The TV Addict Reports from the TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES Launch Party

terminator sarah connor chronicles launch party

After two years of blogging about television, this TV Addict has finally discovered the secret to obtaining Ausiello/Kristen levels of scoop. That secret my friends… Alcohol. And thanks to a seemingly endless supply of surprisingly great tasting green vile’s [see photo above], lips were incredibly loose at last night’s phenomenal party in celebration of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Premiering Sunday night on FOX at 8PM)

How loose you ask? Here are a few things the TV Addict picked up while ‘working the room’ (How’s that for assimilating the Hollywood Lingo!).

brian austin green terminator

Celebrity Encounter #1: Brian Austin Green, Whom I might add looked very, very, (how many ‘very’s’ do I need to nail this innuendo?) happy to be dating girlfriend and TRANSFORMERS star Megan Fox.

Managing to contain my not-so-secret obsession with BEVERLY HILLS 90210, this TV Addict was thrilled to snag a quick photo with the notorious B.A.G. Brian was kind enough to let me know that he’ll make his first appearance on the THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES in episode 4. And while I’ve been sworn to secrecy as to who (or what!) he’s playing, I will say this — Donna Martin Graduate! Umm.. I mean, fans will be shocked. Adds executive producer Josh Friedman, “It’s awesome!”

The next bit of intel this TV Addict picked up is going to have to be posted in the form of the dreaded “blind item.” Because unfortunately, it’s such big news that I can’t actually spill the details. So here it goes: While one might assume that TV Pilot season has completely halted courtesy of the WGA Strike, one incredibly talented show-runner is taking a page from one of his most popular shows and covertly shooting a pilot in an undisclosed location near and dear to the TV Addict’s heart.

Feedback on the TV Addict’s first official “Blind item” can be posted in the comments below.

And that my friends marks the end of Part I of the TV Addict’s Hollywood Adventure. Needless to say, I’ll be milking this for weeks. So be sure to check back for more great pics, scoop and video of Thomas Dekker burning up the dance floor.

  • you met the notorious b.a.g.
    i’m so jealous of you!!!!!!

  • OMG The Notorious B.A.G. looks gayer than ever! Nice eye makeup David Silver!

  • Ducky, how was my eye makeup? 🙂

  • You look mah-velous as always, darling. B.A.G. however looks like he might have had a little work done. He do a guest spot or two on Nip/Tuck?

  • JImbo

    Who cares about B.A.G., more importantly, was Megan Fox there?

    She is a poor man’s Angelina Jolie but I love her

  • Jimbo, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Having only seen her as the adorable starlet from TRANSFORMERS (well, the parts I managed to stay awake for) I was shocked at how bad-ass Fox was in real life. Very dark, brooding, very Angelina pre-Brad.

    Cute blonde Megan was way cooler

  • JImbo

    One more thing….did you ask BAG anything about “Freddie”?

    just kidding….

  • shanna

    I’m SOO happy BAG is working again. A friend and I were lamenting the other day how sad it is that his comedic (and acting) talents were going to waste.

  • Jimbo

    Shanna….how can you utter “comedic” “acting” and “talents” in a sentence with BAG?

    He of memorable quotes like: “So I guess going to Vegas is out of the question?” as Donna Martin tells him she wants to save herself for marriage. Then a condom falls out of his wallet.

    Pure comic genius….

  • John K.

    Re: Blind Item…covert, you mean like the Initiative? I have Faith you’re talking about Dollhouse.

  • BAG looks like his eyes could tell a story. Maybe it’s that green liquor you spoke of. . . and not the smoke. lol

  • nick

    BAG rules!!!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Did he do work on his face or is he naturally changing as he is getting older?

    He does look gay LOL.

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  • Dogimator

    I know the secret to the Sarah conner Terminator thing they got going on.
    Well at least one secret, and hopefully there are many more to be discovered???
    One is 2 obvious, but I hope they keep us guessing, BUT I BET THEY DO NOT!
    I hope the series , has a long life, and it could?
    This is the 1srt time in 2000 years, that something got me to watch, and I hope they keep my attention…
    P.S. want to know the 1st secret??

  • Wow ! the T.V addict person are so lucky. He was attending a party and also took a picture with celebrities. I am so jealous by him.