I’m just going to say it. This TV Addict enjoyed CASHMERE MAFIA.

Admittedly, my judgement may be suffering from the likes of “Rerun-itis” or the lesser known “WGA Strike Syndrome,” but creator Darren Star’s not-so-subtle attempt to recapture that SEX IN THE CITY magic worked for me. The all-star cast was incredibly likable and the story-lines were interesting and well-paiced. In fact, this TV Addict’s only issue with the episode occurred during the show’s finale moments when frienemy Priscilla Gray confronted the girls and stated, “The Cashmere Mafia, that’s what they call you, you know.” Oh good, because up until that clarification, audiences didn’t make the connection between our 4 heroines and show’s title. Memo to ABC, we’re not stupid.

Further evidence the TV Addict’s judgement may be suffering: I enjoyed DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Susan for once wasn’t annoying (to Teri Hatcher’s credit, she’s far more likable sans the deadweight that’s become known as Mike Delfino). Bree was hilarious as she tried to pimp out Andrew for a new roof (Oh the things one will do for a a 60″ HD TV. Believe me, I’ve been there!) And Lynette and Gaby’s story-lines were genuinely touching (Anyone else think that Gaby is secretly hiding Carlos’ 10 million dollars?) My only complaint — would it have killed creator Marc Cherry to give us a tiny clue — a word even — as to what Adam and Dylan read that made their eyes almost pop out of their sockets? Who knows how long it will be until we get the next new episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?

Agree/Disagree, You be the critic.

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  • szucsitg

    i’ve just watched cashmere mafia. it was quite good, but just right now i can’t stand out mia. she’s just a sneaky b*tch for me 🙂 btw, i give the show a few more chance, maybe i’ll love it.

  • I loved Cashmere Mafia. Thought it was smart and sophisticated. Season pass please! LOL!

    I would definitely rather watch it over Lipstick Jungle, which after seeing the first episode, is just OK.

  • Stef

    I tivoed Cashmere Mafia, but I’m afraid to watch it! It hasn’t been getting the best reviews, so I hate to get into a show that might inevitably be canceled… am I wrong? Should I give it a shot?

  • szucsitg

    stef: definetely.

  • Josh Emerson

    I didn’t plan on it, but I ended up sticking around and watching Cashmere Mafia last night…..let’s just say I won’t be tuning in again. Ick.

    On the other hand, Desperate Housewives was entertaining last night. Bree pimping out Andrew for carpentry work was just awesome. It got even better when Susan showed up lol. And no, I don’t think Gabi is secretly holding the $10 million. After all the drama with her and Carlos, it would seem that this time she’s actually genuine.

  • Cashmere Mafia made me nauseas from beginning to end.

  • Stef

    szucsitg —I watched, I’m hooked!

  • szucsitg

    stef: i’m actually happy that you liked it, so it worth to watch it. greets from hungary, europe;)

  • Cashmere Mafia was cheesey. Tom Everett Scott looked “trapped”, Lucy Lui was “bored” and it was just a ‘Sex” imitation. Cashmere Mafia rubbed me wrong. Didn’t like it. Enjoyed ‘Desperate”. Andrew and Bree are always funny. Like Ida’s t-shirt, “Where’s the Beef?’

  • CC

    Timothy, I agree that it seems like just a “Sex” imitation. But I have seen worse, and since theres lacking of new tv, I’ll watch it. Why not?

  • Jamie P

    I really liked Cashmere Mafia! Will def. tune in again.
    My darn DVR screwed up and didnt record Housewives….guess I will have to watch it online.

  • Wow, apparently I was a bit harsh (though thank god a few people like Aleks and Josh, whew)… cause while it wasn’t BAD, I found myself a bit bored (but not as bored as Lipstick Jungle so at least they have that benefit)…

    I guess I should give it a second try huh? especially since there’s nothing else really on?