CW Schedule Shuffle Haunts This SUPERNATURAL Fan

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From the moment the CW announced the news that SUPERNATURAL was being sent to hell — and by hell we naturally mean taken off the schedule — this TV Addict’s inbox has been flooded with emails. There have been angry emails, disappointed fans and more than a few sentiments that are not surprisingly — considering how passionate the fan base is — suitable for public consumption. Yet regardless of tone, the most common question being posed is “what does this mean for my favorite show?”

While it’s not uncommon for established shows like ER or NYPD BLUE to give up their time-slot in order to try out the ‘next big thing,’ CW scheduling guru Kelly Kahl’s recent comment to Variety is a little too enthusiastic for this TV Addict’s taste.

Said Kahl, “We’re giving REAPER a few Thursday airings, which means for the first time a real compatible lead-in for the show, from SMALLVILLE.”

Needless to say, the casual use of the words “first time” and “real compatible” should send more chills down a SUPERNATURAL fan’s spine than a confrontation with the yellow-eyed-demon himself. Odds are good that ‘a few Thursday airings’ will turn into a permanent spot on Thursday night should REAPER show even the slightest levels of growth in the holy grail of 18-49 demographic. Leaving SUPERNATURAL exiled to a fate far worse than hell — Sunday night. Where all CW shows go to die (see: LIFE IS WILD).

And you thought Dean’s deal with the devil was the worst thing that could have happened to the Winchester brothers this year. Stay Tuned…

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  • Jay

    The CW Is so freakin’ stupid. If the show gets cancelled because of this, I’ll be so pissed.

  • Jake

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Reaper’s ratings weren’t exactly stellar. Plus it’s making the move once Supernatural has run out of original episodes. Why not give the new show a chance?

    If Supernatural does have a good fanbase, then fans will follow it to Sundays. Perhaps this show can actually breathe some “life” into CW Sundays.

  • NikkiHolly

    Reaper can’t survive in this slot. Up against Grey’s (now Lost) and CSI? it sucks. Supernatural is barely making it. The only thing i can hope for is sucky ratings for Reaper, followed by reaper’s cancellation, and Missy Peregrym back on Heroes. 🙂

    Honestly, what is it that the CW isn’t getting here? Supernatural tends to get good reviews and has a cult following. Why would you want to take it off?

  • hmm… but I think Supernatural is already back on The CW schedule. Remaining episodes are coming back, in that same timeslot… yes, they’ll be facing Lost !

    Another stupid decision if you ask me…

  • Mel

    So whoopee, Reaper might show a little bump up due to the Smallville lead-in, but it won’t be a real test of how the show will do in the timeslot from hell. Lost isn’t as much of a rating’s winner as Grey’s and CSI will be in repeats, I believe. So, what will that prove?
    You know, the CW’s programming decisions are so bad, you almost believe they are TRYING to lose money

  • hanncoll

    “Needless to say, the casual use of the words “first time” and “real compatible” should send more chills down a SUPERNATURAL fan’s spine than a confrontation with the yellow-eyed-demon himself.”

    Well, the ‘first-time, real compatible’ lead-in doesn’t refer to Supernatural, but to Reaper’s sucky ratings. If the CW thinks a show with Reaper’s ratings can last against Grey’s, CSI and The Office, they’re dumber than I thought.

  • ewanspotter

    At this point I’m not terribly worried. Supernatural has proven to be a great show that can hold its own in the hardest time slot on television (while getting decent CW ratings).

    If it DOES move, I can’t see that being the show’s death knell (after all, it already made a move once from Tuesday to Thursdays). Plus, we don’t even know how much longer Smallville will continue to claw its away out of the grave. It’s Rosenbaum’s last season, so who knows. The CW might be looking to pair Reaper and Supernatural in a year or two, as it certainly makes the most sense.

  • Shadow

    The CW may not realize it right now, but they are slitting their own throats. That show Reaper is one of the dumbest shows on network television right now. Some reality TV might even be better then it is! If the CW doesn’t bring back Supernatural then that network is going to loose thousands of viewers.

    I know I for one feel the CW has done nothing to support Supernatural from the very birth of the nework. Other shows on this network have been promoted 100 times more then Supernatural. The success of this show has been solely due to the fans following Kripke and crews request to spread the word. Imagine how well this show could do with some real advertising!

    Instead of taking this show off the air the CW should be promoting the heck out of it! It is THE BEST television show on any network on television!

    Should the CW can Supernatural. I sincerly doubt I will ever watch another show on that network… ever.

