LOST Live Blog: 9PM Tonight

lost live blogging

8:56PM: “We have to go back Kate… we have to go back!” Who’s psyched for four minutes from now?

9:04PM: The Oceanic SIX…. so we’ve just confirmed that at least six of our favorite Losties got off the island. Jack, Kate and Hurley are confirmed survivors. How much more fun is LOST already? Every episode it’s going to be a surprise. Flashback or Flashforward? Are we getting a Hurley flash-forward or a Jack one?

9:07PM: What exactly did Hurley see in the convenience store? Final shot of the show prediction. We’ll discover who is in the casket.

9:18PM: Is it too early to start screaming, “I want answers?” Anyone…

9:20PM: Jack is going to feel really dumb when Benry Gale turns out to be right.

9:24PM: There was no way tall mysterious strange man was from Oceanic Airlines. No company cares about their customers that much!

9:26PM: Did Hurley just stumble across Jacob’s Cabin? Has LOST morphed into SUPERNATURAL? Scary no?

9:33PM: Naomi: “Just tell my sister I love her.” Did I miss something, who’s Naomi’s sister?

9:35PM: Here’s Jonny.. Umm… I mean Hello Hugo! Finally John Locke returns.

9:36PM: Pause and drool for MacBook Air Commercial

9:41PM: Forty-one minutes in and Claire’s already got more screen time than she did all of last season.

9:42PM: OMG CHARLIE is a ghost! Paging Sam and Dean.

9:45PM: Jack shot Locke. Seriously Shocking. Luckily the gun wasn’t loaded. But kudos to Jack for showing some cojones.

9:50PM: “Come with me if you want to live.” Umm is Locke a Terminator?

9:52PM: Choose your own adventure… who would you go with? How long until Jeff Probst shows up on the island?

9:56PM: Hurley, “It wants us to go back.” I assume Jack and Hurley are talking about the island. Would one answer kill LOSTerminds Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff. That said, Jack mentions he’s thinking of growing a beard. How many years in the future are we dealing with here. Did things just get even more interesting?

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  • David Dean


  • Matt

    Lost is actually on at 8 EST tonight. It’s 2 hours. Next week starts the 9pm broadcasts.

    Just don’t want you to miss the show!

  • I’m watching the pre-premiere recap. Has anyone else noticed that Naomi’s satellite phone has a touch screen & icons closely resembling an iPhone? ­čśë I wonder if that’s just coincidence.

  • Jasmine

    9 minutes and counting……I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Todd, to give you an idea of my iPhone level of nerdiness. While watching this week’s ONE TREE HILL last night, I was doing the math in my head. Should Lucas and Brooke really have the same iPhones that they had now as they did three years earlier via flashback. I mean hello? There’s no way CMM and Sophia Bush wouldn’t have the newest iPhones on the market

  • Jasmine

    Yeah…fianlly the wait is over!!!!

    Why did they start with a flash forward??

  • Ari

    Hey there… not packing eh? I am jumping on your bandwagon… just watched the review show….
    i of course am not as excited as you but thought I’d join your live blog

  • The Oceanic Six? Interesting. I guess we know now how many got off the island. I wonder just how famous they became.

    I like the commercial for Jumper. A movie about teleportation is far overdue, don’t ya think?

  • Ari

    hey daniel what’s that cop from? no doubt something obvious…

  • Ari

    FYI, I keep refreshing and have will be responsible for approx 500 hits today no doubt.

  • Ari,

    You can’t possible expect me to explain four years of mind-numbing mythology in five minutes! Buy, or borrow the DVDs!

  • Jasmine

    SO who do you think is really on the boat?

  • Ari

    i just wanted to know what the cop was from…. is this how you treat your posters?
    I watched the review show and am currently too busy hitting refresh to play tetris….
    is it just me or is there some grumpy in your reply to me?

  • Nina

    I’m confused… what casket?

  • Jacob

    The Other Other’s are the ones on the boat. Duh. ­čÖé

  • The cop is actually the guy who loved Brenda on 90210 way back in the day.

  • Jasmine

    OMG…was that Jacob’s house?? Could Hurley here Jacob???

