America Continues to Disappoint the TV Addict

It’s time to play everybody’s favorite new game show THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.

Question: Were you one of the 23 million American’s who helped turn Wednesday’s series premiere of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH into FOX’s biggest premiere of the year?

If so, thanks for contributing another nail into the coffin that’s quickly becoming quality scripted dramas and comedies.

Of course, this TV Addict’s going to let you all off the hook this week. Because truth be told, even I, an ardent reality-TV-hater couldn’t help but sample the first thirty-minutes of Fox’s [to paraphrase TV Guide’s Matt Roush] “new bottom-of-the-reality-barrel time-waster.”

That said, I won’t be making the same mistake twice. Will you?

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  • James

    No show has made me more disappointed in the direction TV is going…

    I should point out that I tuned in and will continue to tune in.

  • CrownedRules

    “If so, thanks for contributing another nail into the coffin that’s quickly becoming quality scripted dramas and comedies.”

    We are not killing it. If we want to watch tv, what are we going to do? We are not striking the writers are. While I support them, to say we are doing it because we watch a program is ridiculous.

    I am all for the writers, but guess what….I watch Jon Stewart and Colbert without them. Life goes on.

    AS FOR MOMENT OF TRUTH…First of all, part of that 23 million was part of the 26 million lazy Ass*es who didn’t change the channel after American Idol. That being said…Yes I will watch it again. It is trainwreck television at its worst. And I love that. Plus, if you look at next Wednesday, it is one of the only “new” things on–along with One Tree Hill, which I consider worse then Moment of Truth.

    As I wrote in another comment page—Really, what did you expect? Did you not see the hundreds of commercials that ran for this show beforehand? Did you think they were editing the audience reaction and embarassment on the contestants faces and the loved ones in said commercials?

    It is what it is. It is entertaining, but its demeaning entertainment. Anyone could have seen that from the promos.

    Accept it for what it is–trainwreck television (like Rock of Love, Tila Tequila, Crowned, Paradise Hotel, Meet My FOlks, Age of Love, shall I go on???????)

  • James,

    Premise aside… didn’t you find the show boring and poorly paced. You almost could PVR it and fast forward through 90% of the show.

  • James

    HA…that is exactly what I did TVaddict. It just watched the question, the answer and the families response to the answer. THere is no need to watch the buildup and the unnecessary banter between the host and the family/contestant.

    But if you watch the show and analyze how its been structured, you can tell that the creators really put a lot of thought behind it. For instance, the bump up is well timed from 25K to 100K, almost forcing somebody to take the bait and answer 4 more questions. And the fact that the contestant does not win money incrementally after every question but in stages after answering a number of questions locks the contestant into the seat.

  • Josh Emerson

    As far as the writers strike goes, I don’t think that watching this or any other reality show is any worse than watching the late night shows that don’t have writers. But honestly, are you going to quit watching TV just to support the writers? It really doesn’t even matter unless you have a Nielsen box.

    That said, I won’t bother watching this show anymore. It was wayyyyy too slow and boring.

  • Josh,

    It’s not so much about not watching TV to support the writers. It’s really about the fact that when reality TV shows pull in these massive numbers, what’s to motivate a network like FOX to pour millions into a high concept action/drama like TERMINATOR?

  • Stef

    TV Addict…I agree with you completely. While I will admit to watching Idol (I don’t think it’s going anywhere) and Rock of Love because I love me some Bret Michaels… Reality TV has become the downfall of prime time television.

    Why would the networks work on creating quality new shows and investing more money in current shows at high costs, when they can make a reality show with next to nothing…

    And while I do watch some reality TV, it is not all I want to see. With the exception of the two shows I named above, I would pick a scripted drama or sitcom ANYDAY OF THE WEEK over reality TV.

    I know times have changed, and some of the stuff we’re getting is good… but really, does everyone need a show? From Snoop Dogg to the Kardashians (did I spell that right) all we are getting is the same old stuff, recycled over and over again.

    That all being said, I hated the Moment of Truth. And I won’t be watching again. Not because of the reality vs. scripted issue, but because it was terrible.

  • Josh Emerson

    True. It’s the same way NBC is getting better ratings with American Gladiators and Apprentice than they were with 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights. The problem is that most of us can’t do anything about it, since they still use that outdated ratings system. And apparently they only give boxes to who love to watch awful shows.

  • KaeDee

    I have no idea what The Moment was like, as I didn’t tune in. When was it on? The only reality type shows I’ve ever watched are Bravo’s Top Chef and Project Runway.

    During this strike, I’ll watch reruns of my favorite shows, then I’ve been exploring some new shows via Netflix, like Hex, Las Vegas, Torchwood and Primeval. Plus, I’ve been watching some series I have on DVD like Farscape. If America proves it will watch whatever, whatever is what we’ll get. Personally, I don’t want to settle for that – is TV as we knew it over?

  • Tim

    Funny that you rip people for watching it, even though you did, too. Especially since you were shilling it earlier in the week, while interviewing it’s creator.

  • I skipped this one- the only reality show I have any interest in is American Idol. The game shows are just idiotic and pointless. I have been watching my DVDs too- am seriously behind on SGA and am working on catching up, I also have Californication on my DVR that I am doling out slowly to savor it.
    Supernatural and Smallville are back this week , Chuck is done, I don’t watch LOST , Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles is a repeat this week due to the State of the Onion address as we call it- I am getting very close to being forced to actually turn off the tv and read something…..horrors!