GILMORE GIRLS Alum Alert: Matt Czuchry Guests on Tonight’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

matt czuchry gilmore girls

Just in case you needed further incentive to tune into tonight’s stellar episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS — and judging by the show’s anemic rating, you clearly do — this TV Addict thought he’d remind all of you still suffering through GILMORE GIRLS withdrawal that Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntsburger) shows up in Dillon Texas for the first of four appearances. Czuchry plays a conservative Christian radio show host who not surprisingly, catches Rory’s Lyla’s eye.

Which means, it’s time to help out the perennially under-watched FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and prove you really believe in TV theme songs. Will you really ‘lead where they follow.’ And by ‘they’ I naturally mean GILMORE GIRLS alumni? Lorelai would, as would Sooki. So don’t be an Emily. Don’t miss tonight’s incredible and completely reality TV free installment of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Airing tonight at 9PM on NBC and Global TV in Canada.

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  • Carl

    There was a much more exiting alum around this episode! Francis Capra or Weevil from our beloved Veronica Mars!

  • Carl,

    While nice to see actor Francis Capra get work, very disappointed in Weevil! I thought he was on the road to becoming a productive citizen of society! What a step back.