Our Strike Proof TV Guide: Night 2

strike proof tv guide 2

In a continued effort to remind the powers that be [yes, we’re talking to you Les Moonves] that intelligent TV fans will not sit idly by and mindlessly watch the endless hours of reality TV and reruns that are quickly replacing quality scripted dramas and comedies. This TV Addict will be posting our STRIKE PROOF TV GUIDE on a daily basis: Our guide to what we won’t be watching come 8PM tonight.

But first, what we will be watching.

SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL have been classified as ‘must watch’ because tonight’s installments are new to us!

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for shows on ABC and CBS. As much as we love BETTY, GREY’S and HOUSEWIVES, we’ve already seen them β€” and Teri Hatcher was barely tolerable the first time.

Moving onto NBC, no DEAL on earth could get us to tune into the one-two-combo of Howie Mandell and Donald Trump. And while we don’t have anything against ER per-say, the return of Gloria Reuben might have been exciting, if this were 1999.

Finally a question for FOX. Exactly how many Tostitos Super Sugar Fiesta Bowl games are there? Bring on the HOUSE and BONES repeats!

Agree/Disagree? Post away with what you’ll be tuning into tonight. Have you caved already and decided to pick up β€” dare we say it β€” a book?

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  • Ummm… there is only one Orange Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl are different BCS bowls and the Super Bowl is for the NFL and airs in February so I have no clue why you threw that in. Demanding repeats of dramadies over the Orange Bowl is lame. In years where there was no strike Fox still aired these bowls so your point is even more moot this year. It’s called “ratings”; they pay the bills.

    Are you going to demand CBS airs CSI reruns rather than March Madness too?

  • Problem is, I don’t like Smallville or Supernatural. (Please don’t hate me!) So tonight I’m watching the previously recorded Law & Order premiere, and Tuesday’s episode of SVU.

  • Mack Tight, β€” “Woosh”

    That sound you heard, the joke going over your head πŸ™‚

    Truthfully, I’m full versed in the never-ending Bowl Games, but as a true Blue Canadian, I only watch Hockey! (It’s law up here!)

    Aleks β€” I really really tried to watch both LAW & ORDER and SVU this week, but unfortunately, I can’t stand either ripped-from-the-headlines dramas. If I want to be depressed by crime and criminals, I can simply turn on the news.

  • Linda B.

    Amen to that last paragraph TVa, I totally agree.

    As for a book, no I have not picked one up yet, but I have been scanning the premium channels for movies I’ve never seen before. Last night I caught Rushmore for the first time (cause I heard it was good). Kinda blah.

  • anna

    I love Supernatural, but I’m pretty sure there is no new episode tonight. Sin City will be shown instead.

  • “Bffft” – that is the sound of your joke coming out of my fanny πŸ™‚

    Maybe one of the striking writers can help you with your jokes next time because (in my best Stewie Griffen voice) “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!”

  • Josh Emerson

    That whole schedule is red for me! Instead, I’ll be watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Iowa Caucus coverage on MSNBC.

  • Brian

    Looks like they are showing number 5 of 9 of this season tonight. And, next week looks to be number 6. Sorry no new shows!

  • No Ugly Betty? No ER? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. JK!

  • ewanspotter

    Sadly, Supernatural (and Smallville I’m assuming) isn’t any newer than those other repeats.

  • Stef

    Siiiggghhhhh… I watched Ugly Betty…again. And now I’m watching Grey’s…again. Thursday night used to be awesome…….
    I miss The Office. Everytime I go to say “that’s what she said” I want to die a little inside.

  • Younowho

    ER was terrific last night, new episode. Give it a shot.