Good, Bad and Ugly News for TV Fans

Good News: ONE TREE HILL got some serious media exposure in today’s NY Times. Bad News: For glamorizing teen pregnancy and being wildly unrealistic. Ugly News: Thanks to a never-ending WGA Strike, we’re still watching! [see link]

Good News: CBS has teamed up with Canada’s CTV to shoot 13 episodes of a cop show titled FLASHPOINT starring Enrico Colantoni. Bad News: The TV Addict may or may not have a mild restraining order placed on him when it comes to VERONICA MARS alumni! Ugly News: When the writer’s finally return to work, will their be any jobs left in Hollywood? [see link]

Good News: Conan O’brien shaves his beard. Bad News: This is what passes for big news these days. Ugly News: What’s next? Craig Ferguson becomes an American citizen? Too late! [see link]

  • Don’t you wish you could kidnap everyone involved in Veronica Mars, put them in an isolated warehouse, and make them churn out and act new scripts for your viewing pleasure, and then perhaps maybe even force them to write you into the show as Logan’s love interest? Is this just me? It’s not, right?

  • Just for the record, I like watching One Tree Hill and even if the writers stike wasn’t going on and there was more shows to watch, I would still watch One Tree Hill ever week, I just wish the show didn’t have K-Fed in it, he has had his 15 minutes of fame, now he’s a father.

  • More UGLY News:

    NBC has renewed CELEBRITY APPRENTICE for another season.

  • Josh Emerson

    When did realism become a requirement for TV shows? Why does One Tree Hill have to be realistic but Lost can be as crazy as it wants? lol

  • Jamie Page

    LOL at NBC renewing Celeb. Appentice comment from TVA. And i agee with Josh! IMO who cares if the show is realistic or not?? Its a TV show. I watch tv to escape reality really. Some would argue that I watch entirely TOO MUCH tv.