Win a GPS Garmin Street Pilot with TAVA and the TV Addict

john stamos tava

Winning fantastic celebrity swag just got easier.

In celebration of the launch of their latest drink, the TV Addict has teamed up with TAVA, the new caffeine-free vitamin-infused drink from Pepsi to give away some fantastic prizes. Or more specifically, one really fantastic GPS Street Pilot from Garmin (Actual value of not getting lost when driving to your friend’s house, priceless.)

Now, you’re probably wondering; Hey TV Addict — what exactly does TAVA have to do with TV? Well, FULL HOUSE and ER star John Stamos likes it (see photo!), and seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Simply Become a Fan of the TV Addict on Facebook and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Winners will be notified via Facebook message in one week.

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tavaChristy Lighty and Lil Jon

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  • Claudia

    Aaah good old John Stamos 🙂 According to, it’s hitting stores tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • The TV Addict has teamed up with TAVA.