Thanks to the phenomenal fourth season premiere of LOST (Can next Thursday come any sooner?), the return of SUPERNATURAL (How much fun were the Wisteria Lane Witches?) and the immensely entertaining first episode of ELI STONE (It’s EVERWOOD/ALLY McBEAL in a Lawyer’s office!) last night was a return to form for the night formerly known as Must See TV. Agree, Disagree, put your critics hat on and post away!

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  • Ok gang, I’m not on board with Lost. Something didn’t click with me last night. I loved a few things here and there. Specifically, Ben saying that with Jack’s permission he’d like to go with John, and Harold Perrineau being back in the series regular main credits, and John Terry (Jack’s Dad) being “Jacob” in the rocking chair. I don’t know. Hopefully next Thursday revives my love for the show.

    I LOVED Eli Stone. The cast is great, Jonny Lee Miller is fabulous! I can’t wait for the episode where Victor Garber breaks into his own George Michael imitation!!

  • Matt

    Dear Amrie, if you were not riveted by every moment of last night’s LOST, there is really no hope for you, my friend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LOST is the best show in television history, bar none, and I’ve watched a LOT of TV. There has never been anything even remotely as compelling, original and utterly breathtaking. The mere fact that this show does not win “Best Drama Series” year after year (and in some years is not even *nominated!*) just shows how out of touch Emmy voters are. I don’t even bother watching that farce anymore; it’s meaningless.

  • In defense of Amrie, the only thing that didn’t click for me is Hurley. While I know he’s got a huge fandom out there, I find the episodes where he’s the central character always a bit off.

    Matt. I couldn’t agree more. LOST is absolutely enthralling, if only because no show on television has even been this meticulously planned and paced. Credit goes to ABC for allowing LOSTerminds Lindeloff and Cuse a set amount of episodes to end the show on their terms. Can’t wait for the next 47.

  • Don’t get me wrong folks, Lost is in my top 5 shows of all time, without doubt, I just wasn’t thrilled. Give me another week. I’m sure they’ll draw me in next Thursday!! I just watched the 13 minisodes, and I’m already a hundred percent more excited than I was when I commented earlier!

  • Thursday nights definitely seem super popular again all of a sudden.

    Personally, I chose to DVR Lost and watched Supernatural. This episode was outstanding. Great story of the week while giving us some cool things to ponder for the overall mythology

    I can’t believe there are only three more episodes of Supernatural left. At least we have the novels and the comics while its on hiatus

  • Mel

    SUPERNATURAL was great! As always, Jared and Jensen did wonderful work with their characters. I am quite liking the Ruby character — not so much her back(sob)story or the mythology reveal which is a can of worms of mythic proportions — but loved the episode!

  • Jay

    Awesome Supernatural episode. I am really starting 2 get scared about Dean’s fate. Missed Lost 🙁 I HAD 2!! No way was I missing Supernatural!! I’ll jump on the Lost wagon after they finsh airing the last 3 new episodes.

  • Brian

    I’m not into Lost, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Supernatural, and last night’s episode was fan-freaking-tastic! I’m gonna have to check out Eli Stone now, though. 😉

  • David Dean

    okay….so lost was amazing last night….stop being picky….but why no words on Smallville! IT WAS SPECTACULAR! I love you allison mack!

  • Mark

    I watched LOST, some of ELI STONE, and SUPERNATURAL. LOST was good, not great. I was expecting much more action and adventure from the *much hyped* premiere, but oh well. ELI STONE was pretty good, but I ended up multi-tasking doing other things during it. I might tune in next week, I don’t know. SUPERNATURAL was great yet again, and I actually feel a weird personal sadness towards Dean’s deal. For Godsake, he isn’t even real…but that’s just great acting on their part.

  • jonh

    Man i loved Supernatural episode Malleus Maleficarum !
    Its just one of those great supernatural episodes in that your attention is kept in to the T.V screen all the freaking time.
    Major update in Supernatura´s mythology i feel so sorry for Dean´s fate now ;(

  • Lizz

    Supernatural all the Way… What a way to come back !! WOW… we totally made a big step forward with this one. Ruby’s past (damm I’m really starting to want to know more about her), Sam’s future, Dean’s future… argh it’s gonna be hard to wait more.
    But the remaining 3 epis should be just as fantastic as this one if they keep their promises… GO SUPERNATURAL !! Jensen and Jared are really outstanding actors and it’s a shame they don’t get the recognition they deserve… alas we still love them and they sure know it. Supernatural fans are unique !!

    I did catch up on Lost aswell… Interesting. I hope they don’t get lost in the middle of the season like it usually happens. I click in the beginning, in the end, but always have trouble with the middle…