While watching last night’s installment of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, this TV Addict couldn’t help but thinking of one thing; GILMORE GIRLS. Weird, I know… but having visited the set of THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES last fall, one can’t blame me for the skewed perspective.

What the average viewer might not realize is that TERMINATOR shoots its series on the exact same Warner Bros. lot that used to be occupied by none other than America’s favorite mother/daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Oddly enough, the similarities don’t end there. Consider the following.

• Overbearing and controlling mother Emily Gilmore was intent on molding Lorelai into the ideal replicant of herself. Lorelai rebelled by running away to Stars Hollow. Sarah Connor ran away as well. Well, time-travelled to Los Angeles to escape a group of power mad robots intent on annihilating the human race. An angry Emily Gilmore or a killer robot — who’s scarier?

• Lorelai raised a teenage daughter with the help of random townspeople. Sarah raises a teenage son with the help of random robots.

• Cameron, being a robot has issues fitting in. Looking back on seven years of GILMORE GIRLS, the same exact think could be said about Kirk. Did anyone even bother to ask creator Amy Sherman-Palladino if Kirk was human? Think about it!

• Did anyone else notice the jeep Sarah drove in last night’s episode? Call me crazy, but is that not the same jeep made famous by Lorelai GIlmore?

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  • I keep missing the similarities between the T:tSCC settings and the Stars Hollow sets.

    Any chance you can point out which scenes in T:tSCC use Stars Hollow?

  • Todd,

    Once the TERMINATOR sites post their screen caps from the episode, I’ll point a few things out for you.

  • I had no idea Stars Hollow had become the Terminator set. It sort of makes me sad. It also makes me want to watch really closely and squeal THAT WAS LUKES or THAT WAS MISS PATTY’S and piss off those around me.

  • David Dean

    Yea….same studio…..DIFFERENT SETS…but lol yea that would be fun! I think….(supprisingly) I miss Gilmore Girl’s the most from last year….I hated the ending but the show will live on …in my top ten list of all-time TV shows!

  • David,

    Same Studio Same Sets! The Connor House we’re they’re hiding out in. Literally across the street from Lorelai and Rorys. The ‘school’ where the girl committed suicide yesterday…. really just on top of a WB sound stage!

  • Stephanie

    *snort* I love Kirk…hehehehe.