Why We Write

Hey all, Amrie here. Do me a favor today in your web travels today, gang. I know we’re all wondering what we can do to show our support for the fabulous writers we all love so much. Please take some time to read through the truly inspiring essays by some of our favorites in the WHY WE WRITE series. Filled with fabulous essays from SCRUBS’ creator Bill Lawrence, 24 genius Howard Gordon, LOSTerminds Damon Lindelof, and a wide variety of other funny, inspiring, passionate people, this will help tide you over until the horrible S-word wraps up.

The idea was put into motion by executive producers of SCI FI’s fabulous series EUREKA, Thania St. John and Charlie Craig. When they finally had some time to sit and ask each other why they write, after all these years in the business, it inspired them to ask others, and thus a great website was created.

The site is whywewriteseries.wordpress.com. I promise you’ll enjoy what you read. And maybe you’ll even be inspired to submit your own essay about why you write, why you watch, or why you were inspired.

Make sure to leave us comments, let us know what you think. And spread the word – pass on the link to friends. Show these writers that we’re still paying attention and our support is not going away.

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