Since my head is still spinning from last night’s screening of CLOVERFIELD, this TV Addict has yet to catch last night’s installments of HOUSE, ONE TREE HILL and IN TREATMENT. So, aside from your general thoughts on the episodes, my questions today are three. First, is anyone dedicating thirty minutes a night to watching HBO’s IN TREATMENT? Second, were Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison thrown a bone… err line or two on last night’s installment of HOUSE? And finally, please tell me K-Fed left Tree Hill for good.

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  • Bry422

    In Treatment – Don’t subscribe to HBO

    House – Jesse was given a minute or two of screen time and a few lines. Jennifer was onscreen, but I don’t think she had any dialog. The episode was very mediocre (for House). I don’t see why “13” was chosen to be on the new team. She acts, thinks, looks, and dresses just like Cameron. She battles House on every issue and feels that “down deep” people are good and truthful (basically, everything Cameron said and did).

    No shame from FOX airing a Christamas episode a month after Christmas, though! I know all networks are holding onto epidoses, but that was a bit much.

    Again, I thought it was a weak episode. The “medical mystery” was weak, the secret Santa sub-plot was obvious, too.

  • On House, Chase had a bit but not much. Cameron as well, although not quite as much as Chase did.

    I haven’t seen the 2nd ep of In Treatment yet. Hubby & I are going to watch a week of it and see how we like it after we’ve seen 1 of each patient.

    K-Fed was not on this ep of OTH. It was pretty much all a flashback to 3 years before, right when Luke’s book got picked up for publishing, when/how he & Peyton broke up, etc. I think K-Fed will be back for 1 final ep maybe next week…

  • Sarah

    Cameron was seen in slow-mo for 10 seconds (2 in quick-mo) in one scene at the end of the episode mingling with the newbies, and no lines for her. Chase had one scene with a couple of lines and the same slow-mo scene than Cameron. And the scene made me cringe. Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer are great actors to pull a scene like that by the way they’re being treated this season. Well, that’s all I’ve seen of last night episode, the rest I don’t care.

  • Stef

    Agreed, I miss Cameron and Chase. The epsidode was good last night (I was just glad to have a real TV show back with a brand new episode) but it just isn’t the same without them!

  • Last night’s House was above average but had the potential to be excellent were it not for a few flaws.

    I agree with Bry422 that 13 is a Cameron clone. I’d go a step further and say that Kutner and Taub are the results of a Star Trek transporter accident in which Chase was split into two people (Chase’s brash side & good ideas = Taub; Chase’s kiss-butt side and bad ideas = Kutner). I’m expecting House to realize their similarities eventually and try to find a way of getting the originals back — just to have something to do.

    Didn’t mind having a Christmas episode in late January.

    The secret behind the secret Santa experiment was *very* predictable but still fun to watch in execution. They never did make a big deal about Foreman not getting House something (but, maybe he did off-camera).

    The medical twist at the end was a little gross and could have been explained a little better. I like the other twist with the “donkey” girl. That subplot started off disgusting which is why the reveal at the end was such a relief.

  • Josh Emerson

    One Tree Hill was good last night. Like already said, it was mostly a flashback episode. I thought it was interesting to see how they ended up where they did. And it seemed to me like Lucas and Brooke had more chemistry together than he does with either Peyton or the new girl.

  • ewanspotter

    Yeah, what everyone else said about Jesse and Jennifer.

    Watch their faces at the end though, as it pans in onto Chase and Cameron’s faces at the Christmas party as the newbies walk toward them. You can practically see the “Show-stealing bastards!” on the tip of their tongues as they fake smile.

  • Nate

    So what did you think of Cloverfield? I absolutely loved it. Probably the most genuinely tense and scary movie I have seen in a long time.

  • plinstrot

    In case anyone’s interested, all 5 of this weeks episodes of In Treatment are streaming for free right now at

  • Nate: I enjoyed CLOVERFIELD. I thought it was interesting, well-paced, and unlike most horror movies — provided for some genuine scares.

    I completely bought into the whole video camera conceit and thought it was a neat twist to the standard monster movie.

    That said, as someone who can’t read in the car and gets easily motion sick. It was a bit straining on the eyes to constantly be re-adjusting to ensure I didn’t get sick.

    CLOVERFIELD was a great experience, just not one I’m really itching to go back and see again. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t become the new trend (along the lines of MATRIX’s bullet-time).

  • Jamie Page

    I really enjoyed this weeks flashback episode of One Tree Hill. Helps fill in some blanks. Have to say that I think Mouths storyline with his boss is a little week. I am anxious to see what the crazy nanny has in store for us, and Daphne Zuniga is awesome so far!

  • shanna

    I love OTH if just to watch Sophia Bush. I think given the personal issues with her and Chad, she deserves an Oscar every time she has a scene with him. AND they still have more chemistry than Lucas and Peyton.

    But that’s my humble opinion. Loved the flashback and how it tied into everything. Relating it to the past as well as the future (with the bamboo). OTH is stepping up its game.