Got A Question for LOST Star Elizabeth Mitchell?

elizabeth mitchell lost

This afternoon,’s very own Amrie [of My Take on TV Fame] has the distinct pleasure of interviewing elusive LOST star Elizabeth Mitchell. So if you’ve got a question for one of television’s most fascinating and talented actresses, please post away in the comments below.

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  • Tim

    How is it from being a lesbian character in ER to being a Geneticist in LOST, and how has the strike helped your free time from LOST.

  • szucsitg

    where have you been on casting? or there is any casting for lost?

  • jenny

    You should send this to darkufo

    they have thosuands of visitors a day and you will probably get lots of quesitons

  • Why do you think fans embraced your character so openly while other new characters (ex: Nikki & Paulo) haven’t fared nearly as well?

    What’s your opinion of Juliet’s relationship with Jack? Who should he end up with, Kate or Juliet?

    Your two flashback episodes were were some of the best in Season 3. The character has always kept the fans of the show guessing. Where do you think Juliet stands in regards to her alliance to Ben and/or Jack?

  • Oh, and tell her she was ROBBED of a Supporting Actress nomination at the Emmys this year.


  • Hil

    Do you get a lot of direction when it comes to the motivation of your character or do you play her as honestly as you can and have to wait with the rest of us to see what she is really up to?

  • Do you miss ER, and if not, why not?

  • Chris

    Could you ask her how she got so awesome?

    Also, try to get any hints you can from her about what’s coming up for Juliet in season four!

  • JImbo

    Is she disappointed she did not get an Emmy nomination?

    Which actresses does she look up to?

    How will Lost end? (see if you can slip that in there, lol)

  • Daniel Alvarez

    What does it mean to you the fact that you are in one of the best shows (if not the best) in television?

    Will we get to see your character this season in a flashforward?

    What things you and Juliet have in common?

  • David Dean

    I agree, Elizabeth Mitchell was ROBBED from an emmy nom! I through her characture was increadible (and I do not rave about actors often…)! My question is (i know daniel said it first none the less):

    Elizabeth, will we get to see your characture in a flashforward this season? and If not will we atleast be fortunate enough to have any flashbacks?

    Thank you Amrie!!! … PICK ME!!!!! (i’m the only one who asked…..) PLEASE!

  • Jen

    I will echo everyone else — ROBBED, I tell you! Absolutely ROBBED of an Emmy AND Golden Globe nom!

    But back to questions. First off, given Lost’s imminent completion in 2010, what are her plans for the future? And given the condensed shooting schedule during the year, any projects planned during hiatus? I love the fact that her most recent roles have had her play a pedaphile (Running Scared), Mrs. Claus (Santa Clause 3), and a brilliantly manipulative fertility doc (Lost). What colors her role choices?

    One popular theory around Lost is the idea of a “utopian”, morally-upstanding society. What is her idea of a utopian society? (And, on a somewhat related — and timely — note, who does she find herself most drawn to of the current political candidates?)

    Her character, Juliet, has had few significant interactions with the survivors outside of Jack. Which relationships would she like to see Juliet further explore?

  • Jillian

    I’d like to second the question that Hil posted earlier.

    Juliet has definitely taken over my ‘favorite woman on LOST’ spot. She’s so delightfully intriguing. And I never thought I’d second guess Jack/Kate until Juliet appeared. Hmm.

  • Does her character have a flash forward this year? And secrets for the great limited edition number of eps coming our way? Get her to dish. Also, ask her if she played Mrs. Claus for the $? lol Or as a favor to ABC and Disney?

  • Thanks for all of your help gang – the interview went great and I used a lot of your questions!! I can’t wait for you all to read it!!!

  • Nate

    So when is the interview going up on the site?

  • I believe we’ll get it on the site by Tuesday of next week! I’ll keep you posted if plans change!!