Live Blogging the Golden Globes

9:01PM: Not surprisingly, it took less than a minute for NBC to ensure the audience knew exactly why there was no traditional Golden Globe Ceremony this year. Who knew it was all the WGA’s fault! Thank God for NBC’s completely unbiased coverage.

9:05PM: Proof that Hollywood loves itself far too much. Jeremy Piven wins another Golden Globe. Ted Danson was robbed.

9:06PM: The TV Addict forsees a win for Glenn Close. Suck it Patricia Arquette.

9:08PM: GLENN CLOSE gets a Globe. Hmmm. Perhaps tonight won’t be so bad after-all.

9:10PM: The TV Addict’s friend Lauren asks: What’s with Billy Bush’s hair?

9:11PM: I get that these Globes have to be done in an hour, but is anyone else thinking the show is on fast-forward? The TV Addict can hardly keep up.

9:15PM: John Hamm wins for MAD MEN. Note to self, stay out of Miami. Dexter’s probably pissed.

9:16PM: Ratatouille wins, while Billy Bush illustrates yet again why writers are important. Could he be less eloquent?

9:20PM: Is Billy Bush fifteen? Okay, must stop trashing Bush, the host, not the President.

9:37PM: My future wife, Tina Fey won for Best Actress. Almost makes up for Michael C. Hall’s ridiculous snub.

9:51PM: MAD MEN wins for Best Drama. Can’t really argue. It is phenomenal.

  • I like I hate Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell. Do I really care what they think about who won?

  • I completely agree, and so does Lauren!

  • I just flipped to E! and they’re like a few awards ahead or something? I’m not sure. Some dude is talking about his buddy Nikki Blonsky…Go ahead Guiliana DiPandi/Rancic – She just showed her support for the WGA.

  • The presentation on E! is the actual award presentation, and it’s just so much more awesome. Mary Hart is a great speaker, Dayna Devon is great, Guliana Rancic cracks me up. Big shocks tonight….spoiler alert – Best actor comedy made me gasp!

  • I think it might just be “awesome” because Billy Bush is fifteen ha!

  • Amrie, why are you so cruel? You know that myself and my fellow Canadians don’t get E!

  • I’m sorry Canadians. I love you guys! I wish another network besides NBC had taken advantage of the no-media block that the HFPA called the other day. That way you wouldn’t have to suffer through BB and Nancy O’Dell!!!

  • I too am surprised more networks didn’t pick this up.

  • I don’t have cable either and I just tuned into the most horrible display of golden globes. And it’s the 65th? Ouch. Gotta hurt. Nothing worse than being 65 and relegated to filler. =) I’d rather read the winners online than sit thru this.

  • E!’s announcements are over. I’m back on NBC.
    It’s a shame we didn’t get to see any drunk acceptance speeches. They’re one of the best parts of the Golden Globes!

  • H/W Shipper

    I don’t live in US and thus have no access to the live show.
    Do they hand out all movie/ TV awards first or some movie and go to some tv noms??


  • H/W Shipper, I’ve actually been skipping the movie awards because I don’t really care about them. But if I remember correctly here are some movie winners.

    Cate Blanchette

  • I am actually not sure what order they’re going in…Looks like they’re doing some movie then some TV, then back to movie, then back to TV. I think they’ll probably end with best motion picture, drama, like the awards usually do.

  • One word: awkward!!! E! coverage was the best of them all.

    Congrats to Tina Fey and Glenn Close.

  • Fingers crossed that we have the drunk show we know and love back next year.

  • Well said Amrie!

  • wgasupporter

    spoilers for those who havent seen it yet:

    how in the world did david duchovney win best actor in a comedy? come on…if alec baldwin didnt win, it shouldve been steve or lee or ricky. im pretty sure that david was the last person i expected to win.

  • CC

    No love for Pushing Daises =[

  • I coudn’d stand Billy Bush and switched over to CNN which had the actual live coverage (then again, I had to endure Larry King’s random comments). I noticed they announced it even faster, ending at 30 past the hour.

    Hmm.. no love for Pushing Daisies. boo. Love for Mad Men. Yay!

    and Tina Fey Yey! but no Alec Baldwin? boo.

  • H/W Shipper

    thanks to daniel & amrie,
    i’m just interested in theorder of how the awards were handed out. i dunno which nominees i should root for as most of the films got nominated haven’t shown at where i live *Sigh*

    lead actor goes to mad men ,Um… I was hoping for Hugh to win 3in a row >_< (well,, or Michael C Hall win would also make me a happy fangirl)
    note to self: Really need to bump up Mad Men up my “to-watch” list

  • tdot

    I would have loved to see Tina’s speech.
    IM not even watching the Globes,im watching “The Sarah Conner Chroncles” ,which is pretty good so far!

  • Tarn

    I feel that I haven’t seen enough of Mad Men to judge John Hamm’s performance fairly. (But don’t the GG judges only see one ep anyway? I think that’s daft, given the way TV can allow characters to be built up gradually to extreme levels of awesome over one or more seasons!)

    Anyhoo, from what I’ve seen, I think Michael C Hall is better, and he wuz robbed. Dexter will probably be wrapping some GG committee members in clingfilm any day now… 😉

  • Linda B.

    I sure wish I would’ve known other channels (E!, TVguide, CNN) had the ACTUAL press conference that i was expecting to see. I sat through an hour of that crap they showed on NBC and they didn’t even get through all the categories!