An UGLY BETTY Conundrum

wilhameina slater ugly betty

The TV Addict is no lawyer and much like Stephen Colbert I don’t see color. That said, surely I’m not the only UGLY BETTY fan who’s sensing a flaw in Wilhelmina Slater’s master plan. How exactly does she expect to inherit the Bradford billions by passing off Christina’s baby (courtesy of Bradford’s old man sperm) as her own? Again, I’m no doctor (I’m a TV Addict damn it!). But in theory, if a baby were to come out of Wilhelmina Slater, wouldn’t it be black? Or at least a little less white than the one-two combination of Bradford Meade and Christina McKinney?

Think the prolonged WGA Strike has affected the your friendly neighborhood TV Addict’s faculties. Check out a photo of Vanessa Williams real-life family!

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  • The baby is Willie & Bradford’s, Wilhelmina just can’t carry the baby so she got Christina to carry it for her.

  • For some reason I was under the impression that this was being completely done in secret.

    But fine Tim G, ruin my witty post firt thing in the morning!

    Also, why wouldn’t Christina simply say it’s her baby, thus solving her serious money issues by ‘marrying into’ the Bradford Billions?

  • Gabi

    It is Willis baby so it will probably have a little colour. so there is no way Christina can say it’s hers. And they can just to a test after the baby is born to see who are the parents if anyone wondered. But what I am wondering though, is if everyone is suppose to belive that W is carying the child (like will she be fake being pregnant), and if so what is C gonna say during pregnancy? that it’s her baby? maybe she’ll have a “miscarrige” when she is almost 9 months pregnant?

    sorry for my english

  • Ggrrl

    Christina can’t say it’s her baby – it will be half black! It’s Willie’s biological child, after all.

  • ktyler

    It’s Wilhelmina’s egg fertilized with Bradford’s sperm… just implanted into Christina’s womb. Christina’s DNA won’t be involved at all, she’s just carrying the baby.

  • ktyler… thanks for the clarification. Obviously I’m not Doctor, but I always assumed it was the surrogate’s egg and the father’s sperm. I didn’t know what you just explained was possible!

    Who says TV isn’t educational?!

  • *showtime

    AMEN TVaddict!
    i think television taught me everything i know!

  • TV Addict, quit doing your Amanda impression and get on the ball.

    Oh, and how freaking funny was Amanda’s song at the end?

  • Tim G.

    Oddly enough I was meaning to comment that I think it’s time to wrap up the whole Amanda/Daddy story-line. It’s getting a little tired. As is what’s becoming Becki Newton’s go-to acting move — the ‘Amanda Sneer’

  • Josh Emerson

    What?! The Amanda storyline last night was by far the best part of the show! That song was so awesome, and so was Gene Simmons’ appearance. I hope they bring him back for future episodes once the strike is over.

  • Obviously, the writers have written Vanessa Williams character into a corner. The character has been fired from MODE and all she can think of is “hhmm, I’ll have his baby.’ Willie needs to watch some old “Dynasty” reruns and get a clue from Alexis. lol Take over the boardroom and become everyone’s boss.

  • The bigger problem is that since Claire is out and free what does this heir really mean? I thought Claire own Meade publication and she has two kids who are next in line before this baby will be born. These new story lines are not very entertaining. They should just focus more on Mark and Mandy. They are the only fun characters in the whole show.