TERMINATOR’S Thomas Dekker Gets Jiggy with it!

Unfortunately, since the TV Addict’s last name isn’t ‘Hilton’ or ‘Darling,’ I didn’t have the financial wherewith-all to charter a private jet to bring you all along to the recent launch party for TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Maybe next time.)

Thankfully, what I could afford was a digital camera and courtesy of YouTube I thought I’d share with you a really fun video of TERMINATOR star Thomas Dekker tearing up the dance floor with his girlfriend. Bonus points if you can identify the mystery GOSSIP GIRL star.

Wishing you could see Dekker in HD? Be sure to tune into Sunday’s premiere of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES at 8PM on FOX. Also, be sure to check back with theTVaddict.com on Sunday for our exclusive interview with TV’s Next Big Thing.

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  • You do realize that his name is THOMAS DEKKER and he’s playing JOHN CONNOR right?

    I’m so sad that Little Suicidal Eric from Gossip Girl is friends with TD.

  • Ducky,

    Thanks for the title correction. After a red-eye flight from LA to Toronto, my brain clearly isn’t working today!

    Kudos on correctly guessing Eric from GOSSIP GIRL has temporarily fled from the Upper East Side.

    Embarrassingly enough, ‘Eric’ sat in front of me during the screening, and I of course didn’t realize it was him.

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