Exclusive Interview: HOUSE Star Robert Sean Leonard

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In tonight’s brand new episode of HOUSE, America’s favorite doctor suspects that a mysteriously paralyzed woman (played by America’s favorite deputy assistant to the deputy chief of staff; THE WEST WING’s Janel Moloney) is withholding vital information about her condition.

And in the spirit of tonight’s belated Christmas themed episode, the TV Addict thought he’d publish his own belated interview with actor Robert Sean Leonard who plays House’s foil and quite possibly only friend Dr. Wilson.

With your two to three scenes per episode, would you say you’ve pretty much got the best job on television?
Robert Sean Leonard: I’ve got the best job in Hollywood.

Do you ever long for a more substantial role in the series?When it came to pilot season, I first read NUMB3RS and thought, “Well that’s way too much work.” HOUSE is great, because my character doesn’t work too much.

There’s immense pressure when you’re the face on the coin. Hugh [Laurie] is our show. His face is our show, he’s literally on every advertisement. I don’t think I’d enjoy being that guy. The job I have is great.

I’ve read that you’ve had to turn down some movie and theatre roles because of the show. Does a part of you wish you could be on screen even less?
Not if I didn’t get paid! No, what I’m doing right now is this show and making a great deal of money, which is great. There have been a bunch of plays that I’ve been sorry to miss. For instance, it was heartbreaking to have to turn down Tom Stoppard’s THE COAST OF UTIPIA at Lincoln Center. I had a hard time watching it because I wanted to be in it so badly. All my friends were there, including Tom, but that’s life.

What can you tell us about this season. Can fans expect any change to the House/Wilson relationship?
I’m very happy playing the friend of House. But I’m always up for new stuff. I enjoyed working with David Morse a lot last year. But again, I’m also the laziest man in show business! When I read scripts and realize I only have two scenes, I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a celebration for me. More time to watch THE DOG WHISPERER.

Do you have a dog?
We have two dogs. Mutts mostly. My fiance travels a lot, well she can’t anymore. But initially she wanted a dog to take on the plane. She won’t check the dog underneath the plane.

I would never put my dog MAC underneath a plane! (insert obligatory adorable photo of the TV Addict’s dog)
Dogs have to be under fourteen pounds so we had to get a Chinchua mix from the pound in New York. I got my mother a dog and that didn’t work out, that’s how we ended up with two.

Can you bring them to set?
No, there are no dogs allowed on the entire FOX lot. Very strange and I wish it would change. When I’m working sixteen hour days, it would be nice to not have to drop them off at daycare all the time.

Are you enjoying the new additions to House’s team?The new actors are really fun to work with. After four years, you get a little jaded and it’s great to be around a bunch of people who are really excited to be there.

Don’t miss tonight’s brand new episode of HOUSE (9PM on FOX and GLOBAL TV in Canada)

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    Love me some RSL.

    Thanks for the interview!

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    He gave his mom a dog as a gift?

    That’s never a good idea, giving pets as a gift.

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    RSL in Numb3rs…ahh, now that’d be a dream come true. =P

    Can’t imagine anyone else playing Wilson though, so I’ll stick with the RSL/Wilson lurve. xD

    Great interview!

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