LOST Season Four: We Want Answers!

By Special Guest Columnist: Seth C.

So I must confess that I don’t go to fan sites or chat rooms (but I do read the newspaper, which often has LOST articles) to discuss TV shows most of the ideas and theories I hear about and discuss are just between friends, my family and me. Because I love TV and become addicted to shows I love I end up thinking about them a lot and have many different ideas. I wrote about HEROES and season two but have now decided to write about LOST as we are about to embark on season four, however abbreviated it has become.

I have been a fan of Lost since day one. I have seen every episode on the date it aired and love talking about but I especially love complaining about it. Wait a second if you love it so much how can you complain about it. EASY.

The problem I have with LOST is not with any one thing-plot, writing, character development, flashbacks, flashforwards or anything else you can think of. My problem is with all of it. They keep on giving you questions, questions and more questions but rarely any answers and if they decide to give you an answer you end up with more questions out of the answers. If you don’t believe me pay attention. I have some questions to ask but please don’t answer them (if you choose to answer them) with thoughts, ideas or theories. If you have solid proof from a specific episode I’d be happy to listen otherwise we are all just speculating.

The biggest problems I’ve been thinking about are listed below, don’t even get me started on the numbers or how every character seems to be tied into another character in the flashbacks.

Where are Michael and Walt? (The cameo, in the season three finale doesn’t count because we don’t know if it was him or an illusion)

Why does Locke heal from his gunshot wound but not Shannon (or Ethan or Libby or Ana Lucia)?

Why does Mikhail heal from his multiple traumas but Boone dies?

Why do dead people keep appearing on the island? Is it the black smoke?

Was Eko murdered?

Why did Locke go to all the trouble to kill Naomi to prevent her from calling for help but then doesn’t even try to stop Jack?

Giant 3 toed statue?

We know Ben was part of Dharma. We know Ben killed off Dharma to join the Others. So who are the Others, how did they get to the island, who are they communicating with off of the island, why do they want the children and why don’t they seem to age?

How does Libby fit in to everything?

Who died in the flashforward?

If Jack’s father is truly dead then why does Jack talk about him in the flashforward as if he were still alive and does that tie in with why there was no body in the coffin?

Speaking of dead father’s what is the story with Locke’s father all of a sudden appearing on the island?

Jacob? His list? White substance?

How are there polar bears in a tropical environment with toy trucks in their cave?

How is it that Locke can walk again?

Why did the Others want Kate and Sawyer to build a runway?

Why did the Others not control the radio tower as Danielle implied?

What was the disease that wiped out Danielle’s expedition? Is that why Desmond was originally “quarantined”?

Why didn’t the Others know about Desmond and his boat?

Who are the Others in contact with off the island?

I know that is a fair number of questions and I am sure you have your own that you have contemplated.

All that I ask is that the writers start to answer these questions so they don’t cram it into the last few episodes and make the whole Lost experience feel cheap. Thursday night is quickly approaching and I can’t wait.

I would like to thank the TV Addict for allowing me to write this article and to Zack I. who gave me a lot of the ideas for this article.

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  • Jim FLynn

    “Thursday night is quickly approaching and I can’t wait.”

    Really? Could have fooled me….Remember when you said this:

    “My problem is with all of it. They keep on giving you questions, questions and more questions but rarely any answers and if they decide to give you an answer you end up with more questions out of the answers.”

    According to the first official review of “Beginning of the End” all the characters are addressed in the premiere. All themes of the season are also introduced in complete, well digested nuggets. As the review finishes, it says you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel begin to fade.

    By the way, if all things were answered, the series would probably be finished.

    Addict, next time you have a guest announcer, please don’t do it with two days to go before a premiere that MANY PEOPLE have been looking forward to. Oh, and please let it be written by guy whose pen name could be “Debbie Downer”

  • Chris

    I think complaining about questions raised in the flashforward is a little ridiculous. How could they be addressed when there hasn’t been another episode yet?

    Several of your above questions have been answered. Not going to get into here, but we do know how Locke’s dad got to the island, why Locke can walk, why certain people heal, etc.

    You also conveniently left out all the questions answered: What’s in the hatch? Why are the Others obsessed with pregnant women and children? What caused Flight 815 to crash? Where is Danielle’s daughter? Is the button real or not? How did Locke get paralyzed? What did Kate do to become a fugitive? Are Jack and Claire related? Why was Hurley in a mental institution? The list goes on and on.

    And for one love the random connections in the flashbacks (i.e. Charlie saving Nadia (Sayid’s gf) in London, Kate’s mom serving coffee to Sawyer, Kate meeting Cassidy, etc.).

  • Hil

    Quite a bit has been answered. I am really tired of people saying nothing has been answered. Think back to questions from season one or two. Many if not most have been answered or at least fleshed out. Heck, we even know more about the polar bears! We’ve met the Others. We have gotten major answers to the pasts of most characters. And yes, of course there will be more questions. Yes, the big, main question of ‘what is really going on here’ isn’t going to be answered yet. It is an ongoing story. If you read a book you don’t expect everything to be spelled out in the first chapters. Some things are in fact answered and then new questions are brought forward. That is how stories work. What amazes me is that the writers do try really hard to answer questions and people still don’t seem to pick up on them.

