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Last night’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Tim Riggins Edition was not only the ideal way for FNL to ring in the new year, but also managed to give this TV Addict a quasi-brilliant idea to get NBC out of the ratings cellar.

Presenting Tim Riggins week on NBC! No seriously, keep reading…

Following Riggins unexpected misunderstanding with Coach Taylor (who also deserves a shout out for his incredible dressing down of Coach Loserbee Laribee), Tim hops onto his pick-up truck and leaves Dillon (shirt optional).

First stop, Sunday night where Riggins takes on NBC’s AMERICAN GLADIATORS. After wiping the floor with Hulk Hogan et al, Riggins drops by THE BIGGEST LOSER on Tuesday to show the losers, umm… we mean winners, how to go from this to this. Realizing gas isn’t cheap, Riggins heads on over to DEAL OR NO DEAL on Wednesday to win a few bucks. Ensuring he’s made enough to make it to 30 ROCK on Thursday, where Judah Friedlander’s Frank yet again, ‘goes gay’. Finishing off the week back in Dillon, where the Taylor’s officially adopt him and live happily ever after.

Now tell me you aren’t going to tune into NBC for that?

  • Kay

    That’s an awesome idea XD

  • shanna

    I want Tim Riggins month. Seriously, Riggins is the best character on that show though Buddy Garrity is giving him a run for his money. And I never thought I’d say those words.

  • Amy

    I have never been in love with Tim Riggins more than I am after last night’s fantastic episode! I could just watch him, Tami and Coach(‘s hair) for hours.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I’d watch that!

  • i’m so there especially with that “gay thing.” =) lol

  • NikkiHolly

    i’d totally watch Riggins week. 😀

    last night’s episode was amazing!!! I loved it. I love Taylor Kitsch. I love Tim Riggins and Coach and Julie and Tami. I get so excited talking about FNL now! i just finished my first season DVD (best xmas present this year) and i’m just in love with this show. I think i love it almost as much as Supernatural. Definitely has become one of my favorite shows. Now I’m ranting. I’ll stop now. 😉

  • TCever