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Recently, frequent contributer Couch Tater had this to say with regards to the upcoming season of ONE TREE HILL.

CouchTater: So ONE TREE HILL will be back in a few weeks, and I find myself asking the age-old question: Am I so hard-up for new programs that I’ll give this monstrosity another try? I think we all know the answer. (Is there anybody out there actually excited about its return?) Could fast-forwarding the plot four years so that the 30something actors are now playing 20somethings instead of high school kids really work?

Not only is this TV Addict so hard-up for new programming that I watched a LIFETIME movie this weekend (more on that later in the week). I’m incredibly intrigued by writer/creator Mark Schwahn’s brilliant decision to fast forward the show’s plot four years into the future. If BEVERLY HILLS 90210, DAWSON’S CREEK and SAVED BY THE BELL taught us anything, it’s that the college years never work.

Now for the fun part. In honor of ONE TREE HILL’s return to TV, the TV Addict has concocted a fun little challenge.

On the cover of the ONE TREE HILL DVD screener the TV Addict was recently sent, there’s a warning that clearly states:

Please DO NO REVEAL the following information in your review.

Do not reveal _ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ /_ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Do not reveal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ girlfriend.
Do not reveal _ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _.
Do not reveal _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ reunion.
Do not reveal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Think you’re the ultimate ONE TREE HILL fan? Simply fill in the blanks and check back on Wednesday for the answers. Or better still, tune into the 2 hour season premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday) on the CW at 8PM.

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  • Katie

    OMG all time favorite show. tell me that lucas and nathan arent the best looking people on TV…it’s pretty much amazing.
    this show is a freakin awesome show.
    take it off the air
    and ill kill u

  • Ummm Katie… That’s Great. But you didn’t really play the game.

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  • ct

    It’s like we’re playing good cop/bad cop. And I’m always the bad cop… but hey, can I help it if I have, you know, taste? (then again, I DID admit to loving Crowned… so, um… never mind.)

  • CT… you know you rock, but do we really need to go down the list of shows you watch! Need I remind you of your MyNetworkTV Telenovela phase?

  • CT, you like Crowned but not OTH? Wahh, now I’m doubly hurt 🙁

  • David

    You guys are very funny! i am a loyal tv addict blogger and I must say, as stated in a previous post, I am greatly looking forward to this new season. I actually see it as a brand new pilot, because some of the main cast is changing and it really is NEW…anyways on to the game…

    Do not reveal Rachel is a Crackwhore.
    Do not reveal Rachel is noones girlfriend.
    Do not reveal Peyton is very nude.
    Do not reveal Peyton and Lucas’ reunion. (Lucas should die alone!)
    Do not reveal Muhahaha *Cough*

    I don’t know….they are all wrong but better this way!

  • David,

    Congrats on the post of the day! Yes, I just made that up. But seriously funny stuff!

    And just so you know, I just finished watching the first hour of tomorrow’s two hour premiere and I have to say, it was FANTASTIC! OTH completely re-invented itself. Check back tomorrow for more thoguhts.

  • David, that is hilarious!

  • that’s funny david and i don’t even watch OTH.

  • David

    Thank You!

    And, I’ll take “post of the day” even if you did make it up just then….makes it more….je ne sais quoi!

    I am thrilled to have something to watch on tv again….it has been SO VERY LONG since good tv (SCRUBS) has been on………

    and soon we will get Half of a shortened season of lost, 8-9 hours of 24 (dying series), something other than an ending (WHY?!? it will probably not be picked up “again” …end it so we get an ending…) Jericho, A heaping load of America’s next top iron idolist chefing modeling talented bainiest monkey from the future, that only says “Ficus”, and the (dare I say) never concluded series (closest to my heart) SCRUBS!

    and then we also have a mix of exellent programs that I can only hope get noticed since…..well every one is a bumbleing fool if they don’t watch when they air:
    Futurama (returing from the dead….and comics……)
    Paradise Hotel (the only REALITY show I EVER liked or enjoyed throughly…okay maybe a season or two of american Idol…but common how many “idols” can we have)
    and Psych…..(USA….DAMN YOU FOR CANCELLING THE 4400 AND THE DEAD ZONE …basterds!)

    Sorry…..rant 😉

  • ct

    David… you liked Paradise Hotel?
    Welcome to the Dark Side! I’ve been saving you a seat…

  • David

    i’ll take that seat….and call ORDER 66 on the wrter’s strike!

  • shanna

    I’m going to forward this to my friend and then we’ll figur it out togther. OTH and GG are the shows both of us watch so we’ve been anticpating this.