summer glau terminatorSummer Glau Signs Autographs for Fans

To whet your appetite until the TV Addict can post his own far more exciting pics and videos from last night’s TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES launch party (translation: photos that include him!), please enjoy some “official” photos courtesy of FOX.

summer glau, lena headey thomas dekker terminatorSummer Glau, Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker

summer glau, lena headey terminatorSummer Glau and Lena Headey

Owain Yeoman lucy davisOwain Yeoman and Lucy Davis (BBC’s THE OFFICE)

thomas dekker megan foxThomas Dekker and Megan Fox (TRANSFORMERS)

summer glau terminatorSummer Glau

©2007 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Frank Micelotta/FOX

  • jenny

    Here are more and biiger screencaps

    without all the horrible tv addict watermarks spoiling them

    Why do you put the watermarks on? It’s not like you own them or they have not allready been posted several hours ago?

  • Tim G.

    The watermarking doesn’t necessarily mean he owns the image, it does however help him generate some new visitors should someone post these pictures elsewhere.

  • jenny

    Actually if you look at the fox site is says it is against their Terms of Service to alter in any way their images.

  • Aileen

    (1) Summer Glau looks totally unlike herself in the first photo. I had no idea who it was until I read the caption, and even then I had to look at it several times to make sure.

    (2) Lena Headey’s coat and dress are really cute!

    (3) Ah! Thomas Dekker! What have you done with your hair? You are so very cute, why are you attempting to look like an unemployed sleazebag?

  • Todd W in NC

    Aileen, I was thinking the exact same thing about that first photo. I was going to mention the same thing, but you beat me to it.

    I messed up and missed the free online preview last weekend. But, the more I see of the TV spots, the more I look forward to this show.

  • shanna

    Summer Glau’s skin is luminous. Seriously what is that girl using?

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