  • mohammad

    holy crap
    hurley + jacob = LOL

  • pink

    Prediction: The Oceanic Six is composed of the six people who find themselves away from the crowd when the **** goes down. Example: Hurley is lost and alone. He is one of the six. Jack and Kate will be off hunting Naomi, also off on their own.

  • Ari

    Could you understand the whispers coming from Jacob’s house? How many people do ya think are following this live blog?

  • PINK: Excellent prediction.

  • Ari

    u really asking about the sister, no doubt that answer will come… gosh this show requires being patient…

  • Jasmine

    I so love/hate this show……they keep giving a million more questions without answering any of the old ones, ya know what I mean??

  • Ari

    I am not sure I have the patience… the commecrial break hasn’t even ended…
    so wait what’s the casket? I too had wanted to ask but being new obviously didn’t.

  • I agree. I think Pink is on to something. I guess it means that the six get off the island by some 2nd method, and the rest would still be stuck on the island, probably under captivity of the people on not-Penny’s boat. That could explain why Jack wants to go back so badly.

  • Okay Pink, fess up. Is your real name Damon Lindeloff?

  • mohammad


    poor claire
    looking around for charlie

  • mohammad – poor claire. She’s gotten more screen time tonight than all of last season!

  • I’m going to say the Oceanic Six are the six who WANTED to leave the island.. Jack, Kate, Hurley and the guy in the casket are probably 4 of the six. The guy in the psych ward was asking ‘if they are still alive’ meaning those losties/others who didn’t want to leave. You can make a strong case for most of the castaways to not want to leave the island.

  • Ari

    one question answered… sorta

  • follow up… Sun and Jin were looking for a new life, Rose needs to stay to feel better so bernard would stay as well, Sawyer has the law to do deal with, Locke same as Rose, Claire and the baby based on the psychic predictions, Sayid has nowhere to go ( doesn’t know his girlfriend is alive at this point )..

  • pink

    And who is Damon Lindeloff? I missed season 3 and most of season 2.

  • Pink, Damon is one of the show’s showrunners along with Carlton Cuse.

  • Pink, Damon Lindeloff is one of the producers of the show.

  • pink

    Another prediction: Ben was in the casket. Who would want to show up for his funeral? Jack showed up simply because he’s deeply affected by the whole experience. And who says Jack really took out all of that tumor?

  • Nina

    growing a beard? so hurley in the institution is before jack calls kate and says he wants to go back as well??

  • pink

    And judging by the way Jack and Hurley are acting, I would say whoever was in the casket was a suicide.

  • Pink. You are a genius! Seriously. Great comments.

  • Common Sense

    Did anyone catch the exchange between Jack & Hurley while playing basketball….where Jack said he wondered if Hurley had freaked out and “told” some big secret? That was very cryptic.

  • leoguy72388

    I am gonna take a quess here and say that Hurley was the one in the casket. If Hurley were to be killed/kill himself because of whatever happened on the island maybe it would impact Jack enough to make him realize that Hurley was right about having to go back.

    I also really loved the new dynamic of the show, the flash forwards give it a welcome breath of fresh air. Also love that they didn’t make the Oceanic 6 obvious (bc Hurley did not stay with Jack and Kate) makes you really wonder what is going to happen to change everything

  • Common Sense: Any guess as to the big secret?

  • The big secret that people were left alive on the island, I’d say. Whomever rescued them did so in exchange for not telling more than 6 of them survived.

  • Did anyone see Jack’s dad in Jacob’s house in the rocking chair? Was I alone in seeing that???

  • jp

    two things:

    it was jack’s dad as jacob with some kicking white sneakers

    second, hurley’s flash forward is right before jack went nuts and met with kate. i think the I WANT TO GROW A BEARD confirms this point.

    god i miss charlie. i was shouting when he came back realllly really HOTT only to find out he is REALLY dead

  • Common Sense

    TVA: Sadly, I’m too clueless to even hazard a guess regarding the “big secret.” There are too many possibilities, and it’s probably something we can’t even imagine.