  • What are you all so freaking worried about? It’s not like they’re delaying NEW episodes to show Reaper there a few times. Are you zealots really that desperate that you need to have the show air every week even if it’s just repeats?

    They’re trying something out, it’s not an impending portent of doom.

    Breathe, people. Breathe.

  • Josh Emerson

    Thank you Tim G. Exactly my thoughts.

    There are times that a show’s fans go so overboard into cult-world that it makes you not even want to bother watching. I totally understand being a huge fan, but c’mon! It’s bad enough that I think you guys are hurting your own cause. And there’s no need to trash Reaper because of this.

  • Jael

    I’m not too worried, I’ve watched 6 episodes of Reaper and it’s utter rubbish, there’s no way it will ever get the kind of following that Supernatural has.

  • Shadow

    You can consider it trashing reaper if you like Josh, but I really think that show is an idiotic supernatural knockoff. It’s an insult to Supernatural and it’s fan base to slide that show into its spot now and it was an insult to do so when Reaper first came out.

    The Reaper, with it’s main character who has the same name as one of the Characters from Supernatural was so obviously designed to spoof Supernatual. So to remove Supernatural and replace it with something like that is a slap in the face to the show, its staff and it’s fans.

    The least the CW could have done in this situation was to move Supernatural repeats to another time slot and allow it the same opportunity it is giving Reaper. Moving Supernatural into any other timeslot would have allowed people who have never seen the show because of its deadly timeslot to watch it.

    Its also a well known FACT that Dawn O. does not like Supernatural and I for one would not put it past her to use this as a smoke screen to pull the show permenantly.

  • Elsie Kay

    I hate to say it as a huge Supernatural fan, but it is very possible that Reaper will do well in this new time slot. Most of this season Supernatural has competed against all new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI (the #1 and #2 shows on television) and the Office, another huge hit. Reaper will be competing against reruns of CSI, Lost (popular, but not so popular as Grey’s…) and Donald Trump. It seems that the CW could run a test pattern in that spot and as long as they advertise the heck out of it (which they do with Reaper, but not Supernatural), they are destined to get decent ratings. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy on their part, and entirely unfair to Supernatural.

    I don’t understand why they are yanking Supernatural altogether? They have nearly 50 episodes available and could win new viewers by re-airing shows from the first and second seasons that may be brand new to some people. That seems like a great marketing device rather than just yanking one show to air another one twice a week.

    It really is very discouraging.

  • Shadow, do you read the words as you type them? Do you even know how insane your little conspiracy theories sound?

  • You know, as much as I hate the CW decision and I do agree that it seems they don’t like Supernatural and wouldn’t mind seeing it fail, attacking Reaper doesn’t help much. It’s The CW, not any other show.

    “The Reaper, with it’s main character who has the same name as one of the Characters from Supernatural was so obviously designed to spoof Supernatual. ”

    I really don’t think this is true at all. Reaper has nothing to do with Supernatural, and I doubt it was ever intended to spoof it. The name thing means, nothing, Chuck is a name used in Pusing Daisies, Gossip Girl, and, well, Chuck, and that doesn’t mean anything (but a lack of inspiration maybe)

    Reaper deals with “monsters”, so does Supernatural. That doesn’t mean they’re the same kind of shows, or that one is spoofing the other. Unless you think Supernatural is spoofing Buffy, or The X-Files maybe ?

  • Oh and I meant to add: I think Reaper is actually a good/funny show.

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  • Anna

    Figures the CW is still clinging to the shreds that is Smallville. They seriously need to get over that show, it should have died years ago.

    Supernatural is a genuinely good show. I’d really like to know why they have such a huge bias against it.

  • Stef

    The CW does weird programming stuff, we should all be used to it by now.

    That being said, am I one of the only ones that loves Reaper??? I really don’t think it’s supposed to be a spoof of anything…just it’s own stand alone show. There isn’t really anything like it on TV and I don’t get why so many people think it’s dumb. It’s good, mindless entertainment folks.

  • Matt

    I like Reaper, I love Supernatural, and watch them both. There are only so many hours in prime time, and certain shows, like Reaper, need to be shown to see whether they merit a second season. Quality-wise, I’d say yes. But the ratings haven’t been there. It’s a shame that good shows like Life is Wild could not find an audience. I would’ve given it a Monday tryout….although, to be very honest, while it’s a good series, I thought there were better options that the CW passed on. I’m still waiting for Mario Lopez in 8 Days A Week, but fear it hasn’t even been worked on.

