2007 Top 10 TV Shows

Like everyone else on the planet, I feel the need to prepare for 2008 by taking one last look at the year gone by. And since I know your deepest, darkest, desire is to take a glimpse into my personal thoughts as to what shows rocked in 2007, here they are (in no particular order).

After all, I’m sure those of who who swing by regularly (and, by the way, thanks for that!) haven’t a clue as to my likes and dislikes since I’m so tight-lipped about them!

Rather than wax poetically about the brilliance of writer/actor/creator/Goddess Tina Fey and one of television’s finest comedic ensembles since the gang from FRIENDS went to that big coffee house in the sky, I’ll simply say this: 30 ROCK delivers the one thing I expect of a comedy: laughs. Call me crazy, but I’m tired of sitcoms that are all situation and no comedy. 30 ROCK delivers both in equal measures. Following a rocky start in its first season, this TV Addict is ready to proclaim 30 ROCK the heir apparent to SEINFELD and worthy of the NBC marketing mantra must see TV comedy night done right.

Reason #9,434 to curse the Canadian networks: None were smart enough to pick up this brilliant legal thriller featuring a performance from Glenn Close so dazzling that come Emmy night, other Lead Actress nominees shouldn’t fret about their acceptance speeches. (Then again, how often does the Academy actually get these things right?) How great is this show? Let’s put it this way: I didn’t begrudge iTunes the $1.99 a week I handed over in order to watch. No other show offered such truly unpredictible plot twists, let alone a chance to hiss at Ted Danson, who was so vile as Arthur Frobisher that he may finally have washed away those memories of CHEERS barkeep Sam Malone which have clung to him like the smell of stale beer and cigarettes. Our only quibble? Why did they have to kill conflicted legal eagle Ray Fiske (played with such poignancy by Zelijko Ivanek)?

Televisions most unusual police procedural could easily have taken the easy way out in season two by simply offering up a repeat of what had worked so well during its freshman season. Instead, however, our favorite serial killer went through a major identity crisis as the lives he’d previously struggled to keep compartmentalized came crashing together. Suddenly, his secret identity was on the verge of being exposed, his personal life was a mess and the very belief system upon which he’d based his existence was yanked out from under him. Before the season was over, Dexter and his nemesis, Doakes, were caught up in the greatest confrontation since the days of Sydney vs. Mama Irina.

Leave it to show-runner Ronald D. Moore to top GALACTICA’s jaw-dropping second season “one year later” by offering up not one, or two, but THREE shocking moments to cap off the phenomenal third season. The final five Cylons revealed! The return of Starbuck! The path to earth revealed! I’m perched on the edge of my seat awaiting this show’s return… and dreading the fact that the fourth season will be its last.

Kids, let me tell you a story about a little sitcom on CBS that really came into its own this year. It revolves around this guy Ted, his four friends and the incredibly complicated, flashback-laden story about how he met his wife. Fortunately for us, the path to true love involves slap bets, Canadian lore, 80’s nostalgia, a one-hit wonder named Robin Sparkles and a career-redefining role for Neil “I’m not just Doogie any more” Patrick Harris. We’re still not sure exactly how Ted met your mother, kids, but when the journey’s this fun, why rush to your destination?

Maddening lack of answers aside, LOST will go down in history as one of the most addictive and fascinating experiments on prime-time television. Serious credit goes to ABC for not only allowing LOSTerminds (and yes, I’m going to continue using that term until it becomes an international catch-phrase) Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse to think outside the box, but to encourage them to burn the box, scatter its ashes and then convince us there’d never been a box to begin with. I’m not thrilled with the remaining episodes being spread out over three years, but when it comes to one of the most thrilling shows on television, I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. (Especially if “it” invovles answers to some of the million or so lingering questions!)

Spotted: Television’s next big thing. In the grand tradition of BEVERLY HILLS 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK and THE OC, the cast of GOSSIP GIRL is on the brink. All season long, the buzz has been growing. Will V come between S and D? Can B keep C from telling N about their tryst? Here’s hoping the never-ending writers strike doesn’t turn the show that everyone’s talking about into the one nobody remembers.

