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At the risk of further destroying this TV Addict’s credibility, I’m just going to say it. Tonight’s 2 hour fifth season premiere of ONE TREE HILL is must see TV. No seriously. Before you close your browser in disgust. Or worse, click on over to read my nemesis Michael Ausiello — hear me out. Because OTH writer/creator Mark Schwan deserves some serious credit.

Rather than force fans to endure the show-killer that would inevitably have been OTH: The College Years, Schwan cleverly decided to skip college altogether. Tonight’s premiere picks up 4 years later, where we find Lucas back in Tree Hill coaching Basketball, Brooke living the high life as a New York fashion designer and Peyton attempting to turn her music producing dreams into a reality. Of course, this being ONE TRE HILL, not everything is as it seems and having your dreams come true may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Still not convinced? Here are two more reasons to tune into tonight’s premiere.

1) Kevin Federline [pictured above] pops up for a 3 episode guest arc as a musician. And let’s face it, the ex-Britney Spears most definitely could use a career boost in order to support his train-wreck of a family.

2) Fans of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will find one plot line in particular very familiar.

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  • Josh Emerson

    You admit to enjoying Cashmere Mafia and then worry about liking OTH ruining your credibility? haha

    I’ve been getting more and more excited for tonight’s show. I was already looking forward to the skipping ahead, but even moreso now that the strike is going on. OTH will end up being one of my top shows just by default.

  • Josh,

    It’s not a banner week at….. I still haven’t told you about my weekend dip into a LIFETIME movie!

  • Monkey

    TVA-Dont worry, I have found myself at Lifetime the past couple of weekends. I’m glad I’m not alone!

  • David Dean

    ROFLMAO! you guys are so funny!
    TVA try watching Las Vegas on NBC…it’s well worth it, or ……watch a ……m-o-v-i-e….DA DA DAA! (*SHOCKING HORRIFYING MUSIC, WITH A RECORD SCRATCH!)

    lol, I mean it in all fun, Sunshine and 3:10 to yuma just came out tonight on dvd!!! and you could always watch ALL THE CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS WINNERS! lol! oh that was funny for me….W00T!

    nvm….lifetime sounds good now….hehe!

  • WOW…I’m going to have to take your temperature tomorrow to make sure you are feeling ok. You really thought that was good?

  • Look, it’s not Shakespeare… or BROTHERS & SISTERS for that matter… but I have to say. I’m pretty sure OTH is my new guilty pleasure.

  • I am looking forward to the four year fast forward on ONE TREE HILL, to see how well they pull it off. But, mostly it just makes me sad that it isn’t a VERONICA MARS fast forward we will be watching.

  • OH MY GOD that kid playing Jamie is adorable!!!!! Colleen and I just watched it, and rather than talk about how hot CMM is playing his own age, or at least closer to his own age, we spent 2 hours talking about how amazingly adorable he is. I’m not ashamed – he’s officially my favorite character!!

  • Amrie,

    Totally agree. I’m calling it here first. He’s the next Dakota Fanning (except hopefully not so creepy!). That said. A quick question. Why does he look like Lucas’ kid, more than Nathan’s. Could they not find a kid with darker hair?

  • David Dean

    I agree as well, that kid is rather funny…I must say it seemed like the old one tree hill, with time being the only change. I kinda want to know what happened to Deb and why did they take the parents totally out of the show…..anyways, I guess it’s okay, oh and where is the blonde girl that was always with skillz or….i donno…..RACHEL? but other than that…I guess it was a rather good episode. Although I don’t know how much I like the whole Brook having a “multi-million dallar” company and “moving” it to Tree Hill…or how Tree Hill, NC has an AIRPORT….but wtv…that’s all I suppose, not perfict, I would give in an 8.5/10.

  • David. Great comment.

    Loved how Brooke would give up New York for Tree Hill. Also loved how Tree Hill has their own airport!

    Here’s a few more questions for OTH fans.

    1) Is Whitey Dead? For that matter, are Karen, Deb or Dan ever showing up?

    2) Where’s Rachel?

    3) Did anyone else catch the massive continuity hiccup when Skills was taking a photo of Brooke in bed? One second he’s using one camera, next second he’s using another!

  • Paul Johannson (Dan) is still in the main credits. So…I’m guessing Dan is coming back?

  • David Dean

    …about that…where is the main credits…i don’t want a little sign that says one tree hill, like 24 with the digital clock…I want either the origional song with a new opening…ex. see Smallville season 4—>5
    I want a new song (do I though?!?) with opening credits.

    I mean, it’s nowhere near as bad as Saved by the bell: college year(S) (my little joke…because it was only one season long…hehe i maid a funny!) but that theme song SUCKED!

    so…bring back gavin de graw, have him sign onto Peyton’s new label (I will laugh if they call her label “unempolyed” or “friends with benifits”) and sing “i don’t want to be” Beacuse frankly I always associate shows with their theme song….and one tree hill acctually had a good one…don’t F^$%with it! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? HOORAH…?? …. W00T?!???

  • Jamie P

    LOVED OTH Last night!! I agree with everyone..where the heck were Whitey, Dan, Deb amd Rachel? Or at least updates like the did with Karen. I heard she probably wasnt coming back to the show. Dont know how accurate that is though. Guess her and Lilly may just travel around the world forever haha. I want to see Lilly too. Jamie was an adorable kid! My thinking is that they were trying to get the new storylines established with the kids, and then they will say were all the adults are now.

  • Sheindie

    loved it but I musta missed how karen and lily have all that money to travel around the world..

  • shanna

    For all the people wondering where the parents are it’s only the first two eps. I’m 24 and let’s just say my mom doesn’t show up in my life on a daily basis the way she used to.

    Jamie is officially my new favorite character, followed closely by Skillz cause they had the best banter ever.

    The only thing that messed up the eps was the editing. Like one minute it’s day and Jamie is running around with Brooke or Skillz and then he’s being tucked into bed and two seconds later it’s day again and he’s with Lucas. I’m all for them fitting the kid in as much as possible but the editing was horrible.

  • Little Jamie ans Skillz were my favorite parts of the first two eps as well.

    The rest was just incredibly depressing.

    As for Rachel, I could care less if she returned or not. She always got on my last nerve.

  • Chris

    As you may have guessed, when Kevin Federline’s character say’s “these are my songs, Peyton” in the fourth episode (and in episode promo) that’s not true to real life.

    They are rather the songs of existing artists used for the program. One of these songs is ‘Mahabharata’ by the New York group Radio America. This is the song that’s featured a number of times in the upcoming fourth episode (as well as in the promo)

    ‘Mahabharata’ is on Radio America’s debut album ‘Raise High’ (Motherwest records, 2006) which can be found on itunes, snocap, rhapsody, and most other music outlets.

    You can check out the full version of ‘Mahabharata’ as well as other songs by Radio America off of ‘Raise High’ and some from the upcoming albums and ep’s by going to the myspace page.