    The CW cannot allow its network to become synonomous with reality programs. Yes, there are a lot of them out there, but I see most in steep decline. Great scripted dramas made The WB an institution, and that’s the goal The CW needs to strive for.

  • My husband and I have greatly enjoyed Reaper’s humor, and I actually think Reaper at 8 and Supernatural at 9 on any night would be a great pairing. I’d like to see Supernatural be moved AWAY from a Monday or Thursday slot, as both are extremely competitive (at least, the majority of the shows I watch are aired those two nights!).

    As far as I’m concerned, it is not FACT, but RUMOR that Dawn O. hates Supernatural. I’ve only heard it recently from fans. I think its lack of promotion this year means it’s a self-supporting show–it doesn’t need as much costly promotion as other shows do. Last year they had great, unique episode promos, and before the season started, there were SPN billboards all over the country and ads in all the magazines. Let’s not rewrite history, okay? 🙂

    I’m concerned, but logic tempers the fear. It’s far more costly to put a new show into production than to continue an old show, so I’m certain it will be back after the strike is over.

    FYI, Kripke wants to end after season 5, according to his interview in Supernatural magazine. He sounded fairly confident the show would go that far (albeit he made the comments before the strike really hit).

  • Mark

    Ok, I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, but I honestly don’t think this will harm the show. The CW will bring it back once they’re done experimenting with the new schedule. All this freaking out is just uneccessary and quite annoying. The show will be fine, so quit worrying about it.

    I could see maybe the fans wanting them to play the reruns from the beginning to get new viewers, but to just want reruns to just BE there is a little zealous.

    What the fans should be mad about is the obvious lack of promotion, not the midseason hiatus. And newsflash, all shows go through hiatuses. It just happens that Supernatural is the only show on the CW to be doing so at this point.

    So CALM DOWN Supernatural fans. It will all be “Okey-Dokey.”

  • Heather

    Anna, when you said “Figures the CW is still clinging to the shreds that is Smallville. They seriously need to get over that show, it should have died years ago.” I just had to laugh a little. Yes, Smallville has strayed far from the wonderful start it first had but it’s still the highest rated show on the CW that doesn’t involve Tyra Banks teaching girls to be fierce or people hitting each other with folding chairs. So I don’t really see the network (and pardon my smash up of two phrases) looking a cash cow in the mouth.

  • Elucreh

    I just…I don’t get it. Reaper is WAY more light-hearted than Smallville, so I don’t think it even FITS. I’m enjoying Reaper (though, of course, not nearly as much as my SHOW) but I don’t think it belongs with Smallville.

    And Supernatural…WE NEED THE RATINGS, okay? WE NEED THE RATINGS. If they move us our bubble will pop. If they had left us where we were, and chosen the re-runs carefully, we could have attracted new fans, maybe. I don’t see how anybody can watch 75% of our episodes and not be in love. I really wish I could understand, even a little, the thinking behind this decision…that I could have even an inkling that the rationale might be something beyond my wild conspiracy theories about Eric stealing an exec parking place or something, because this network, as far as I can tell, repays our rabid loyalty with neglect and indifference.

  • LuvWinchesters

    Well, I understand why they want to try Reaper after Smallville. And really, I don’t have a problem with that. I just wish they’d put Supernatural somewhere else on the schedule. Do we really need an encore of PCD? Heck, we don’t need the FIRST RUN of PCD. As for no promotion…that argument that Supernatural is a self-supporting show…yeah…so then why promote the heck out of ANTM? It’s self-supporting. OTH? It’s been around longer than Supernatural yet gets more promotion. But I guess a show that’s in a suicide time slot doesn’t need promotion. Riiighht. My daughter is actually writing a paper for her marketing class in college using CW as an example of what NOT to do. I’m curious to see how Reaper’s ratings do. It’s not really a true test, since they’re not going to be up against Office, CSI, and GA. But you know they will be promoted. I will follow Supernatural to whatever night they schedule it. I just want it on the schedule. It deserves that much.

  • Clarice

    I just want the show to go back where it belongs, on Thursdays after Smallville, I don’t care if it’s a rerun, I want it on air. That’s it.;..

  • Nichole

    I am disappointed that Supernatural won’t be aired at all. I tried Reaper and found that it is the same thing every week, I got bored and have moved on. I will follow Supernatural to any time slot that it comes back to. I just wish they would see this as an opportunity to gain new viewers by using the best episodes of all 3 seasons to gain new viewers. All it took was one show for me to be hooked and there are alot of people who have never even heard of the show let alone seen an episode.

