2007 TV Year in Review (Part I)

Class warfare with the least casualties: If the Humphrey clan on GOSSIP GIRL are the “have nots”, the economy must not be doing as bad as everyone says. How else to explain that million dollar space they live in?
Show most likely to give nerds hope: Don’t tell your local Geek Squad guy, but in the real world, dudes like CHUCK don’t land superbabe Yvonne Strahovski.

Trend we wish were happening when we were in high school: Tyra and Landry, Serena and Dan, why weren’t ‘nerds’ cool back in the 90’s Oh, and while we’re on the subject, in our day, our the TV Addict’s family Nanny did not look anything like Grandma Saracen’s nurse.

Proof that six million bucks doesn’t buy what it used to: With it’s fetching, fighting female leads and more hype than God’s comeback, BIONIC WOMAN seemed like the show to beat… until viewers actually got a look at the revamped Jamie Somers and figured out that NBC forgot to hire decent writers.

Best show too many of you aren’t watching: Tina Fey and the team at 30 ROCK have turned their little comedy that could into the SEINFELD of the new millennium. Now of only it could get the kind of ratings Jerry’s antics did.

Show most people never even knew was on: JOURNEYMAN might not have had his trip cut short had NBC bothered to let people know when it was on.  

This year’s “How has that not been cancelled yet?” award, Part I: OCTOBER ROAD seems as pointless as its title.
This year’s “How has that not been cancelled yet?” award, Part II: If there’s anybody out there who should be grateful for the writers strike, it’s the folks at CAVEMEN, which would have been put out of our misery ages ago if not for the fact that it had original episodes in the can.

Biggest sophomore slump in the history of television: What do you get when you mix in a C-List Superboy, amnesia and one helluva boring journey to Feudal Japan. Millions of underwhelmed HEROES fans and one very bitter TV Addict.

Show’s that defied the sophomore slump: UGLY BETTY made us pretty happy, DEXTER turned in a killer season and BROTHERS & SISTERS made us want to raise a toast to the always-inebriated Walker clan.

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  • Um, in the real world dudes like Chuck wouldn’t look like Zachary Levi.

    Zachary Levi can land super-hot babes like Yvonne.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Journeyman joins Firefly and Wonderfalls on my “will still cry years later that its gone” list. I wish NBC had actually done a little promo work for this show, because it was definitely worth the money they threw at Bionic Woman.

    And I am a latecomer to 30 Rock, but I have to agree that it is one of the best comedies in recent years. I would even go so far to say that it is better than Seinfeld. I can’t say how much I love Tina Fey.

  • Yvonne Strahovski probably is the hottest addition to the TV season. Maybe girls like her are out of reach, but we can always dream. 😉 As for the show itself, Chuck is my favorite new show of the season.

    I agree with the disappointment over Bionic Woman and wish that Journeyman had gotten the attention and extension that it deserved.

    But, I have to disagree on Heroes and Ugly Betty. Heroes definitely had its flaws this season, but I still found it better than most give it credit for. I actually thought Ugly Betty suffered most from sophomore slump, with the exception of only 2 or 3 episodes near the end.

    If there’s such a thing as senior year slump, I think it struck Grey’s Anatomy bigtime and Boston Legal and Stargate: Atlantis just a little. In it’s third year of graduate school, Scrubs was just average, and going for its doctorate degree, the casting person for Survivor: China should have hit the books harder. The Best Avoidance of Sophomore Slump Award has to go to Men In Trees, the most consistently above-average returning show of the season.

  • CC

    I understand you mocking a show like Caveman, which lets face it didnt have a shot in hell, so I dont get why it was made at all, but have you even watched OCTOBER ROAD? Because if you havent mocking it is pretty tacky, because it does have fans out there and is a pretty decent show. That and Men in Trees. I actually trust ABC to write great drama if you actually give it a good chance. Unlike 30 rock, which I have given a chance and still find completely unfunny.

  • CC,

    I actually watched the entire first season of OCTOBER ROAD, but the second season became more of the same, with little to no improvement. I gave up.

    That said, with most of my favorite shows finishing up their episodes, I’ll most likely give the show another chance come January.

  • wgasupporter

    im with todd w. the second season of heroes definitely wasnt bad, it just wasnt as good as the first season. season two had its bad moments but it is still better than the majority of the shows out there right now.

  • I have to agree about Heroes. It wasn’t bad per se, it was just disappointing after a great first season and a summer’s worth of buzz.

  • Steve

    from what I remember Seinfeld almost didn’t make it to a third season due to poor ratings. This gives 30 Rock hope in becoming the next Seinfeld. Would that make Tina Fey the next Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin the next George or Alec Baldwin the next Seinfeld and Tina Fey the next Julia Louis-Dreyfus? I think we all already know Tracy Morgan will be the next Michael Richards…

  • AJ

    personally, I’ve LOVED this season of heroes. the finale was especially breath-taking. I love that we can’t tell who’s “good” and who’s “bad”. just when we get it figured out, something shifts it all over again.

    the show I think has been slumping the most this season is desperate housewives. with the exception of the tornado, I haven’t been THAT into it.

    as for cavemen, I turned the channel on the COMMERCIALS. I can’t imagine intentionally sitting down to watch a show about those obnoxious characters. has there EVER been amore irritating premise for a show???

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with TIm G. Zachary Levi doesn’t look like a real life Geek Squad member lol.

    Glad to see 30 Rock mentioned. That’s my fav show currently on the air. I definitely like it better than Seinfeld. 😀

    I wish they’d dump the Cavemen show already and bring back the commercials. The commercials were awesome. The show was unfunny.

  • Amy

    Best show too many of you aren’t watching (runner-up): Friday Night Lights.