    Is there any show you can ever recall that just leaves you shaking, wondering, blogging, speculating….like LOST. We should kiss the ground the masterminds walk on, and certainly hope ABC realizes what a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon it has in its possession.

  • Agustin

    Hi from Argentina,!

    La puta madre!!! como disfrute el capitulo!! pocas veces estuve pegando saltos por una serie o pelicula. Hay tantas cosas para decir, sacar teorias… en fin, se├▒ores!! VOLVIO LOST!!!
    Parece que desde ahora la serie agarra el formato de pasado presente y futuro (flashback y flashfoward), ademas se puede ver que juega con la linea de tiempo… por ejemplo, el flashfoward de Hurley, paso antes que el flashfoward de el ultimo capitulo de la tercera temporada.
    Ahora empiezan las teorias, las preguntas sin responder… ┬┐Quien quiere que Jack y Hurly vuelvan despues de que salen de la isla?
    ┬┐Porque Hugo ve a Charlie? ┬┐ Es Charlie o Jacob? digo… Jacob es un personaje muy misterioso, y al parecer poderoso, asi que no me sorprende lo que puede llegar a hacer… ademas…. Hugo encontro la casa de Jacob!!! o mejor dicho.. ┬┐Jacob hizo que Hugo encontrara la casa? ┬┐Quienes son los que llegan en el helicoptero?
    hay muchas cosas mas… igual… cuando termino el capitulo grite.. NOOOOOOO!!! la puta madre… y si… hay que esperar otra semana, aunque una semana parece corta, a comparacion de los meses que vengo esperando que se estrene la serie mas compleja de todas.

    Viieron cuando Hugo fue a la casa de Jacob?┬┐Vieron quien estaba en la silla? El padre de Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! si, i want answer! son unos hijos de puta, es el primer capitulo y con esa escena de 3 segundos te cambia todo.. y uno vuelve a “teorizar”: ┬┐Jacob tomo la figura de el padre de Jack? Eso tiene sentido, el que vio el ultimo mobisode, va a estar de acuerdo. Entonces, ┬┐Jacob puede transformarse en cualquier cosa?┬┐es Jacob el famoso humo negro?

  • shanna

    Okay, I’m a day after watcher. Here’s my speculation:

    1. Naomi’s sister is Nadia.
    2. I didn’t catch Jack’s dad as Jacob but if it is that explains Jack’s “Get my father” comment from before. Which means that Jack knows his father is alive and on the island. Giving Jack even more reason to want to leave initially.
    3. Juliet (and probably Benry) does not get off the island (Oceanic Six means that the only people who get off the island are people who were ON the plane)
    4. Claire has to be one of the six. Part of Desmond’s vision was that Claire and Aaron leave in a helicopter.
    5. I think Sawyer is on of the 6 too. Kate said last season “I have to get back, HE’LL notice if I’m gone”. I still think that “he” is Sawyer.
    6. So my guess for 5 of the Six is Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, and Claire

  • cam3150

    I too think the big secret the Oceanic 6 are hiding is the fact that there a lot more survivors on the island. Jack said something along the line of “I’m tired of lying” to Kate in the S3 finale. So there’s obviously a big cover up of some kind. It has to be that there are a lot more survivors that the 6.

    Definitely last nights flash forwards were before Jack went crazy — the beard comment was a huge indication of that. I also think that last night’s flash was not too long after the rescue. The fact that they are still being recognized and getting autograph requests and Hurley tried to use it as a way to get out of being arrested indicates that it is still a fairly current event in the world.

    I saw Jacob but I never once thought it might be Jack’s Dad. Is that the theory?

    Also, when Charlie was talking to Hurley: first, how was the other guy able to see him if he was only an illusion, and second, what did he mean by “you know they need you” or whatever he said. Was he trying to talk Hurley in to going back.

    Who was the HE that Jack and Hurley were talking about in “He’s going to do everything he can….” to get us to come back. Locke? Jacob? Ben?

    Wow, last night was awesome!!1 You can see that some of pieces are starting to come together….a little bit anyway.

    cannot wait for next week ­čÖé

  • cam3150

    Scroll down on this link for a close-up of the guy in the chair…..I now think it is definitely Christian Shepherd.