Last night, the TV Addict was so desperate for original programming that I tuned into THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. While on paper the show sounded intriguing; answer questions truthfully for the chance to win half a million dollars. The reality is far from it. Turns out that reveling in the misery of others is not as entertaining as it sounds and in the end, I simply felt dirty just for tuning. Rest assured I won’t be making that mistake again. (On a somewhat related note: Help me WGA negotiating team… your my only hope!)

The same can’t be said for CASHMERE MAFIA. Critics be damned, I’m loving this show. It’s light, fluffy and the perfect antidote to the grossness of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. Did anyone else catch Bonnie Summerville’s ‘Nolita’ shout-out to hers and Darren Star’s previous brilliant but cancelled series KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL? And those tired of Caitlin’s is-she-or-isn’t-she lipstick lesbian story, take note. In a recent interview with the TV Addict (to be posted soon) Summerville revealed that the question of her ‘team’ will be dealt with in two weeks. As will Juliet’s status with husband of the year* Davis (*note sarcasm). How much fun was watching Juliet literally kick Davis to the curb? Of course my favorite moment of the night goes to Zoe. Who’s quickly turned into the show’s most entertaining and likable character. Not only did she totally pull off a fantastic birthday for her son, she managed to save an enormous business deal in the midst of all the paintball chaos. Pretty much, the coolest mom ever. I wonder how long until her marriage starts crumbling?

Agree, Disagree, Post away!

  • Crowned rules!

    Moment of Truth is a fine show to pass time. You had to know what it was going to be. We were all voyeurs into the contestant possibly losing his family and getting yelled at. I enjoyed it and was squirming along with the contestants. The only things I would suggest is cut down on the commericials and the long pauses and give us a FOLLOW UP offstage with the contestants. Now that would be awesome!

  • becky

    I really agree about the moment of truth show! I thought it was going to be entertaining but in the end felt realllllllly bad and guilty. A lot of these people are going to hurt a lot of people and have their lives changed by this show in a negative way and i definitely will not be tuning in again.

  • Crowned rules!

    Really, what did you expect? Did you not see the hundreds of commercials that ran for this show beforehand? Did you think they were editing the audience reaction and embarassment on the contestants faces and the loved ones in said commercials?

    It is what it is. It is entertaining, but its demeaning entertainment. Anyone could have seen that from the promos.

    Accept it for what it is–trainwreck television (like Rock of Love, Tila Tequila, Crowned, Paradise Hotel, Meet My FOlks, Age of Love, shall I go on???????)

  • Im also loving cashmere mafia and its turning into one of the few saving graces of the strike (that and TV on DVD, Ive barely noticed the strike since Ive been busy watching the entire series of Six Feet Under on DVD).
    I really dont think Zoe’s marriage will fall apart though- I really like Eric (that is his name right?) and think that if they’re going to keep the show dynamic they need at least 1 of the ladies in a long term commited relationship (see Private Practice and how it would be a lot better if they had kept sam and naomi married so there would be at least 2 characters not stuck in high school single status). Im not sure where they can take her story though, now that she’s both shut down Catherine and found a way to balance work and family.
    on a seperate note: I hope jason sticks around, he played Walter on Grey’s and is thoroughly charming.

  • Josh Emerson

    I wouldn’t say I felt “guilty” or “bad” for watching The Moment Of Truth at all. The problem I had with the show is its slow pace. Like so many other reality shows, they try to build suspense and drag out the answers so much that it winds up being really boring.

    Although given the choice, I’ll watch TMOT anytime before I’ll watch Cashmere Mafia.

  • OMG I’m also slowly falling in love with Cashmere Mafia. At first I had the same sense of shame when I was addicted to Moonlight, but just as with Moonlight more and more people who love the show are coming forward so we can embrace it without being judged by TV snobs! Woohoo!