Ending Sunday nights with the Walker clan ranks right up there with finding the perfect wine to go along with a meal. (Of course, you’d best hope that bottle was hidden, or Kitty and company will have drained that puppy.) This dysfunctional clan’s soapy, sappy, sip-happy saga has made them this TV Addict’s favorite fictional family, with the Suarez’ of UGLY BETTY coming in at a close second.

Since this Top 10 stuff is hard work, I’m going to take a page from Betty and steal a few sentences from TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello: “Line-for-line, the most uproariously funny series on the air. Think I’m exaggerating? Consider this little slice of heaven that Wilhelmina lobbed to Betty after she caught her cheating with her bodyguard: ‘Come on, girl. I’m black. You’re Mexican. Let’s not talk around it like a couple of dull white people.’ Throw in some dazzling directing and one of TV’s finest ensembles and you’ve got the fifth best show of ’07!”

Truth be told, HOUSE was never this TV Addict’s cup of tea. While I respected the brilliance that is Hugh Laurie and the overall quality of the show, I’ve never been a fan of the procedural aspect. I mean how many times can this domineering doc correctly diagnose a baffling medical mystery in the final five minutes of the show? That said, this season, everything changed. Not only was the introduction of 40 or so new interns a stroke of genius on behalf of the show’s creative team, it hooked this TV Addict and millions of others on the show. Most shows are losing steam and getting desperate by their fourth season, but this manic medical drama proved it’s only getting better with age. All that’s left to do now is to bring back Anne Dudek’s Cutthroat Bitch.

Honorable Mentions:


Two Reasons to keep HBO: BIG LOVE and ENTOURAGE

Best reasons to stay home on Friday: MOONLIGHT and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

Tastiest treat: PUSHING DAISIES

Most Missed: Even with the whole Christopher mess, we can’t help feeling lonely without our GILMORE GIRLS

Still mourning: VERONICA MARS

Best British import: EXTRAS

Best Cable Series not on FX: MAD MEN

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  • Wow, what a list, I list i don’t watch except for one, the CW’s new show GOSSIP GIRL, thats it for me. But I will say I agree that I am Still mourning VERONICA MARS and 2007 will also mark the end to Gilmore Girls which I understand why and The O.C., which I don’t understand why. What a year, now what about One tree hill, thats up in January.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I love this list. WIth the exception of Gossip Girl I watch all of these shows and love them. In fact I sort of worship the first 4 totally and and completely and would dedicate an entire TiVo to them.

    I am catching up to 30 Rock – I am about 2/3 of the way through the first season and it is incredibly funny. I don’t do sitcoms normally because they are usually formulaic and quite often a rip off a previous one with better characters (i.e. Friends clones). But 30 Rock is fresh and different. And Liz Lemon joins Miranda Bailey as a woman I would love to be like. I have loathed Alec Baldwin in recent years but I LOVE Jack. He truly has owned that character so much that I couldn’t see anyone doing it as well as he does.

    Damages was not what I was expecting – it was so much more. I cannot wait for S2 and see if she can nail Patty to the wall. I hope Nye is a bigger part of the season too because I was not expecting that ending and the door is wide open for him to be center stage now.

  • Huh. You’re list is completely different than mine.

  • Jay

    Here’s some of my best of 2007

    2.Prison Break
    4.Brothers & Sisters
    6.Gossip Girl
    9.October Road
    10. America’s Most Smartest Model

  • Jay

    I’m still mourning The O.C. WHY?????? *Sobbing*

  • shanna

    I watch and enjoy 8 of your top 10 so we’re almost eye to eye.

  • Jay, now your list and I’m still only watching one, gossip girl and yes I liked The O.C. and have been considering buying all four seasons if I had the cash.

