CT’s Confession

Forgive me, TVAddict, for I have sinned.

Either that, or crappy shows have gotten a whole lot better than they once were. Yeah, let’s go with that. Because otherwise, I’m going to have to eat a bit of crow, and there’s nothing that gets stuck in my craw like crow.

That said, I have to admit that two shows which I’ve dissed in the past — one of which I even went so far as to declare my hatred for (earning myself the wrath of its disciples) — have won me over.

Now, let’s not get crazy. I’m not going to go around proclaiming my love of SUPERNATURAL and ONE TREE HILL. It’s not as if snocones are being dished out in Hell.

But I will admit that I’ve… warmed to them.


It started with the holiday themed — if horrendously titled — “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” While turned off by the complete lack of creativity where the title was concerned, I tuned in and found myself having a jolly good time. With there being precious few new programs to distract me, I began spending more and more time with the Winchester brothers. “Bad Day At Black Rock” had me laughing aloud at Sam’s pratfalls. I was genuinely chilled by the creepy changeling make-up featured in “The Kids Are Alright.” While I didn’t particularly love “Sin City”, it did feature dialogue which explained some of the mythology which I couldn’t quite figure out. And although “Bedtime Stories” felt a tad predictable, the final scene in which Sam confronted and cold-bloodedly shot the demon was a fantastic moment.

Is it the best show on the air? Not even close. Does it deliver on the thrills? Not really. Do I still have a problem with the way Jensen Ackles speaks? More than ever… especially after two other people, also new to the show but familiar with his previous work, each commented on it. It just ain’t natural, damnit. It’s what I like to call “acting voice.” But I’m getting used to it.

As for ONE TREE HILL, it’s amazing what a little time-traveling can do for a show. While several elements are still laughably bad (most notably the abysmal acting of James Lafferty and the fact that even after jumping four years in time, Hilarie Burton’s Peyton still seems about a decade older than her peers), I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the two-hour premiere which relaunched the show didn’t capture — and, more importantly, keep — my interest.

So there you have it, and you can make of it what you will while taking it for what it’s worth. I’m not about to turn my back on reality TV (as if!), nor am I going to be putting either of these shows in my top 10 list. You won’t hear me cursing the fates which keep the Winchester boys or the Tree Hill gang from getting Emmy noms. (In fact, if they did, I’d have to seriously consider overthrowing the Academy to restore a sense of order in the world.)

But my DVR is set to record them each week, and I’ll even admit that I’ll look forward to watching. Just not in public.

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  • Happy to see you’re starting to like Supernatural. Soon, you’ll love it! 😉
    It may not be the greatest show on TV, nor being especially scary, but I think it succeeds where many shows don’t : always deliver a fun hour of good TV. Plus, it can make you laugh out loud quite a few times.

    It is a good show, good for you to realize that. Now if only The CW could do as well and start treating it as it deserves…

  • Amy

    I can’t believe out of the entire OTH cast, James Lafferty is the one whose acting you question. This is a show with Chad Michael Murray in it! Compared to him and Hilarie Burton, I always thought James was one of the stronger cast members. Though to be fair if it wasn’t for Brooke I would’ve stopped watching the show long ago.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with you Amy. I’ve always thought that Sophia Bush was by far the best cast member on OTH, and CMM was the weakest. I’ve never had a problem with the rest of them. I thought last week’s premiere was great.

    I need to take this StrikeGate time to catch up on Supernatural. I watched the first two seasons but then dropped this one in favor of The Office/Scrubs/Grey’s.

  • Josh,

    Dropping SUPERNATURAL is a very risky confession to make on theTVaddict.com. Those Winchester Fans can be ruthless 🙂

  • Supernatural has a Hard Rock theme for the guys, and the Winchesters for the women. How could it not be a success??

    wink wink

  • Josh Emerson

    Oh I know. The SPN cult makes the Claymates look like normal fans. haha

  • shanna

    It’s ok to like OTH especially with the time jump. I’m going to start a support group so us older and seemingly sane OTH fans can come out of the closet.

  • Patty

    You actually don’t hate Supernatural anymore…this totally just made my day 😀

  • I’m taking this strike break to catch up on tv, I watched HBO’s Rome and I have Showtime’s Dexter and Weeds plus Supernatural on my list to watch. Hey, maybe by the time TV comes back, I’ll have to reconsider my viewing habits. Maybe I should add One Tree Hill. Never saw it. I feel like a crack ** trying to score some good tv. Jeez, stop the insanity! Stop the strike! ps-still won’t watch 2 1/2 men. lol I’m not that bored yet. lol

  • ewanspotter


    If you like what you’re seeing now on “Supernatural,” you have to pick up season one and two. (This current season has been really hit and miss with fan — good, but iffy — so just imagine how much better the first two years are.)

  • hanncoll

    Definitely pick up season 1 and 2 Supernatural. Glad you gave the show a chance.

  • Mel

    YAAAY!! CT!!! Warming up to Supernatural!! I second the poster above — get season 1 and start at the beginning!

  • NikkiHolly

    i knew you’d warm up to supernatural. wasn’t expecting you to warm up to OTH though. that was a bit of a suprise. But a pleasant surprise. It’s a show that you can easily watch without having to watch the other seasons. Supernatural, on the other hand, is a show where it is really good to watch the previous seasons….mainly because they are much better than the current one (in most fans opinions at least. it’s been a good season, but not our best). If you don’t want to spend fifty bucks on season 1 or 2, wait for Target or Amazon to do one of those awesome $20 season dvd sales. it will really be worth it.

    btw, random fact about bedtime stories: you know the demon that Sam shot at the very end? Played by Jared Padalecki’s (Sam) real life girlfriend Sandra McCoy.

