Our Strike Proof TV Guide: Night 1

Lately, you may have noticed a new promo running on NBC touting the peacock network’s ‘exciting’ slate of January programming. Courtesy of the fantastic site LostRemote, here’s a transcription:

“January First, NBC gives you exactly what you want – NEW TV. NBC will have more new stuff than anybody else – with seven new premieres in the first ten days. Celebrity Apprentice, Biggest Loser Couples, American Gladiators and One vs. 100. Plus: New episodes of Law & Order, Law & Order: CI and Medium. So whenever you hear those Peacock chimes – you’ll know there’s (bing bong bong) something new happening… on NBC.”

Now, not to rain on the NBC Marketing Department’s parade (or any of the networks for that matter), but CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, AMERICA GLADIATORS, ONE vs 100 and BIGGEST LOSTER COUPLES are not exactly what we want.

And in an effort to remind the powers that be of this, theTVaddict.com will proudly be posting our STRIKE PROOF TV GUIDE on a daily basis: Our guide to what we won’t be watching come 8PM tonight.

Because let’s face it, what we really want is an end to the WGA strike and a return to the regular programming we love. Oh, and while we’ve got your attention, would it kill you to bring back VERONICA MARS?

For tonight’s inaugural STRIKE PROOF TV GUIDE, click the link below.

strike proof tv guide 1

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  • Stef

    I’m so ashamed. Last night, I was so desperate for TV I watched Biggest Loser Couples… it wasn’t THAT bad…. but I miss my housewives. This strike needs to end soon!!!

  • Law & Order is 2 hours tonight, not DoND!

  • jess

    OMG when will this end i need new programing now! JUST GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT and what’s this i hear about the actors guild striking next.

  • Hil

    Looks like Medium is the only show I’ll be watching from them.

  • I found myself making the mistake of watching NBC’s “Biggest Loser” last night. I am a fan of Alison Sweeney so I decided to check out her “emcee” abilities. Will I tune in next week? No. What puzzled me the most? Why do the men take their shirts off to weigh? As a former overweight person, I would never take my shirt off. I was too insecure. I can’t believe the contestants actually think that t-shirt is going to “take off a pound.” Seriously, end this strike before prime time TV goes the way of daytime TV: fewer viewers.

  • shanna

    TGfGG aka Thank God for Gossip Girl!

  • Josh Emerson

    I just finished watching Gossip Girl. Haven’t seen it since the first couple weeks. It wasn’t too bad. Of course, all of the awful reality shows that are going to be airing make it seem like 30 Rock in comparison.

    I’ve gotta admit, I’m surprised by NBC. They air so many great scripted shows during the regular season. 30 Rock, The Office, Heroes, Scrubs, Chuck….but not they’re going to have nothing that I will watch.

  • nctodc

    (Per Twitter)

    The TV Addict watched Leno and Conan?

  • nctodc — I’ve been flipping between Letterman, Conan, Leno and Ferguson.

    Surprisingly enough, I’m finding Leno the most enjoyable. He seems genuinely happy to be back at work. Not a fan of the whole ‘strike beard’ and was disappointed by Conan’s opening.

  • becky

    completely agree, one hundred percent.