The Top 6 Reasons why the WGA Strike will be resolved in time for the Oscars

Reason #5: New episodes of most of our favorite television shows are becoming as scarce as laughter in an ACCORDING TO JIM studio audience. [For a handy guide to how many episodes are left of your favorite shows, click here]

Reason #4: It’s one thing to help shut-down the Golden Globes, but the Writer’s Guild of America will face a far more serious backlash, not to mention PR nightmare if they help put the kibosh to Hollywood’s most important night of the year. How else will millions of woman around the world know what to wear on the off chance that they’re invited to an event with a red carpet?

Reason #3: Billy Bush’s Golden Globe Performance. ‘Nuff said.

Reason #2: The accountants of Price Waterhouse Coopers spend weeks carefully tabulating the awards results. Do they not deserve their moment in the sun. For the love of God, will someone please think about the accountants!

Reason #1: Because Nikkie Finke said so.

And the only reason that counts: Money. Be it actor, producer, studio, network or writer, the Oscars equals millions to everyone involved. Actors who walk away with a little golden statute can double their asking price. Nominated films see a substantial boost in both theatrical and DVD revenue following the awards. And the telecast itself, often referred to as the Super Bowl for woman generates millions in advertising for broadcaster ABC.

If there’s one thing everyone Hollywood understands, it’s money. Hence, the show must will go on.

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