Readers Pick Their Favorite TV Moments of 2007

Back in mid-December, we asked the readers of for their favorite TV Moments of 2007. Here’s our first favorite moment, courtesy of reader cam3150

“The moment I realized that Kate and Jack were in the future — that stuck with me more than anything. I watched that finale a total of 5 times before finally deleting it off my DVR and was in a state of shock for days aftewards.”

Added frequent contributer Linda B. — “I feel the same way you do about your LOST moment (except I only watched the episode twice, eh, maybe 3 times).”

Check back throughout the week to see if your moment is featured in the 2007 TV Year in Review.

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  • cam3150

    Wow, I’m flattered that you gave me a shout-out in one of your posts 🙂 I don’t always comment but I do check out your site every day.

    Yep, this one is definitley my TOP moment of 2007 (sorry Jim and Pam – you are a close second).

    Only a few more weeks until Lost returns!!!!

  • shanna

    I think what made this moment so great was not only realizing it was a flash-forward but also realzing that Jack of all people wanted to go back to the island. It was two doosies in one