  • David Dean

    IF supernatural goes to sunday…it could be good for it!
    CHARMED COULD DO IT! Charmed was very good on sunday’s and i stand firm in that! When it was on thursday’s it was always the “i’ll tivo it or…. maybe i’ll watch that if (insert show) is in re-runs, for most people…(not me!) but Sunday for supernatural could prove fruitful! HEY…I’D WATCH IT ON SUNDAY….and I don’t currently…because…THURSDAY NIGHT HAS TOO MUCH BETTER TO WATCH…


    and Smallville is great so I do tune into that! VIVA SMALLVILLE! SMALLVILLE FOR SEASON 8!!! as long as alison mack is on the show…I WILL WATCH!

  • Fern

    I don’t mind that Reaper is being tried in the Thursday 9 pm time slot. I’m used to schedules being shuffled. I just want to see Supernatural airing as well, and getting promotion. I’ll watch re-runs on another night.

  • DUF

    The CW should be promoting the heck out of SN, showing reruns to garner new fans and move it to a new timeslot so that those who didnt know it existed, because of the current deathslot, could get hooked.
    After all, common sense says that Smallville must end next season one way or another. The CW needs an anchor show like SN that has easily 3-4 more seasons left in it. It just needs to give it a chance.
    I wont even bother to comment on the numbers and supposed “success” that the new shows have in comparison to SN’s consistency in the face of all its scheduling problems.

  • LindsayW

    Said Kahl, “We’re giving REAPER a few Thursday airings, which means for the first time a real compatible lead-in for the show, from SMALLVILLE.”

    This once again demonstrates that a) The CW has not made any effort to watch and “get” Supernatural and its fans and b) The CW does not know how to properly promote the programs that are already successful.

    I understand the need to try to develop new, original programming of their own that was not on the WB or UPN, but it seems ludicrous to me that they would not “bank” on the successes they already have (Smallville, Supernatural”) and promote the hell out of them.

    Taking “Supernatural” off the schedule, even for a short time, is the dumbest thing The CW has done in its short history and I believe it will really hurt them in the end.

  • vicki

    I believe the posters who do not understand why Supernatural fans are upset are unaware of the big picture.

    I understand the CW is rearranging its schedule because it is trying to raise the ratings on some shows that have not lived up to expectations, and that seems like a reasonable move. Our true argument isn’t with these efforts, it is because Supernatural has been dropped from the schedule starting in late February, with no word as to when it will return. Why does this move have us paranoid?

    In more than one interview, execs at the CW have expressed excitement over the fact that when all of the other stations are showing repeats, people will turn to the CW because ‘it’s not a rerun if you’ve never seen it before’. In one interview, Dawn O seemed rather happy with the idea that the writer’s strike is a wonderful opportunity for CW shows to gain viewers. And they have pulled Supernatural from the schedule during this time. They will, however, have time in their schedule for both a first run, and encore, showing of Pussycat Dolls.

    You think we are unjustified in our paranoia about the shows standing with execs? In the interviews I mentioned the execs touted all of the other CW shows, and never mentioned Supernatural. In a recent interview in Variety the scheduling chief was quite enthusiastic about the newly announced ‘strike schedule’ and how it will build viewers for the network. The ‘strike schedule’ that does not include Supernatural. You wonder why we’re paranoid? We are dealing with execs who seem to think that ‘Pussycat Dolls’ and ‘Farmer wants a Wife’ is programming that will entice viewers who would normally be watching Law and Order, or CSI, or Grey’s Anatomy.

    You think we’re exaggerating about the lack of promotion for Supernatural? You’re right about one thing. Supernatural fans can be a bit obsessive. And if they tell you there was exactly one promo for Supernatural aired over an entire week, you can believe it. Established shows like Supernatural don’t need promotion? Then why is it I can’t turn around without tripping over a One Tree Hill promo? Supernatural did have some wonderful and creative promos last year. How often were they aired? I rarely saw them.

    Did you know that Supernatural is one of the top, if not THE top most requested DVD by the American troops in the Middle East? Did you know that both Jared and Jensen received a letter of commendation from General Petraeus because of their hard work on a show that is so valued by our servicemen? Did you know they both received Green Beret coins for the same reason? Can you explain to me why I have never heard a word about that from the CW? The network should be shouting that from the rooftops.

