You Be the Critic: TERMINATOR Episode 2

summer glau terminator cameron

Okay, so I know it’s been a few years since High School, but when did scoring a fake ID become so challenging? That was just one of the many questions this TV Addict was asking as I sat down to watch last night’s second episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.

The more pressing question was with regards to John Connor. Umm.. John… the first rule of keeping a low profile: Do not sneak out of Stars Hollow your safe house to check out the local mall and confront your almost father.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the whole ‘daddy issue’ story-line and think it adds an interesting dynamic to the show. But playing around in a computer store — and worse, on a DELL, there is simply no excuse. Maybe, if you walked into an Apple store [Cue Homer Simpson impression, “…. [drool] iMac”], I could have cut you some slack. But dude, it’s a Dell! That said, this TV Addict is anxious to catch that first glimpse of the young man who’s destined to lead the resistance against the machines. Because thus far, all we’ve seen is one really stupid teenager.

Moving on, was anyone else surprised and intrigued by the fact that Summer Glau’s Cameron is an “unknown cyborg” and that it was revealed to Sarah that she has [or will have] Cancer? Two fascinating plot points that will undoubtedly have a profound affect on the series as it continues.

And finally, episode two, better or worse than the premiere? And most importantly, will YOU be back for episode three?

  • Josh Emerson

    What’s wrong with a Dell? lol I used to have one. It was a great computer.

    Anyway, I thought it was a good episode. I think getting the ID was tough because they wanted more than just a cheap fake ID. They were actually getting real identites registered with the government. That’s what it seemed like to me.

  • Sorry Josh, It’s MACWORLD today. Aside from a slight TV Addiction, I’m also a serious Mac fanboy.

    As well, the fake ID opening line *note sarcasm!*

  • Linda B.

    It was okay. I’ll probably watch all 9 episodes since nothing else is on.

    Also, is it me, or did i see one of Dexter’s victims last night???

  • I thought it was pretty good. It was a little slow & boring around the middle though.

    Maybe I’m getting confused between evil Terminator models, but didn’t a headless Terminator kill someone to borrow their head while they searched for their own cybernetic head? That seemed strange to me. I guess it could make sense that the torso and limbs could have redundant sensors in case of decapitation, but it wasn’t explained very well.

    I had read somewhere (maybe here) that the Stars Hollow set was going to be used for T:tSCC, but if they did last night, I must have missed it. Good to see Tony Amendola, a.k.a. Master Breytek (sp?) from Stargate: SG-1.

    Someone else who posts here has mentioned on her own blog the theory that Cameron is a replication of John’s human wife in the future. I thought of the same thing. It might explain her having a lot of personal knowledge about John. Even if Cameron’s body is that of a random Terminator model, her knowledge and instructions could have come from John’s wife.

  • Girodet

    I am very disappointed in the series. Sarah comes across as a weepy housewife and John as a needy and clueless teenager. I can understand John not being a warrior yet. However, he needs to be more charismatic for me to believe he becomes the leader and savior of the human race. John needs to be a magnetic person that has the ability to unite or influence people. If you look at these two characters in Terminator II and then in this series, it becomes criminal what they have done with one of the greatest stories.

  • I liked EP 2 more than the first one. We still need to get into the Mythos, and I thought that Cameron was modeled after his wife the first time I saw her! I didn’t realize it was theory that was already floating around. Sweet!

    And I love that they named her “Cameron” – on obvious nod to James Cameron, who directed the first movie. Sorry if someone pointed that out already.

  • shanna

    I definitely liked the revelation that Sarah has cancer. That was interesting especially because she is such a great fighter it makes sense that she was taken out by something she can’t control.

    I don’t get the reviews that see Lena Headley as weak. So far, Sarah (for me) has been an increasingly strong character. I think in her alone moments (or with Cameron) she is more likely to come across as emotional because that’s when she can be emotional. And it’s a lot to bear, not only trying to keep her son alive but preparing him to becomes this man that will ‘save’ the human race.

    I do kind of wish that John would start to suck it up and act right though. He’s annoying me so far with his angsty teenage crap.

  • Shanna,

    Totally agree about Lena. Nothing seems weak about her.

    As well, John has to grow up. Who does he think he is? Julie from FNL?

  • what a suckie show, one line dialog which is geared for the inelegant. Catch phrases are a sure killer for a show.
    John seems to have a problem acting, the lack of a convincing roll as a teen in transition.
    Lena is seems to hold down the fort somewhat with her rolls as a caring mom but loses it with the inability to be convincing that she knows John holds the key to the future.

  • Liz

    I’ve really liked it so far (the second episode more than the first, even). My only problem is with John’s whiny obnoxiousness, as others have mentioned, and I can’t decide if that’s the writing or Thomas Dekker’s portrayal (or, more likely, both). At any rate, hopefully he’ll grow out of it sooner, rather than later.

  • Liz,

    I think it’s the writing. Thomas Dekker can act. He just needs to be given something interesting to do. And truthfully I think we’re all nitpicking. Creator Josh Friedman is no dummy and he undoubtedly has a plan for John.

  • I’m glad some of you agree with what I touched on yesterday about Lena, she can’t be all tough all the time that would actually be unrealistic in every way. Lena is doing a good job, and as I said before- she will be what makes this work or not.

    Episode 2 was better than the first, in that it sucks you in a bit more, which is what a show should do.

    Anyone picking up on the Star Trek TNG version of Data their making Cameron out to be. I agree with there being a connection between Cameron and John, ie: his wife perhaps. Although I hope it’s a bit more than that. I’m surprised Sarah hasn’t picked up on or questioned the things Cameron knows, which seem to be a bit too perpersonal for just programming reasons.

    All in all, so far so good!!

    P.S. As I said yesterday and agree with some of you, they need to put a gun in Johns’ hands and beef him up a bit not too much though or show a bit more maturity. He may only be 15 but he’s not a typical 15 yr. old.

  • josh r

    ya…. him walking in to a Apple Store would have been much better……. and yes he is only 15 yrs old……. 15 yr old guys are snoopy little brats and like to get in trouble….. He is a Juvenal and he should be givin some slack.

  • shanna

    TvA lol at the Julie from FNL comment. She is annoying the hell out of me too.

    Dave: One-liners are kind of the cornerstone of the Terminator franchise. “Come with me if you want to live” and “I’ll be back” are/were probably the best known and oft-repeated one-liners ever.

  • Davin Peterson

    Hey, DELLs are great PCs. I had one, we have them at work and my church has one. I’m tired of those PC vs. MAC commercials. I am PC Guy

    I’m not even going to talk how the iPod sucks. Apple isn’t the only tech company.

    It’s funny how John didn’t know everyone could see what he was doing as it was displayed on all the other monitors.

  • Davin,

    You did NOT just say the iPod sucks 🙂

  • I liked EP 2 more than the first one. We still need to get into the Mythos, and I thought that Cameron was modeled after his wife the first time I saw her! I didn’t realize it was theory that was already floating around. Sweet!

    And I love that they named her “Cameron” – on obvious nod to James Cameron, who directed the first movie. Sorry if someone pointed that out already.