Our Strike Proof TV Guide: Wednesday January 16

strike proof tv guide wednesday

Just in case Sunday’s train-wreck of a Golden Globes ceremony wasn’t enough of a wake-up call, this TV Addict thought he’d take this opportunity to remind the powers that be as to what he won’t be watching tonight.

[Update 1:36PM] This TV Addict just realized how he’s going to occupy his evening. I’m going to take the plunge and start watching the fifth and final season of HBO’s critically acclaimed yet under-appreciated series THE WIRE. A question for my fellow WIRE addicts out there: Is it too late to join the party? Will I understand what’s going on not having seen the first four seasons?

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  • Wow, that looks bad. There is not a single good thing on TV tonight.

    Of course, even before the writers strike, Kid Nation was Wednesday’s only above-mediocre show.

  • Josh Emerson

    Okay, I cannot disagree more with this chart or with Todd’s post. lol I’ll start with Todd. Are you seriously saying Kid Nation was a better show than Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, or even Deal Or No Deal? Cause I’ve gotta disagree completely. Daisies was one of the best shows on TV, overall.

    I also couldn’t stomach watching another minute of Cashmere Mafia. I’ll take Power of 10, Deal, and Idol any day before that trash. I’ll be watching Idol tonight.

  • I have to agree with you, I am not an American Idol fan and for that matter, never watched an episode of American Idol period. However I do like Cashmare Mafia for some reason, its a little different then your run of the mill show, the show reminders me What about Brian without that main charactor (Brian) and I really liked that show. I would also campare Cashmere Mofia to a mix between Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewifes. All in all, good show.

  • shanna

    Given that GG is in repeats I might try Cashmere Mafia but it’s looking like Wed. might just be …. MOVIE NIGHT!

  • Stef

    I only watch Idol because if I don’t, I feel like I have no news to read or entertainment TV to watch because it all surrounds Idol. It’s almost like they MAKE you watch it! But I get sucked in every single year and end up caring too much who makes it on and who doesn’t. And my favorites never do anyway…….

  • Crowned rules!

    I will be watching the trainwreck that is “Crowned” at 8PM (it is awesome!!!!) and Supernanny at 9. I will Tivo Idol and watch later so I don’t have to sit through 2 hrs of intros and commercials.

  • jess

    hey i know there are lots of repeats but Gossip girl is always good.

  • Hmm. I guess you can jump right into the current season of The Wire. It’s the most open-ended its ever been, and I suppose you could pick up what’s going on. But it’s kind of like Lost in that you could start in the middle of the season, but you would really benefit, and be able to truly appreciate it if you knew the many backstories.

    I suggest recording this season and start watching seasons one through four on DVD. Expensive yes, but you’ll get the lingo, characters, and such so much better.

  • Jess,

    LOVE GOSSIP GIRL, but it’s a repeat. That’s what DVD is for!

  • And another thing: I know how you don’t like Law & Order and such because it rips stories from headlines and depresses you, so a word of caution before taking up The Wire — it’s similar to Law & Order in that focuses on real world problems, and all of its messy, messy work.

  • John

    Mythbusters is new tonight.

    That is always worth watching.

  • Angelic

    As a rabid “Wire” fan I can honestly tell you that you’ll be fine jumping in this season. While the first 3 seasons are closely tied to one another, the fourth and fitfth seasons are much more stand alone. Yes, there’s history between the characters that may not be immediately evident, but that doesn’t affect the overall story, which is about how a faltering major newspaper in a faltering major city. Each character is reintroduced in a way that is accesible to new viewers, while still entertaining to longtime ones. Please, do youself a favor and watch this show immediately. It’s one of the most satisfying viewer expreinces I’ve ever had.

  • scsc

    as a canadian you should be focusing on the great shows that the cbc has introduced.

  • Tom

    The Wire isone of my favorite shows (closely behind Lost), if you jump in now it won’t affect the story and you’ll understand what’s going on for the most part, that being said, you won’t have the same attachment to the characters for not having watched the first four seasons, and thats what i think is a huge part of the show, the writing and the acting are both superb, but what really draws me to the show is how i feel for each and every character on that show

  • Kara

    I definitely DISAGREE with your list. Your choosing Cashmere Mafia over EVERYTHING ELSE ON WEDNESDAY??
    Yes, I hate American Idol, Crowned, and Private Practice. But man, I would definitely watch GOSSIP GIRL repeats again.

    Just for all the GG fans (and for all the people that want to see it from teh beginning…starts Monday January 28 at 8PM on CW). Hey, did you guys see the other new Gossip Girl promo for January 28th (shown on CW website). They going to show deleted scenes of each episode during the commercials, interviews with cast, etc. There’s something for all the obssed Gossip girl fans to look forward too during the strike 🙂

    As a Canadian, I’m so desperate for TV, I’ve actually “tried” to watch some canadians shows (I know, its shocking). Nothing to keep my interest though. I just can’t wait for LOST to begin!!!

  • Runco

    The 5th season of Wire is going to tie all the plots from previous seasons (that haven’t already been resolved) in to a big great whooping end. I think it would be a shame to start watching with the 5th season, because I am positive you will want to watch previous ones to and it would sorta spoil (in both most obvious meaning) some of the characters.