With the TV Addict still recovering from his whirlwind trip to Hollywood, I have yet to find the time to watch some of my Wednesday and Thursday’s favorites. Thankfully, courtesy of those two glorious days known as Saturday and Sunday plus ‘man’s best friend’ (my pvr) I have two whole days to catch up on everything I missed.

With that in mind, please take a moment, put your critic’s hat on and let me know what you all thought of last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY shortened-season finale, UGLY BETTY and 30 ROCK. And while you’re at it, feel free to fill me on CASHMERE MAFIA? Was episode 2 an improvement or step back?

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  • Allie

    Greys = great, but I thought Bailey’s baby would die so it was a surprise that he survived.

    Ugly Betty = good. I’m warming to this show again although the Wilhemena story line is annoying.

    Cashmere Mafia = I quite like this show. People keep comparing it to Sex in the City. I never liked SITC, too sexual and not enough substance. I do like Cashmere Mafia though, it seems to have a better balance between sex & substance and I actually like these characters.

  • “Hey lady.”
    “Hey tramp!”

  • CC

    Haha I loved that quote Tim.

    Greys= good as always
    Ugly Betty= It just feels like they keep doing the same storyline over and over again with Betty being this way, Daniel being this way, etc etc. Still love it, but I want some surprises…
    Cashmere Mafia= I’d watch again. I like all the characters but the redhead. Oh well, 3 out of 4 is better than nothing.

  • Josh Emerson

    30 Rock: Not one of the best episodes of the season, but still great. I liked seeing Kenneth on caffeine and the “Midnight Train To Georgia” scene at the end.

    Grey’s: Good, even if a little predictable. I didn’t think there was any chance Bailey’s son would die. I did really like the faith healer storyline as well as what happened with Derek/Rose/Meredith.

    Ugly Betty: Amanda’s father!! haha I wonder if they’re actually gonna go with that and have it be the person Amanda thinks it is. I agree with Allie that I’m finding the Wilhemina storyline annoying.

  • Jamie P

    Ugly Betty: Entertaining as usal. IMO we need much more Amanda and Mark! By far my favorites on the show.

    Greys: Loved it. I was kinda surprised Baileys baby survived also. Could there be a Lexie, George hookup in our future? That would be cute.
    The whole Derek/Meredith back and forth storyline is gettng a little old. I feel bad for saying it, but Meredith is getting on my nerves this season. Damn woman, make up your mind.

    Have ER and Mafia tivoed from last night, but havent had a chance to watch yet.

  • Sheindie

    ..thought baby would die… mafia is meh…don’t watch Betty

  • musterknabe

    30 Rock: Absolutely hilarious! Kenneth on coffee was probably the best performence from Jack McBrayer so far. And the whole “Germans” storyline. I laughed my butt off. (I am from Germany :>)

    Grey’s Anatomy: It was ok… ER is way better these days.

    Cashmere Mafia: Can’t quite see past the whole SATC comparison. I’ll give it a few more episodes.

  • I actually thought 30 Rock was one of the best of an already amazing season.

    Ditto with Ugly Betty

    and Grey’s was mostly really good (though I actually didnt care for Baileys naration).

    Cashmere was better than the pilot but still lacking something but not bad enough to be put away. I’ll continue giving it more chances. Though I guess the ratings showed most people didn’t.

  • Stef

    Greys – I was bored. For the “season finale” it sure was predictable and honestly, a little uneventful. The best part of the episode was Izzie spilling to George’s mom, it was hilarious. And I am loving that Alex is getting more screentime. I think Justin Chambers is the most underrated actor on the show. But anyway, the finale just kind of left me going….bleh.

    Cashmere Mafia – Loving this show!!! The only part I roll my eyes at is the whole Caitlin lesbian storyline. They did this on Sex and the City…like down to the letter. But I love the characters…. Anyone notice that the girl that played the stay at home mom ALWAYS plays the slutty girl trying to steal a man? She was Billie on Days of Our Lives for awhile and tried to steal Bo…then she was on What About Brian and did the same thing… makes me hate her whenever I see her!

  • Linda B.

    Best line from 30 Rock (and forgive me if i don’t have it exactly right):

    “I don’t drink any hot beverages. That’s the devil’s temperature.”

    – Kenneth

  • shanna

    I loved Grey’s but hated Bailey’s narration except for: “And then God made man … and it’s been downhill ever since” (heehee)

    LOVED Ugly Betty just because I really, really started to see a spark between Daniel and Betty. It was cute.

    Don’t watch 30 Rock or Cashmere Mafia.

  • Geri

    I’ave been watching GREY’S ANATOMY from day one, and it’s been better.
    I really enjoy UGLY BETTY, much to my own surprise. I think I fell in love with it when Wilhemena’s gay assistant had a short but heartfelt chat with Betty’s nephew. Surprisingly touching for that show. Very good.
    Don’t watch 30 ROCK, even tho that’s where I work!
    I hope CASHMERE MAFIA stays on the air. I enjoy it and think it has a lot of potential. GO WOMEN!!

  • Just caught up on Ugly Betty on TiVo. I agree 100% with both Allie & CC. It was a great episode, better than it has been lately, but it also seems like the characters are stuck in loops, acting the same way all the time.