buy a TV series DVD until the series is over/cancelled and then wait till they put out the complete series in a single boxed set. It’ll save you a huge chunk of change. When I got season7 of buffy, the full-on boxed set came out the next month for a fraction of buying all the 7 seasons individually. Not worth it IMHO. Now I wait.

  • DAVE ID,

    Just to give you a little inside peek at the TV Addict’s lunacy β€” I won’t even remove half of my purchases from their cellophane prison! But at $19.99 US a season, I can’t stop myself.

    In Canada, most of those DVD’s would cost between $35-$50 per season, plus 15% taxes!

    And thanks for the great tip. But since I don’t have that type of self control, here’s my advice to fellow TV Addict’s. Try and wait for your favorite show to go on sale. Don’t buy it right when it’s released. FOX and the WB especially often have fantastic 50% off sales months after the season has been released.

  • This is as good a time as any for everyone to get caught on the best series ever — The Wire, who’s DVD sets are going for $40-60 each (on Amazon and most major retailers) as opposed to the regular $80 price tag. And hurry, the fifth and final season starts in January. Trust me, it’ll be an invest you’ll glad to have made.

  • NikkiHolly

    Target is like Heaven for the TV addicts across the US. Without Target’s kickass sales on tv shows, i would’ve completely emptied my bank account. now it’s only half empty. πŸ˜€

    i got an iHome iH8 for only $60. That was pretty awesome as it’s usually about $100.

  • Dominique

    Heroes season 1 is also on sale on 50% off! But Heroes is not the kind of show I would get on DVD since I don’t think I would watch it again.

    I am in Canada and the prices for TV shows on DVD are very high. I was hoping for some deal on The OC season 4 or One Tree Hill season 4 since they are the sets I asked for Christmas but I didn’t get them. I did get Scrubs season 1 and How I met your mother season 2.

    The one thing I saw at HMV was Arrested Development. Last boxing day was much better because I was able to buy Gilmore Girls.

  • Target is pretty good for DVDs. I got Firefly there for around $20 or $25 about a year or two ago when most places still had it for $30 to $50. Back in October, I got Picket Fences season one for $25. I don’t think Target still carries it, but if you can find it elsewhere (like Best Buy), it’s still $50 or $55.

    Hopefully I’ll have a chance to check out DVD deals Thursday or Friday. Only had a chance to stop at Hallmark today for Christmas ornaments 40% off.

  • Tarn

    I feel your pain, TVaddict – I too have dozens of TV box sets, many still in their cellophane! πŸ˜‰ My RL is so busy, I’d have to break some serious bones and be laid up for months to have time to watch them all (crosses fingers & touches wood, since I don’t actually WANT to be laid up for months…)

    But I can’t seem to stop buying them, despite the damage to my bank account. Today I am annoyed because I can’t find Doctor Who season 3 any cheaper than Β£48.99 in the sales!
    I am clearly doomed to penury and bankruptcy. And when the bailiffs take away my goods, I’ll be heard crying out, ‘No! Not The OC seaon 2 !! I MIGHT WATCH THAT ONE DAY!!’

  • Amy

    I decided I wasn’t going to buy (m)any DVDs until the end of the strike. I think I lasted a week. In the past month I’ve bought Arrested Development S1-3 (from this site’s tip), BSG S1-2, Teachers S1-4, Life on Mars S1, Extras S1-2, Dead Like Me S2 and Doctor Who S1. The latter still cost me Β£40 ($80) two years after the show aired! I think On last count I had 65 TV Boxsets and half of them I won’t watch more than once if that.

    I’ve started to buy almost all my DVDs from as even with P&P to the UK it’s far cheaper than anything over here. A few tips: Dead Like Me S1 is $17.50, and pretty much every season of Buffy, Angel, Bones, Roswell and The X-Files are all around $20 for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on a complete collection boxset.

  • John Jira

    It took you this long to get β€œDeter” on DVD. πŸ™‚ You do realize that everything is on sale because it all going to be re-release in Blueray or HD-DVD and your going to have to start your collecting all over.

  • John Jira,

    I’m not getting sucked into this format war. In five years, everything will be downloadable in HD!

  • I hate to rub it in to the Canadians but I live in Burbank Cal. Usa.
    Right over the hill is Amoeba. This Store has everything you can desire in new and used tv dvds.
    They even have a Region 2 and 3 section.
    TvAddict I live your pain….. I’m the same as you. I have so many shows I havnt even watched yet on dvd. Due to the great deals I’ve found at Amoeba.
    I’ve had to stop becasue its just too much. Last dvd I purchased was Battlestar Galactica Razor.
    Next dvd I’ll prob get Battlestar Galactica season 3.
    Damm these dvds.

  • Nadine

    Thank you, TV addict. I am exactly the same way and nobody gets me, so I’m relieved I’m not the only one who’s so addicted to buying TV DVDs when they’re cheap. I also always buy them and then never watch them because I can’t resist when they cost about 20€. Yes, Euros, I’m from Germany but they have TV shows on DVD here, too πŸ˜‰ But lately I’ve been importing a lot from the US because it’s a lot cheaper even with the shipping.

    BTW, thank you for writing here about Black Friday sales which I hadn’t heard of before. I immediately went to and bought The Office S1, S2, Veronica Mars S1 and S2, How I Met Your Mother S1 and three more DVDs. I also just bought The Office S3 yesterday, so thanks for your support of my addiction πŸ˜‰

  • grumpyoldman

    Now that I have WKRP season 1 and Flipper season 1 in my collection, I’m holding out for the complete Larry Sanders Show DVD in order, and of course My Three Sons.

  • (Slightly off topic)…..
    One recomendation to all the dvd lovers of great shows out there, “Sleeper Cell”.
    This show seems to have faded away after Season 2.
    I highly reccomend it to fans of shows like Dexter, and the Unit.
    The show can also be found around 19.99.
    Very high octane terrorist drama!!!

  • Grumpyoldman, I’m also a big fan of WKRP. One big complaint I have about tv show dvds are that we get a season per year…
    What’s the deal!
    WRKP has I believe 5 seasons. We have to wait 5 years to get the entire show. Why???
    Shows that are older than 10 years should all be availible NOW. I would buy all the seasons of WKRP tomarrow if they were availible.

    See how addicted I am!!! πŸ™‚
    Went toa bartender lalalaaa !!!