2007 TV Year in Review (Part II)

Most baffling show on television:  So TWO AND A HALF MEN has filmed 100 episodes, is constantly nominated for awards and has devoted viewers who swear it’s the best thing since Skinemax. Seriously?

They cancelled EVERWOOD and now VERONICA MARS for this: Sadly, the list gets longer every year. CROWNED, LIFE IS WILD, REAPER. Yup, still bitter.

Why God invented the PVR: Thursday nights. UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, 30 ROCK, THE OFFICE, SCRUBS. Thanks to TiVo and its imitators, we can make the good times last well into Friday night.

Why God invented the PVR, Part II: ACCORDING TO JIM… heheheh… just a little holiday humor from your slightly-drunk-on-egg-not TV Addict. Hic-cup.

Most anticipated showdown of 2008: Sarah Connor vs. Killer Terminator Robots.

Second most anticipated showdown of 2008: The ladies of CASHMERE MAFIA vs. those residing in the LIPSTICK JUNGLE. Our money’s on the mob.

One showdown we’re not looking forward to: WGA vs. AMPTP, Month 7.

Best reason to forgive the guy who created TWO AND A HALF MEN: Turns out he also co-created THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Best use of a twin: Mary Kate Olsen on WEEDS.

Worst Use of a twin: Maya on HEROES.

Hardest working cast who are no longer working together: Sure, ALIAS may be history, but a whole lot of the spy drama’s stars are still on our screens every week. There’s nasty Arvin Sloane as Nora’s nice sibling on BROTHERS & SISTERS, playing uncle to Tommy (aka ALIAS’ Balthazar Getty), while Vaughn was, until recently, doing time on BIG SHOTS and Sydney’s dad showed up on UGLY BETTY (Soon to be starring in the ABC Greg Berlanti Drama ELI STONE.) Marshall showed up on MOONLIGHT (and we even very nearly considered possibly tuning in to see him on OCTOBER ROAD until remembering, oh, yeah, it’s that crappy show we hate).

Proving looks aren’t everything: BIG SHOTS

But they don’t hurt: SUPERNATURAL

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  • Klo

    Don’t forget David Anders from Alias playing Takezo Kensei on Heroes.

  • I agree that Thursday is a packed night, but this fall, it was also one of the weakest, maybe just slightly better than Wednesday. Mondays were probably the best. Tuesdays and Fridays were pretty good too.

    While not as much of a critic of Heroes season 2 as most people, I’ll agree that the twin plotline was a significant flaw.

  • Tim

    “Don’t forget David Anders from Alias playing Takezo Kensei on Heroes.”

    And Greg Grunberg.

  • Sorry for forgetting to show Grunberg and Anders love. Unfortunately, I think their omissions say a lot about HEROES disappointing season.

  • Josh Emerson

    How can you group Reaper in with Life Is Wild and Crowned?! It’s a good show! Even if you don’t like Reaper, I still can’t imagine it or anything else being as bad as Crowned. Not even According to Jim or Two and a Half Men.

    I wouldn’t know whether Big Bang Theory is actually a good show, I only watched the pilot. Didn’t like it enough to consider any other episodes.

    Thursdays have become crowded enough that I had to drop Supernatural from my schedule. The writers strike will probably cause me to watch what’s aired so far though.

  • armando l

    Well “Two and Half Men” is the number one show on the WB, here in Latinamerica, followed by Smallville.S mallville has around 15-19 Million viewers.

  • Outsch – I’m kind of hurt. ’cause I actually love “Two and a half men”, but I can also unterstand, that’s not everybody’s humor – but still hilarious! Exspecially the fourth season now, I laughed my ass off, really! Just try, maybe it kicks in.

  • Patty

    Yes, I must agree, Supernatural has quite an attractive cast =)

  • I’ve seen the pilot episode of Lipstick Jungle and it is a pretty darn good show.

  • Jamie P

    I am looking forwared to both Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia. Moreso to Jungle because I am a big fan of all things Candac Bushnell.