WGA & Studio BigWigs Agree to Talks

Perhaps motivated by the successful negotiations between the Directors Guild and the AMPTP, the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) and various studio executives have agreed to meet and attempt to get negotiations underway in hopes of settling the now 4 month long strike. Negotiations broke off between the WGA and AMPTP on December 7th. Award season may also be a factor in renewing the negotiations, with the Golden Globes a hollow shell of it’s former self, Hollywood would do pretty much anything to prevent the Academy Awards from meeting the same fate. [Source: theREELaddict]

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  • Oh my god, you actually gave me credit for something! In a round-about kind of way, but still!

  • shanna

    I would hesitate to call the DGA negoitation “successful”. The writers and directors have different goals and the studios have exploited that.