The TV Addict’s Favorite TV Moments of 2007

All week long has been posting some of your favorite moments from the year that was in television. Now it’s my turn.

The following, in no particular order, are 10 of the TV Addict’s favorite moments from 2007 — complete with links to YouTube. Seriously, what did we do before YouTube?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Barney’s Hot/Crazy Scale
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Street Coaches Saracen
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: All Along the Watchtower
UGLY BETTY: Amanda Sings “Milkshake”
GREY’S ANATOMY: Burke Practices Wedding Vows
30 ROCK: Jenna does Hardball
GILMORE GIRLS: Lorelai Sings “I Will Always Love You”
DEXTER: Dexter confronts Doakes
GOSSIP GIRL: Opening Theme + Kristen Bell = Bliss
REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER: New Rules, The smartest 6 minutes on TV

Think I missed any. Post your YouTube links below.

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  • Josh Emerson

    I forgot that Jenna’s Hardball appearance on 30 Rock was in 2007. I loooooved that scene. The song she did at the end was classic too. Actually, lets just say the whole episode is one of my fav moments of 07.

    Another fav 30 Rock moment is this: And this!

    The HIMYM/Betty/Maher moments you picked are great too. Here’s a great Pushing Daisies moment, specifically where Olive comes in at the end:

  • A few additions:
    a) Fiske’s suicide in Patty’s office on DAMAGES.
    b) The final moments in the series finale of THE SOPRANOS.
    c) Ben showing Locke his ‘dad’ in a box on the island and then Sawyer killing his father on LOST, not to mention the season finale flash-forward.
    d) Angry housewife Betty Draper shooting pigeons with her son’s BB gun on MAD MEN.
    e) The Halloween episode of BONES with Bones & Booth working in costume (Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman was classic).
    f) Finding out that LaGuerta was the one having an affair with the new Lieutenant’s fiance on DEXTER.

  • shanna

    I think the Lorelai and Burke moments were two of my absolute faves. Great moments.