WGA Strike Shocker: The TV Addict Watches CBC!

Yesterday, theTVaddict.com reader ‘scsc’ took this TV Addict to task for not focusing on the “great shows that CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] has introduced” during the current Writer’s Guild of America Strike. To wit, here’s this TV Addict’s take on one of the CBC’s newest offering.

Far from great, MVP: THE SECRET LIVES OF HOCKEY WIVES is an unoriginal and poorly written mash-up of FOOTBALLERS’ WIVES and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES with a little hockey thrown into the mix. The show not only follows the fictitious Maple Leafs Mustangs as they deal with the exhilarating highs (money, power and fame) and inevitable lows (drugs and the untimely death of their captain) of being professional hockey players, but takes viewers behind-the-scenes to meet the greedy owners, desperate hanger-on-ers and stereotypical puck bunnies that inevitably surround the team.

Luckily for CBC and our hard-earned Canadian tax dollars, the result is a mildly entertaining hour of television that will serve Canadian TV Addict’s well during these dark days known as the “WGA work stoppage”. Score one for the CBC!

  • Josh Emerson

    It’s funny that you mention CBC. Last night I watched the first episode of a new CBC show called jPod. It’s not bad! Aside from having to download it to watch, it was entertaining and looks to have some potential. Plus, the lead on the show is extremely cute. So that’s a bonus. πŸ˜‰

  • Josh β€” that’s funny, I was going to mention JPOD, the first episode was interesting enough to get me asking “what’s next”. Too bad I neglected to tune in last night to find out. I suppose I can probably catch up with the show online.

  • scsc

    Kudos TV addict! Good on you for watching something you actually pay for on a daily basis.

    Along with Jpod, you should check out Test the Nation, Dragon’s Den, Fortune Hunters, the Hour, Little Mosque on the Prairie, the Passionate Eye documentaries and of course the National!

    I think you should voluntarily focus 33.33% of your content to Canadian programs(CanCon regulations). Lol.

    Good luck!

  • Josh Emerson

    The US networks should air a few Canadian shows instead of immediately turning to reality. I’ll watch them any day before turning to Dance Wars.

    I’m going to check out the second ep of jPod today. I hope it holds up!

  • Apparently CBC numbers must have doubled if Josh, you and I watched because I was about to post a CBC show post about Jpod, Sophie and MVP (but in the end I forgot to tape MVP).

    And yes, the lead in JPod is adorable. plus Alan Thicke! Is Alive!

  • I want to see MVP!!!! Interesting enough promo and very footballer’s wives. I watched footballers on DVD. Loved “Tanya.” Maybe I should check for CBC programs at the video store or netflix.
    How does an American get Canadian TV? lol

  • Josh Emerson

    This American gets Canadian TV through BitTorrent downloading. And since downloading is legal in Canada, I’m just going to pretend I’m doing nothing wrong (I actually don’t know if I am or not) haha

    What is Sophie about? I saw that one available but haven’t seen a description.

  • WOW Josh,

    You must be the only American to pirate Canadian shows. That’s nuts! Have you tried watching online via cbc.ca?

    scsc β€”Β fess up. You for sure work for CBC don’t you! Is you real name Ron MacLean?!

  • Adam

    You may want to check out “The Border” – its supposed to be a drama about the “significant” security threats Canada has from various border leaks. In alot of ways it reminds me of regenesis.

    In the traditional Canadian way we are shown as super nice, honest and very PC. The american homeland security agent breaks all the rules is an arrogant b-i-t-c-h etc. Of course our politicians are total push overs for the americans… (this part is surpisingly true… sigh)

    Its almost like watching the inner workings of ottawa πŸ™‚ err cept its based in Toronto (I think my car was in the first episode…)

    Never doubt downloading is your friend.. (I keep missing it when it airs on cbc)

  • scsc

    Close TV Addict…very close!

  • maybe i’ll start watching the CBC… the only thing ive ever watched on it is the hour, but this show seems above par for canadian shows.