    Fortunately for LOST many people can watch the surface and still find it enjoyable. My dad doesn’t really piece things together well but he still enjoys the plot line of the week. Many can also pay close attention to it and find it enjoyable as well. That is why it has been this successful.

  • H

    It’s a 4-toed statue. Do you read the end of books first? Would you rather it had ended in 2 seasons? If there’s nothing left to answer the show ends. Is that what you’d prefer? If they answer all the mysteries or don’t raise new ones all we’re left with is who will Kate sleep with this week. That’s not a show I’m interested in.

  • The Continental

    Uhhh.. someone needs to send this guy to my grade three teacher to teach him how to write.

    “I have been a fan of Lost since day one. I have seen every episode on the date it aired and love talking about but I especially love complaining about it. Wait a second if you love it so much how can you complain about it. EASY.”

    Was that written by a 12-year old?

    TV addict – I’d lay off the “guest columnists” unless you also get him a “guest editor”!

  • shanna

    Wow this is all pretty harsh. I love Lost, I love the questions and the answers and the more questions but I understand if that’s frustrating to people.

    And I’m not sure if it’s really been explained why Locke heals other than “he’s special” and “connected to the island”. But anyway, I’m just along for the ride with Lost. I don’t think anybody is advocating skipping to the end of the book but some people want the action and answers to come quicker.

    And even the writers have admitted that now with the flash forwards the pace will pick up a little and more will be revealed so I think even the writers have acknowledged that Lost can sometimes move at a frustrating pace.

  • Matt

    Did I miss something? How DID Locke’s father get to the island? I don’t recall the explanation.

  • Hil

    Check out this very useful site for a refresher on Locke’s dad:

    In the show, we find out that Locke’s dad last remembers getting hit while driving his car and being lifted into an ambulance driven by very smiley medics. The medics looked very Other-ish. Thus the Others grabbed him, likely manufacturing the accident as well, and transported him to the island through one of their various methods. We don’t know what happened between them grabbing him at the accident scene and him waking up on the island but it isn’t like we need every dot connected to get the gist of it.

  • Oh my. “LOST” can be aggravating for the tv viewer who likes his answers at the end of an episode. I’ve lost “tv friends” who use to watch “LOST” with me, but dwelling on unanswered ?’s led them to frustration and tuning out. I, on the other hand, wanted answers too, but I didn’t stop watching. Why? Because “LOST” is not your average TV show. I love the mystery and six degrees of separation. Enjoy “LOST” while it is here. Haven’t we “lost’ enough good TV? Appreciate it. It’s just TV.

  • Despite all the flack you’re getting, Seth, I sympathize with you. I DO sometimes turn to the end of books (which “H” apparently finds distasteful) because if it’s really about the journey and not the destination then what’s the big deal with knowing the destination up front.

    I’m needy, and I like answers. I get through the show by focusing on the character journeys and their relationships. If I didn’t, I’d be up all night rocking like a baby and knifing theories into my wall.

  • Kelly

    I am going to have to agree with Seth. I am a huge fan of Lost but the writers do really need to explain some of the bigger questions. It was great to learn what kate did (great episode btw), or how Locke got in a wheelchair, or that Jack and Claire were bro and sis but it truly wouldnt have bothered me if i didnt know those types of things. I want to know the HUGE questions and i get that some wont be answered until the final season but the writers can at least amuse us until then and not make up anymore HUGE questions to be left unanswered until the last episode.

  • Well I’ve seen the first two episodes, and sorry, Lost still isn’t for the impatient.

  • Lydecker

    It’s always nice to read a controversial article written from a different point of view. And I have to say I’m with Seth on this one. We’re three years into the show and are still awaiting some really basic answers.
    If the writers (should this strike ever end!) choose to wait another 2 years to give us answers, they do run the risk of losing copious numbers of viewers – I know a lot of my friends are already tuning out as a result. Still – roll on season 4!

    (As for the grammar Continental, try blessing TV Addict with your abuse to as they blatantly failed to pick up on these typos before publishing it…)

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  • adrian

    please, its tv thats why we watch it when we have nothing to do in are borng lifes. lost is brilliant there is not one other single show out there like this and there never will be again so enjoy dont complain id like to see one of you lot make something like this. lost deserves to be best program ever.

  • cinthia

    I agree with Seth! I want to keep watching but it’s beginning to feel like I’m watching a soap opera. The first order of good storytelling is a beginning, middle and end, with sub plots along the way. Presenting new and unusual events is not difficult if you never weave them into the story line in a logical way. I don’t mean logical according to our reality but logical within the parameters of the premise established at the beginning of the story. (i.e. if we accept that Superman can fly we must expect the story to maintain that premise or it becomes illogical). Flashing forward, backward, out of sequence (Memento did it better AND ended in two hours before we all went crazy) coupled with presentation of too many new issues without resolving old ones (Soap Operas cornered that formula) – are going to be the end of the series. Maybe the story idea was simply not meant to drag on beyond a season or two (as it stands). I’d suggest they add Tattoo (de plane de plane) to the cast and call it Fantasy Island Returns but at least that show had a beginning, middle and end.