More Favorite TV Moments from Readers

Back in mid-December, we asked the readers of for their favorite TV Moments of 2007. Here’s another favorite moment, courtesy of readers Josh Emerson and Stef

Josh Emerson said: The OC’s series finale. The whole thing, really. But if I had to, I’d say the moment when Summer left Seth at the bus stop, and then the flash forward sequence at the end.

Stef said: The OC series finale that ended just as it started… and with me, bawling my eyes out for hours afterwards (I was way too attached to that show).

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  • Stephanie

    Omg. It’s so nice seeing that again. I remember doing the exact same thing as Stef..bawling my eyes out for hours afterwards. My sister was sitting next to me like, “Wow. Are you kidding me?” and I’m just thinking…”Shut up! This was my SHOW!”
    Sad to see it go, but The OC had some pretty great memories within those four seasons.

  • wow i cry every time i watch that… i was WAY too attatched to that show. I dont think ill ever love a show as much as the OC… *Tear,Tear*

  • wgasupporter

    this was absolutely the perfect ending to this show…glad to see it end on such a high note