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Okay, I’m not saying I didn’t love last night’s episode of LOST — cause I did, even crying not once but twice thanks to Hurley (please, please, please, someone give Jorge Garcia an Emmy!) — but I truly don’t get the media’s turning last night’s episode into the Second Coming. Let me quote the review USA TODAY ran in its review yesterday: “Returning with a heart-stopping, perfectly pitched episode that fulfills all the promise of last season’s stunner of a finale… blah blah blah.” Okay, I made up the last part, but seriously? Heart-stopping? The writer — Robert Bianco — went on to say the episode was a “tense, emotional outing in which secrets are revealed, questions are answered and — yes, inevitably, new questions are raised.” I’ll give him “tense” and “emotion-filled” but can anyone tell me what secrets were revealed? What answers were given? Cause I’m coming up short in that department. Like I said, I thought it was a good episode (and heck, given the writers strike, it’s almost enough when any show gives me a new episode), but let’s cut back on the superlatives, shall we?

I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the premiere of ELI STONE. I can’t help wondering if this is going to have the legs to remain as wildly entertaining over the long-haul, but for now, it’s a pleasant enough diversion. The quick pace, fun visuals and quirky dialogue (“For a guy with auditory hallucinations, you sure are judgemental!”) were exactly what I look for in a show. (Throw in an imaginary dance number and I’m yours forever!) And the leading man couldn’t be more appealing. Jonny Lee Miller is handsome in a non-threatening way that allows actual the actual everyman to see himself in this fictionalized version of himself. And for the record, I will watch anything featuring my favorite sassy lady, Loretta Devine. Too bad the advertising department gave away one one of the funniest bits in the pilot. Imagine how funny the revelation that George Michael was providing the soundtrack to Eli’s new life would have been if we hadn’t already known thanks to endless ads? That said, although I entered with skepticism, STONE has definitely carved itself out a place in my heart.

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  • CT!! THANK YOU! I’ll admit that I got choked up, too, and I loved quite a few moments of the show! It just didn’t shock and awe me as much as the critics and reviews led me to believe that it would, so maybe that’s why the episode just didn’t click as much as it should have!!

  • CT

    Armie: I’d be willing to beg cash money that this was intended to be a two-hour episode, and that next week’s ooffering will have a killer cliffhanger. I’m betting that in the interest of having as many new episodes as possible, they split the show in half.

  • jake

    i like how you always have different opinions then all the critics. hating supernatural, loving crowned not loving the lost premiere. do you do that just to be individual or something? your so full of it.

  • Hil

    I thought Lost was great, but I also pay little attention to what the advertising hacks splice together in promos or what the media quotes have to say. *shrug* Last year they kept acting as though the big drama was the love triangle when it turned out something else entirely was the shocking bit.

    I watched the first episode of Eli Stone and while it wasn’t horrible I don’t really care much for watered down spirituality, everything is god, blah blah blah. It came off as really shallow to me and that can get old pretty fast. Maybe they’ll tone it down in future episodes. If it is on after Lost I’ll likely forget to turn off the tv and find out for myself.

  • CT

    Jake —

    Um, no, I don’t do it “just to be individual or something”, I actually AM an individual. The fact that I don’t follow the critics like a sheep is what MAKES me an individual.

    And in this case, I didn’t so much differ from the critics as see it differently. I agreed it was a good episode, it just wasn’tt — in my opinion — as great as they were drumming it up to be.

    I’m a strong believer that all too often, the CRITICS are the ones who become sheep. God forbid they admit to liking something like Crowned which was, for what it was, extremely entertaning. Was it Emmy-worthy television? Not by a long shot. Was it fun ? Without doubt. But again, as with any critic’s opinion, the words “to me” always, always, always have to be inferred.

  • Yeah, cause we already knew than only six people had left the Island, and that Hurley was one of them, totally…