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  • Lin

    Watch Season 1 and 2. They far, far better than the current season 🙂

  • Lynsey

    Interesting — and very glad you’re giving Supernatural a chance, it’s one of only a few shows I watch, and not just for the eye candy. I’m curious though — Jensen Ackle’s voice, manner and delivery are quite different with each character he’s played, including film, previous television shows, and live theater work. To me, that’s the mark of a good actor, inhabiting the character instead of merely voicing ‘themself’ and sounding essentially like they do in their own living room all the time. (Someone like Toni Collette, who seems to completely morph into a different human being with each role — that seems the essence of acting, and Jensen seems to do this as well). So I’m not sure what you mean by Mr. Ackles’ ‘acting voice’. His non-verbal acting strikes me as every effective –subtle and nuanced and never over the top — and the voice for me follows suit most of the time as well.

  • christina morejon

    Im glad your giving Supernatural a chance. I love the show and its better than 98% of the other rubbish out there.
    as for jensen ackles acting voice? well, all I know is that he is a supremely underrated actor. Very subtle–one eyebrow raise says more than a whole monologue. And those eyes, Wow! Guy deserves more respect!

  • Kay

    Heh. I think it’s funny that you feel compelled to find *something* wrong with Jensen Ackles. Hmmm. Let’s see, can’t criticize his looks or his acting so let’s go with…his voice! Yes, we’ll go with that. Sheesh. But I’m glad you are enjoying the show.

    Jensen is the only reason I started watching Supernatural and he’s the only reason I continue to. As another critic so aptly put it, Jensen can do more with one look than most actors can do with pages of dialogue. He can bare his soul with just a look yet at the same time, he’s subtle and nuanced in his performance, which is especially noteworthy within the confines of a genre show. He inhabits his character like no actor I’ve seen. As others have mentioned, underrated and so very talented.

    I would suggest you watch season 2 to really understand what’s going on with both the mytharc and the intricacies of Dean and Sam’s relationship because you just won’t get the true sense of it just by jumping in at season 3. And the brother’s relationship is really what this show is all about. It just pretends to be a horror show.

    But I will agree with you about James Lafferty. Yikes.

  • Krix

    I’m happy to know that you don’t hate supernatural anymore.I always Knew that what you said didn’t come from your heart.Now pick up season one ande two so you can understand the story of the winchester brothers =)

  • Danni D.

    Oh Whee! You’ve decided that you might actually enjoy an episode or two of Supernatural! And instead of posting those lovely entries about how much you hate it, you are now willing to give it a grudging halfway (sometimes, maybe, occasional) thumbs up. I’m SURE the entire cast & crew fell to their knees to thank whatever deities they may worship upon receiving the news that you’ve now decided it’s worth your valuable time to watch.
    ‘Cause gosh o’golly gee I’m positive they (like the rest of us long-time Supernatural fans) have been absolutely heartbroken to know that you didn’t like the show and didn’t consider it worth your viewing effort!! How terrible it’s been for us and for them to endure being shunned by YOU. And how awesome that you’ve finally, grudgingly given it your half-hearted, piss-poor endorsement!
    Excuse me while I run off to tell everyone (who never really gave a damn anyway) that CT’s finally come over to the Dark Side and joined the Crazy Supernatural Cult . (Psst. There are badges and secret handshakes and everything, ya know!)

  • Jane

    I’m not disagreeing with you. I am a fan of Supernatural and I’m glad you’re enjoying it but I’m not knowledgable about acting technical terms or critical phrases about acting and I don’t understand what you mean about Jensen Ackles’ “acting voice”?

    I’ve not noticed anything so I’m a bit worried that if you point it out it’ll be all I can hear from then on, but I am curious what this means? Is it the tone? Timbre? Inflection? Timing? Something else?



  • Erin

    I’m genuinely curious about what you think is a really great show, if you still say that Supernatural isn’t even close.

    Glad to see that you’re warming up to it, though. Really, you should pick up seasons 1 and 2. I think what you need to understand is that the show was intitally aimed towards all of those classic myths that everyone is familiar with – Bloody Mary, Hook Man, Werewolves, and Vampires – and then the lesser-known ones like Wendigos and Changelings. There is such a variety that it is very interesting for fans of the paranormal. I almost forgot about the ghosts! There are lots of those – lol.

    Sometimes the show is admittedly not scary, but I’m SURPRISED at you. You thought “The Kids Are Alright” was a SCARY episode? FOR SHAME! You really need to watch ALL of the earlier episodes. Just all of the trouble that the Winchesters get into is scarier than the monsters that they face.

    Also speaking of the variety of paranormal creatures, I have to add that there’s even an episode that mirrors the Leatherface (AKA Chainsaw Massacre) plotline. Basically a ‘ripoff’ but it is interesting to see an episode that isn’t actually about the paranormal at all. I guess I would call it evidence of Supernatural being well-rounded.

  • hermitme

    Funny you should mention Jensen’s voice on Supernatural. I was watching some stupid movie the other day where an actor, who kind of looked like Jensen, had the same chiseled looks, great eyes and all, still, his voice wasn’t as deep as Jensen, and his acting didn’t even touch Jensen’s and I really wasn’t impressed with him at all. The fact that Jensen gets so into Dean as to have a Dean voice shows great character development, not just reading the lines as most actors do. Too bad you don’t seem to appreciate that aspect of the acting. But, hey, to each his own. However, for a tv addict, I would have expected better. As one blogger said, Jensen can do more with one still scene than most actors can do with pages of dialogue. He can express a lot with voice, or without. This is a sign of good acting and being able to completely absorb yourself into your character. As Lin says, try watching S1 and S2, they were much better than this season. As Lynsey says, Jensen uses different voices, mannerisms and personality to each of his characters, that’s called talent.