    What about American Chopper, that shows cool, The Biggest Loser, Survivor, the girls next door, desperate housewives, Big Brother, One tree hill, Burn Notice, My Boys, Army Wifes, Ice Road Truckers, what about those shows, don’t they make the top list of 2007, they did in ratings on their networks… anyone.

  • @Racedriven: Just because a show has high ratings doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best, or even good. I do like Ice Road Truckers though — it truly is a little cable gem.

  • Patty

    Aw, sadness. You didn’t mention Journeyman (yeah, I know it was cancelled, but it was awsome for it’s short lil’ run), Desperate Housewives, Bones, or Supernatural, but I forgive you 🙂

  • I tried to create a Top 10 list, but it’s too hard to narrow down to just the 10 best. It makes it even harder when factoring in episodes from the 2nd half of the 2006-2007 season. I’ll just summarize instead…

    Best Shows from the Whole Year: Boston Legal, Heroes, House, Men In Trees

    Best Shows from 1st Half of Year or Summer: Battlestar Galactica, Jericho, The Shield, Stargate: SG-1, The 4400

    Best New Fall 2007 Shows: Chuck, Journeyman, Moonlight, Women’s Murder Club

    Best Reality Shows: Beauty & the Geek, Kid Nation

    Honorable Mention: Brothers & Sisters

    Guilty Pleasures: Prison Break, Girls Next Door

    Almost Forgot About: The O.C. (great final season)

    Cancelled Too Pre-Maturely: Drive (Fox must hate Nathan Fillion)

    Otherwise Great Shows Having *Slightly* Disappointing Seasons (just fall season unless otherwise noted): Lost (spring), Rescue Me (summer), Scrubs, South Park, Stargate: Atlantis, Survivor, Ugly Betty

    Intentionally Left Out of Best: Bionic Woman (boring), Damages (over-rated), Grey’s Anatomy (getting stale), Private Practice (mediocre), Pushing Daisies (annoying/over-rated), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (uneven), and Gilmore Girls (too many s6 mis-steps for s7 to fully recover; Buffy:tVS Syndrome = crappy s6 & s7 undermine enjoyment of *excellent* s1 – s5; lackluster series finale)

  • Aileen

    The TVaddict has listed some pretty good shows, although I haven’t yet watched some (like 30 Rock!) and think that Damages is overrated. My favorite shows of 2007 are: Dexter, Avatar: The Last Airbender (sure, it’s a cartoon, but it’s still a great show), Supernatural, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Scrubs and Pushing Daisies. I’m sure once I start watching 30 Rock and Brothers & Sisters they will be added to my list (since everyone who I’ve talked to who watches those shows are in love with them).

  • shanna

    I had forgotten most of the summer shows but given that there were just so many great shows this summer I think you could do a separate Shows of the Summer list. Army Wives, The 4400, The Closer, etc.

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  • Ailleen: I’ve heard such great stuff about AVATAR. Is it worth downloading on iTunes?

    Jay: Your first 6 shows were great, last 4, not so much!

    The two new shows I got hooked on this year, pretty much thanks to the vocal and dedicated fandom are BONES and SUPERNATURAL. Two shows I never would have watched, until I thought… well, if this many people love it, It’s worth checking out.

  • Patty

    Yay! You mentioned Supernatural and Bones! I can smile again 😀

  • Awesome list! We should join up and share one cable bill, since we watch almost all the same shows. 🙂 I haven’t yet seen Damages because it hasn’t aired in Canada, but it will be soon, and I can’t wait. I’m also not a House person, but after seeing your description of this season, maybe I’ll reconsider.

  • ewanspotter

    TV Addict, you probably saw this, but you were mentioned in an article for ‘Supernatural.’


  • ewanspotter,

    It’s always nice to be mentioned. Thanks for the heads up. Coincidentally, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the CW’s scheduling changes tomorrow.

  • ewanspotter

    Oh CW,

    What hath you wroth…

    I look forward to hearing your take. The fans are certainly up in arms. Reaper’s pretty much on the shiznit-list. And Dawn. Always Dawn.