Good News, Bad News for TV Fans

Good News: Jennifer Garner is talking about reuniting with J.J. Abrams. Bad News: For a cameo in the upcoming STAR TREK movie. ALIAS the movie is not on the horizon. [see link]

Good News: Ricky Gervais is rumored to be working on an EXTRAS spin-off. Bad News: He won’t be starring in it. [see link]

Good News: FOX has finally given BONES a return to air date. Bad News: The day it returns is (Gulp!) April 24. [see link]

Good News: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is new tonight. Bad News: So is 1 VS 100.

Good News: The WB chooses Blu-Ray over HD. Bad News: My Xbox 360 doesn’t play Blu-Ray! [see link]

Good News: This whole Good News/Bad News piece has been a lot of fun to write. Bad News: Expect the TV Addict to completely overkill it along the same lines as my strike through phase. Yup, still funny.

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  • Stef

    April 24th for Bones!!!? I expected a later return because of American Idol, but that’s ridiculous.

  • April 28th, actually. Not 24th. It’ll be on Mondays for 4 weeks in a row starting then. 🙁 heh

  • Thanks for the correction Jenny!

  • I love this feature! I say overkill it to death.

    Everything at The TV Addict is fun to read, but this one was even more fun. 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    Ugh at the Extras spin-off. I just recently discovered the show and love it, but I wouldn’t bother watching a spin-off featuring those two characters. Too annoying.

    Damn, I guess HD DVD really is going to be defeated by Blu-Ray. I also have the 360, not a PS3. I’m just glad they released most of the Harry Potter movies in both formats before making this decision.

  • cool new feature tv addict and that’s good news with nothing on TV. =) bad news: the damn strike is still going on.

  • Aileen

    I started watching Bones over Winter Break, got hooked and now I’m caught up. Every time I start watching a new show I have to mourn the havoc of the writer’s strike all over again as there’s yet ANOTHER great show I will have to wait months to see a new episode of.

    On the bright side, if they’re no longer planning on showing new episodes of Bones in the Friday Time Slot of Death as announced earlier, then at least I’ve got firm hope there’s going to be a Season 4 to enjoy…as long as the strike’s over by then.