First Look: Brian Austin Green Guest Stars on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES

brian austin green terminator

Courtesy of our favorite spy on the FOX lot (No really, we finally have our first person on the ‘inside’!), is thrilled to offer up an Exclusive First Look at David Silver Brian Austin Green’s guest starring role on the upcoming fourth episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Airing Monday January 28th at 9PM on FOX).

Is he playing a Terminator sent from the future? An older version of John Connor? An ex-Tiger Beat pin-up? Post away with your theories and click on the link below for a closer look.

brian austin green terminator

brian austin green terminator

brian austin green terminator

  • He’s so got that rough, scruffy sexiness going on. whew!

  • Amazing how much better he looks without the eyeliner and a pound of makeup. But Daniel, you really should write about Terminator more…LOL/

  • Judging by his slacker clothes, he’s got to be a neighbor. No self respecting terminator slums it.

  • Who cares

    I like him as an actor but I doubt he can save the show.

  • shanna

    I like him to be an older John Connor or at least a resistance figther from the future … but I like ex-Tiger Beat pin up best.

  • is he the gay John from the future? =) looks much sexier without all the eye make up indeed. or is it the “soft lense?” on the tv camera?

  • So. I guess that BAG is a cyborg from the future that monitors the family and is suppose to be there to help perhaps? He’s got cameras in his eyes for others to ‘view” and a chip in his brain to hear answers. Hey, I’m trying Daniel. And there’s nothing on TV.

  • Rusty Trombone

    Whoa, the Notorious B.A.G.!!!!

    I love this F-ing show!!

  • nicole

    Probably just some neighbor that Sarah will have sexual tension with.

  • Kim

    I think he’s going to be playing Kyle Reese!

  • Solo

    He’s Kyle Reese’s brother.

  • kachiabell

    Whoo Hoo! Do it big! I’ve always loved him. Hope he has a long run on this.

  • La

    He is probably the fourth resistance fighter, duh.

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  • Tom

    He sucks and has ruined this program for me. I hate this little no talent loser.