We Uncover the Identity of GOSSIP GIRL

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Good afternoon Upper East-siders, TV Addict here with some scandalicious scoop related to the CW’s most addictive new show GOSSIP GIRL.

Rumor has it, that whenever the WGA strike ends, JS and SS (that’s GOSSIP GIRL executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for those of you out of the loop) will reveal the true identity behind the show’s titular character. To discover who he (or she) is,

connor Paolo

The ‘how’ and ‘when’ have yet to be decided, but if we’re to believe the NY Daily News, GOSSIP GIRL GUY is non other than Connor Paolo’s Eric van der Woodsen. Can’t wait to see how JS and SS begins to explain that one!

Stay Tuned…xoxo, TV Addict

[Update] NYmag.com has their own theory. Agree/Disagree? Discuss.

Thanks to the NY DAILY NEWS for the Tip!

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  • Wow, didn’t see that one coming. But then again, he seems a logical choice; all the others are too involved in thestorylines. Eric is slightly more removed from it all.

    Is the identity ever revealed in the book series?

  • Hey Melinda,

    Thanks to the WGA strike, I’ve started reading the book series, but I’m only halfway through book one. Perhaps a more seasoned GG fan can help us out with that question.

  • a-w

    I can’t belive he is GG..!!

    When are they revealing this on the show..?

  • Chris

    Hmmm…that makes Eric’s comment about how many of Serena’s conversations he listens to much more interesting.

    But even he’s revealed, they better not kill KB’s narration!

  • Stef

    Isn’t it WAY to early to drop that bomb?!?! Shouldn’t that be something reserved for like THE SERIES FINALE?

    I kind of like that we don’t know who she is, and it kind of bums me out that it’s him a little. I don’t fully believe that it IS Eric. Things don’t really seem to match up…

  • Josh Emerson

    That’s odd. I remember reading about the book series before and seeing that GG’s identity was never revealed. Strange that they’d want to reveal something like this in Season One, if it’s true. And that it’d be a guy…

  • Chris

    I think it’d be more interesting if Eric wasn’t GG, but S and B found out that he’s been contributing (likely info about them) to the web site. Perhaps as a way to lash out at Serena?

  • Well, I don’t believe it one second either. It doesn’t make sen that they would reveal who GG is, mostly because (a) it way too early on, and (b) who cares ? It’s never really been a mystery !

    Either way, my bet would be there’s not just one person behind that name…


    Oh and I just read that no, in the book the identity of GG is never revealed, which makes it even harder to believe they would “give her one” on the show…

  • ct

    In the first book, which I read recently, there’s something — which I can’t remember at the moment — which I recall seeming like a HUGE giveaway that Serena was, in fact, GG. But I agree with those who don’t buy this. It just seems silly that they would give away the revelation in season one. Especially when you have an opening credit sequence in which GG says “Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell!”

  • Jenny!

    u got 2 b freakin kittin me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are the creators really going to reveal the most important secret of the whole series this way???

    i have my doubts….. it doesnt make sense at all.

  • christine

    well in the book series it is never revealed because there is going to be a spin off…
    but in the last book there are hints that its blair….
    but then again the pregnancy scare isnt in the books….

    if viewers are depending on the written series, then gg is sooooooo not gonna be blair…..but i doubt it’s eric….it must be someone with tons of lemons making juicy lemonade….(if that made sense)

  • ubiyntang

    ew, thats kinda freak. how come gossip girl turn to gossip guy? lol
    it will be better if the real gossip girl is unidentify.

  • Dana

    I have read all the books and the identity of Gossip Girl is never revealed. The author has said in interviews though that the point of Gossip Girl is that she has no real identity. She is all of us, wanting to get a glimpse of the lives of these people who have everything. She never plans to reveal who Gossip Girl, because I think she is a character we do not know. She is now writing a sequel series of Gossip Girl books without Blair and Serena and Dan and Nate… Gossip Girl is not any of these people then. Also the books are so different than the show. The show could be doing something the books never did because by this time they are so different.

  • Well


  • Maria

    I remember a interviewer witht eh creators of GG in October and they said they were NOT going to reveal the identitly of Gossip Girl…because she’s just a narrator…not really anyone.

    Personally, Eric would seem like a logical choice (mostly because I didn’t see it coming) but I don’t think they would reveal it. That’s not the point of the show.

  • Rach

    If we are going by the books its definitly not her brother. in the books her brother is older and only plays a small part in them, i want the gossip girl that the author picked not the tv producers!!