    We have every reason to be paranoid, but we area also hopeful that we’re wrong, and that the CW knows it has quality show with Supernatural. A little reassurance from the network that it actually values our show would go a long way toward calming the uproar.

  • Tarn

    Natalie posted: “As far as I’m concerned, it is not FACT, but RUMOR that Dawn O. hates Supernatural. I’ve only heard it recently from fans.”

    Fans have been saying that, Natalie, yes. But it’s more than rumour. A group of fans (myself included) heard it directly from Jensen Ackles at the Asylum convention last May.
    He didn’t say she ‘hates’ the show, but he made it clear Ostroff was at best indifferent to SPN, and was a big fan of ANTM instead (complete with a rather amusing ‘imitation’ of Ostroff…)

    Vicki posted: “Did you know that both Jared and Jensen received a letter of commendation from General Petraeus because of their hard work on a show that is so valued by our servicemen? Did you know they both received Green Beret coins for the same reason? ”

    Really? Damn. Yes, why HAVEN’T we heard about this from the CW? That is great publicity, dropped right into their laps.
    Oh, and I imagine the boys were chuffed, too!

  • ashley

    Supernatural is the show that I look forward to watching every week. As soon as both seasons came out on DVD I bought them. If this show is canceled I honestly do not think I would watch anything on the CW. They do have some good shows but they are mindless and all the same. Supernatural is something that sticks out in the world of annoying teenage love triangles. Why take away the most original show that has come out since Buffy.

  • Mal C.

    Tim G- the reason people are freaking is because of the way the CW has treated this show since day one. They actually tried to cancel it at one point, and the WB stepped in and said no, it makes good money. That should never have happened to a show that is their second highest rated non-reality show. They put the show in one of the deadliest timeslots and absolutely refuse to give it an ounce of promotion.

    Worse, they insisted that SN change many of its most endearing features, the moody lighting, the classic rock, and replace them with some jiggly young women, supposedly as an attempt to increase ratings, but in reality, if they really wanted better ratings, wouldnt a few freaking promotions have been a good idea? I can’t open a single entertainment magazine at work without seeing Gossip Girl plastered on the pages, along with Lost, Heroes and House, etc. I have NEVER seen anything of that measure for Supernatural.

    If the CW had EVER shown an ounce of support for this show, people would not be freaking out. YOU breath, I’ll be busy petitioning, emailing, and boycotting the WORST NETWORK ON THE PLANET.

  • Cindy L.

    Well, its really the history of TV towards non-traditional shows like SN that gets me worked up. I’ve lived through countless great shows like Firefly getting canceled, and I’m not going to close my eyes to the fact that SN lives on that same bubble. I’m not willing to wait till I hear in August that they’ve quietly killed the show to start kicking up a fuss. I’m starting my fuss NOW. I urge anyone else who is furious with the CW’s treatment of this show to check out boards like the CW Mesage board for SN, where fans are discussing an organized protest, like the one done for Jericho.

  • Erin

    This is a load of miserable crud. As an SPN fan, I’m entirely dismayed. I finally get cable again to watch a rerun marathon of Firefly and fall in love, and have to sit there practically crying knowing that such a great show was canceled long before I ever got to see it. Now I finally get to watch Supernatural as well and it is the last episode to air until April, and have to fret over whether they’ll foolishly can that as well.

    All I can say about the CW is WTF?!!! Why do they have to do these things? Do they not pay any attention to the fan bases or are they just so smug they’ll shoot themselves right in the foot? I don’t even know. If they can Supernatural, CW could be obliterated from the airwaves for all I care, because that show was really the only reason why I would bother turning on the TV, much less to that channel.

    [Insert rant about an overabundance of brainless shows and garbage ‘reality’ TV.]

    Also, I watched one of those promos for Reaper and it is just the most hideous thing I’ve seen in a while. Funny, possibly, but from what I saw, not a frekking bit. And those who think that it is – *gag* – original just a teensy tiny bit (because there is really no such thing anymore) then I have to ask you, have you never even heard of the show Dead Like Me? It had the same premise, scratching out the whole devil aspect, and they did it better. Look it up.

    So when the show moves to Sunday, and when it airs again in April, I will watch it. I just hope that whoever may still be writing for the show doesn’t decide to throw in the towel and prematurely wrap up Supernatural altogether. So long as Sam and Dean still survive in the hearts of the fans, and the fangirls still lust, the show will not die, even if the plug was pulled. But I would rather have it on TV. And if you think I’m being a bit hysterical, forgive me, but I’m confident I’m not the only fan feeling like we’ve been given the short stick.