Last night’s episode was an interesting one. In stark contrast to the show’s first two, there wasn’t so much of an over-arching mission as little stories that will undoubtedly pay off big as the show progresses.

First off, Sarah meets a cell phone salesman. What was interesting about young Andy Goode? Well, for one he was an intern at Skynet who used to work under Miles Dyson. And more relevant to Sarah’s current mission to save civilization, he may have been the man responsible for the human race’s destruction. Turns out in his spare time, Mr. Goode liked to toy with a little robots that liked to play chess. Thankfully, Sarah burned down his house by episodes end. Thus, saving the earth. We think…

Meanwhile, John and Cameron attended their first day of high school and meet their scariest enemy to date — high school girls. Unfortunately, having time travelled over 2004, both John and Cameron missed the release of Linday Lohan’s MEAN GIRLS and were not prepared for the bitchiness that awaited them. Killer Robots vs. Mean Girls. Our money’s on the girls.

And finally, FBI Agent Ellison continues to remain hot on Sarah’s trail. Check back on Monday for our fantastic interview with actor Richard T Jones. Not surprisingly, at least to-date, he’s far more entertaining in person. Can’t wait until he catches up to the Connors.

Got an opinion with regards to last night’s episode. Post away!

  • James Beswick

    The series is doing an excellent job of avoiding the obvious ‘Terminator of the Week’ storyline that you’d expect in a TV show. It’s absorbed the plot development ideas that were great at the height of the X-Files, while thinking laterally about some of the possibilities of the Terminator story culture. Great casting, great show – can’t wait to see more.

    Having said that, I’m more than a little concerned about the effect of the writer’s strike, since I noticed Fox are jumping two weeks until the next installment.

  • James,

    The reason TERMINATOR isn’t on next week of due your president’s state of the union. D’OH!

  • Josh Emerson

    Great episode. I loved it when Cameron was in the bathroom with the other girls. It’s too bad that idiot is going to be on next week instead of normal programming.

    Why did you list B&S in the title?

  • Josh, Completely my fault! An old title was in the site’s cache.

  • shanna

    I missed last night’s episode because the power in my bilding went out! I love Richard T. Jones character. He is probably the most interesting for me. I hope they rerun Terminator later in the week.

  • Melissa


    You can watch the episodes on They have a new OnDemand section. I don’t know how fast they get them uploaded though. Hope you get to watch it… it was a good episode!

  • Good episode, although not feeling the the whole acting “like a robot” persona they’re having Cameron portray. I’m a stickler for consistency. She didn’t come off as a clueless robot to humanlike behavior in school during the first episode, which was great. She did however for the rest of the episode, which was fine. It seemed to imply that if the situation called for a more humanlike touch she could do it. Let’s hope they fix it or meld those differences together.

  • jack, I agree about the consistency thing, though I doubt they’ll fix it, per se–there are always adjustments between the pickup of the pilot and the development of the rest of the season, so unless they reshoot the pilot, some things can seem like errors.

    I have a theory about Cameron, though, and her origins.

    I’m loving the show, overall, and am SO grateful to have it when everything else I watch has run out!