SAG Awards Live Blog

9:54PM: Daniel Day Lewis just dedicated his Best Actor SAG award to Heath Ledger. Unparalleled acting ability aside, you heard it here first, Lewis just sealed his Oscar win.

9:39PM: Ruby Dee wins for Female Supporting Actress in a Drama for her work in AMERICAN GANGSTER. Which would excite me more if I knew who Ruby Dee was or if I’d seen AMERICAN GANGSTER.

9:36PM: Viggo Mortensen or Jeremy Irons? You decide.

9:27PM: Is their some sort of unwritten rule requiring every award show’s ‘In Memoriam’ to use the soundtrack to THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION?

9:25PM: Queen Latifah wins for Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries. Unfortunately, she is not in attendance and thus will not be bringing down da house.

9:18PM: Is it wrong that I’m sometimes okay when an actor isn’t in attendance to accept an award?

9:10PM: Charles Durning receives a lifetime achievement award. Offers up a classy short and sweet acceptance speech. Future winners take note.

8:53PM: Wait a tick! All the glitz and glamour of the SAG awards is really a rouse in order to teach us about the Guild’s history. Memo to SAG. If I wanted to learn, I wouldn’t be watching TV.

8:51PM: Best Ensemble in a TV Comedy goes to THE OFFICE. Can you really argue with the brilliance of the Dunder Mifflin denizens. Well, I’m going to try. Love THE OFFICE. But they’ve already won. 30 ROCK’s was robbed. Dot Com, Grizz are not going to be happy.

8:49PM: HBO’s Jeanne Tripplehorn presents with SHOWTIME’s Michael C. Hall… awkward.

8:42PM: The SAG Awards finally do what every other award show on the planet couldn’t seem to manage to do: Ensure Tony Shaloub walks away empty handed for MONK! Congrats Alec Baldwin.

8:40PM: Tina Fey wins. How badly do I want her to take out her acceptance speech and say…. I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press. (Note: First Writer’s Guild Thank You. Tina Fey, you’re all class.)

8:27PM: Anyone else mad that THE SOPRANOS walked away with Best Ensemble in a drama over MAD MEN? Get it… because the show’s called MAD MEN! (Yes I know what you’re thinking, why is this TV Addict not a member of the WGA yet?)

8:23PM: Commercial Break #1, Still waiting for that first WGA shout out.

8:15PM: If THE SOPRANOS are going to walk away with everything, please tell me now so I can switch over to THE SIMPSONS.

8:10PM: Zac Efron Actor, Debra Messing Cougar.

8:00PM: I’m sitting on my couch, watching a bunch of really good looking people make me laugh on television. My name is Daniel, I’m an actor.. oh wait…a TV Addict. Pretty smart opening. Wonder which WGA member came up with that idea?

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  • Josh C.

    gag me now the sopranos took it all……did they deserve to win……absolutely not

  • Josh C.

    javier bardem or break……….shame into the wild didnt get more oscar attention……come on comedy tv awards i want me some tina fey

  • It looks like even when Actors give awards to Actors, they still get caught up in awarding the end of something and not necessarily the most deserving, namely DEXTER’s Michael C. Hall for Best Actor in a Drama.

  • Jason, So bitter Michael C Hall hasn’t walked away with any kind of gold statue this year. Who does he have to kill…. oh wait…

  • Finally, Alec Baldwin gets recognition of his outstanding work on 30 ROCK. And, totally agree with you about Michael C. Hall.

  • Josh C.

    i dont watch the office but i gotta say was anything funnier than 30 Rock? i mean it wont best actor and actress for a reason………long live Michael C Hall he will win someday

  • SimplyKimberly

    The great thing about the Soprano’s wins is that they are NEVER going to get the nod again. I was so disappointed that Glenn Close didn’t win best actress. I know JG and EF are tremendous talents, but come on! Give it someone else for a change who is equally as talented.

    But Tina Fey winning best comedic actress made me cheer. I am a brand new 30 Rock fan and she has to be the funniest woman on tv.

  • Hil

    Wasn’t the Sopranos, oh, cool four years ago? Feels like it has been off air for ages and shouldn’t even be up for awards anyway. *yawn* Its a big part of why I don’t bother following the awards show these days. I was hoping we’d be free of its iron grip. Guess next year maybe. I’m sure they’ll find a way to get it nominations anyway.

  • tdot

    Yay, Alec and Tina noth won. congrats. Was The Office funnier than 30 Rock this year.Hell to tha No, but hey, im still happy for them.

    Thx, for the living blogging TVAddict.

  • Thanks for the thxs tdot.

    So, what’s everybody doing to pass the time during the never-ending Charles Durning tribute?

  • MimiT

    Agree with all the negative Sopranos comments. Stupid show — over and done. What is the deal! Who cares? I TURNED OFF THE SHOW!

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m happy with the results. Finally, Alec Baldwin is given the award he deserves! I’m also not too disappointed with the Comedy Ensemble award. 30 Rock has been better than The Office this year, but you still can’t deny the strength of The Office’s cast. They are awesome.

  • Luke

    Yeah, it’s a crying shame Michael C. Hall hasn’t won any major awards yet for Dexter. Maybe he should get a better publicist or something. Doesn’t matter what kind of awards, promo and politics count a lot.

  • Sarah

    The soundtrack for the ‘In Memoriam’ bit was from Legends of the Fall, not the Shawshank Redemption…but yeah same point.

  • shanna

    Ok just so you know, admitting that you DON’T know who Ruby Dee is doesn’t make you look good. I suggest you do a little research. She’s only one of the most talented, well-established and hardest working Black actresses in the business and is a great humanitarian.